May 13, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses

Most of us has a really hard time finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Either they are too big, or too small for our head, or they are not the right shape. Not many people know that every head shape has the appropriate sunglasses model that fits perfectly to it. This guide will help you buy the next pair of sunglasses without any trouble.

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Sunglasses
The most important purpose of sunglasses is to protect eyes from excessive exposure to UV rays of the sun. Therefore, if you have avoided wearing them, make sure you start so that you can avoid getting cataract, burns or even cancer. Furthermore, it is important to check if the sunglasses you plan on buying have the appropriate scratch resistance, and enough amount of UV protection. 

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Oval, square, round, long and flat are the shapes of face a person can have. According to the shape your face is, you should wear appropriate model of sunglasses. If you have an oval face, you are in luck, because this face shape will look good with any sunglasses style. It is good, however, to avoid too thick or too thin frames, and those that are wider than your face width.  

Square face is characterized by straight and pronounced jawline. Therefore, the best style of sunglasses for this shape would be the one with round glasses. The frames should not be thick, and make sure to choose wider sunglasses. Finally, avoid rectangular glasses that feature sharp corners.

Round face will go best with polygonal or square sunglasses. An angle design will perfectly balance plumper cheeks and chin that are characteristic to round face. Thicker frames should definitely be a number one choice.

Larger lenses and polygonal frame will be the most appropriate for long face. Some of the examples are definitely retro glasses and sport ones, because they will modify the long face in the best possible way no other style of sunglasses could do.
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Darker lenses and frames are the best choice for people with flat face. The will highlight the contours of the face and provide perfect balance.
The sunglasses should also fit properly, without pinching you or making you feel uncomfortable in any way. The weight between the ears and nose should be evenly distributed, and it is very important that eyelashes do not touch the lenses or frame. Make sure you try your sunglasses on before you buy it so that you know which style fits perfectly. Once you buy them for the first time, and considering you know what the best style for you is, you can shop for the next pair of sunglasses online, without worrying you will choose wrong.

Other Important Facts
The colour of the sunglasses lenses is essential for the eyesight. The way you detect contrast and differentiate colours will highly depend on the colour of your sunglasses lenses. Therefore, it is good to know something more about the effect of the colour of lenses. 

Namely, if you choose grey lenses, they will reduce the intensity of light but will not affect contrast. Brown lenses are good at blocking certain blue shades, which enhances the contrast as well. If you plan on spending a lot of time on snow or hunting, this lenses colour is the best choice. Copper sunglasses are highly beneficial for golfers, because it will make the perfect balance between the sky and grass colour. 

Choosing the appropriate style of sunglasses is important both for the eyesight and for the aesthetic reasons. Therefore, make sure you always wear sunglasses when the sun is shining, and choose the right one so that you can both look good and avoid any eye problem. 

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