January 19, 2016

I Think I Need A Hair Weft...

I seldom do have problems with regards to my hair and it is one of the best assets that I have, if I may say so myself. I also make sure to always keep it in tip-top shape despite the fact that I always put it under so many stress by dyeing it every so often and had it rebonded several times, blow dry, iron and curl it on a regular basis.

Although I have a few problems with my hair. Whenever I have it trimmed and the hairdresser takes it upon himself/herself to cut it to a length that I didn't tell him/her to and ended up way way shorter; it takes a long time for it to grow back or longer to the length that I wanted it to be. Also, my hair strands are thin and round which makes it hard to stay curly whenever I curl them despite putting tons of products just to hold the curls.

Whenever I curl my hair, it also shortens and does not achieve the volume that I want it to have. That's why sometimes I consider buying Curly hair weft so that I can achieve that Victoria's Secret Angel runway va-va-voom hair. You know, that type that is curly, long and full of volume.

By the way, if you guys are not familiar with Hair weft, it is an extension of the hair designed to make one's hair appear thicker or longer. Just like other hair extensions hair wefts are made of either synthetic hair pieces as well as human hair. They are also like curtains. This is due to the curtain-like appearance of the weft itself. Hair wefts are usually long sections of hair that are glued to the scalp or attached in another manner like weaving them together with your own hair. They can be straight, wavy and curly.

Many of us think that hair extensions can be expensive and hard to maintain but if you are patient enougj to search the internet for shops that offer Cheap hair weft like Mofain.com you might just find what's suited for your budget. I plan to own one in the future but probably when I decide what hair color I would like to keep for good. Because at the moment I'm still not sure whether to keep it super light brown or somewhere in the shade of ash blonde.

Have you tried using hair wefts? Care to share them by commenting below? Thanks loves!

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