July 18, 2018

The Nautilus Whiskey Bar: Food, Drinks and an Epic Skyline View

I have a confession to make, I have a thing for roofdeck bars and sunsets. It’s a giveaway why I or anyone loves a sunset; it’s Mother’s Nature’s way of showing off. It’s easily my favorite colors and I never met a sunset I didn't like. And rooftops, I love roof tops. There’s quite a magical vibe to them; the feeling like you’re on top of the world, the fantastic views or maybe just the fact that each one is unique. While the city hums below, roof tops with an epic view of sunsets has the power to make one pause for a moment, find that silence and no matter where you are in life right now, consider that life is pretty amazing. 

Moreover, there’s no better way to view a city than from high up, right? I’ve frequented Quezon City in my lifetime, but I have never experienced it from up high, unlike in Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Alabang or Manila. That is until I set foot on the top floor of the new Prime Hotel, where its in-house indoor/outdoor lounge: The Nautilus Whiskey Bar, is located. This chic and cozy year-round hangout spot is the newest of the very few whiskey bars in the country.

July 16, 2018

Kenny Rogers' New Animated Short Film Highlights #AwesomeTogether Pairings: The Bacon Roast

So last week, my friend Bettina tagged me along to witness a short film showing and launch of Kenny Rogers' new product at one of the cinemas at Ayala Malls The 30th. To be honest, I mean, really really honest, I was quite excited for this because the current ambassadors of Kenny Rogers are my favorite celebrities at the moment: Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico and Nico Bolzico.

I don't usually follow local celebrities on social media, but with for these two, I made an exception. I mean common, Solenn has been my #WCE for a long time now; she's pretty, fit and super talented. On the other hand, Nico is one of the hottest of the It Girl's husbands. But besides those qualities, what I love also about them are their personalities. Their both witty, funny and real. 

July 14, 2018

Octoboy Japanese Takoyaki Restobar’s New Tomas Morato Location

There are so many things why a lot of people love Japan. Their attitude, culture, traditions, arts, literature, fashion, work ethics, craftsmanship, discipline, technology and food are among the aspects that they take much pride of and also what citizens of other countries so admire about this country and its people. ICYMI, Japan went viral a few weeks ago during the 2018 FIFA World Cup because of how such class acts the Japanese are. Even after their defeat, Japanese players apologized to their fans by bowing quite low, leaving their designated locker room in pristine condition and even leaving a note in Russian saying thank you. Moreover, Japanese fans in turn stayed after the games to pick up and collect trash left behind by other game attendees. These gestures warmed the hearts of many around the world. 

Like many people, I have always dreamed of traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun. My dream hasn’t happened yet but you know what drives it? Primarily 3 things: food, Kimono and Sakura. I had a phase in my life where I was so obsessed with its literature and culture. It’s in my bucketlist to undergo a traditional Kimono wearing ceremony (or like how Geishas would do the dressing up ceremony). I also want to witness when the Sakuras are blooming. Many have told me it is a sight to behold. And of course, eating my way around Japan and trying the best and authentic Japanese cuisine. 

July 12, 2018

Top 8 Popular Wedding Dresses

June, as most girls and women know, is wedding month, it’s all over now. But it’s nothing to sad about. One doesn’t have to be a June Bride just so you can feel all the glory of being a bride. You can have the best wedding and be the best bride on the vey date that you choose with your soon-to-be hubby. After all, it’s being together for the rest of your life that matters right?

Yet we all can agree we're still dreaming about the newest wedding dresses that our favorite designers debuted a couple of months ago. There was no shortage for inspirations from each collection that each designers sent off the runway. There were standout designs, patterns and silhouettes but I have some favorites of mine that I’ve pin on one of my Pinterest boards. 

July 11, 2018

Shoes That Make You Taller

During the onset of my puberty, and mind you I started way earlier than my classmates and friends, I was taller than most of them even than the boys. But when I got to my first year I high school, almost everyone outranked my height. My growth spurt has halted. I’ve taken growth vitamins when I was younger but I have always found a way to dodge when my parents or grandmother make me take afternoon naps. I do not know if that was the reason I did not grow taller or I just acquired the petite DNA of the women of both sides of my family.

For years I have struggled with my height and have always wanted to be taller even for at least a couple more inches. It is one of my securities and to be honest it is still until to this day. Because of that, I’ve always worn high-heels or wedge shoes. Even in college I wore black closed shoes with 1 ½ - 2 inches of heels. I was not comfortable at all, but I really wanted to look taller than I really am so I endured the pain.

July 10, 2018

Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant: Nothing Beats The Flavor Of Home

I don’t know about you, but for me, home is where the most divine and heartiest dishes are made. When it comes to comfort food, our moms and grandmothers really do know best, do you agree? Family heirloom dishes make any old morning or any given Sunday meal even better. Moreover, the perfect ending to a hectic day is sitting around the table with family enjoying a warm home cooked meal. It’s that idea of not just about enjoying a meal together, but about celebrating good food and chatting about the day’s events which will definitely bring a family together.

The moment I got off my ride and stepped foot in front of Limbaga 77, all the feelings of nostalgia came rushing in. It brought back wistful memories of my younger years when life was all but simpler or less complicated. This 50-year old house greatly reminded me of our very own ancestral house in downtown Pasig. I seriously had flashbacks of those summer afternoons where I would play old-school street games with my childhood friends on our backyard or on the sleepy street adjacent to our house. And most especially, it got me thinking about the sight and smell of my grandma’s cooking which still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy up to this day.

July 8, 2018

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery And Coffee - Antipolo

Koreans have invaded the Philippines, literally and figuratively speaking, and Filipinos for the most part are very welcoming. The term “kinain ng sistema” (consumed by the system) is jokingly being thrown to people we know who are die-hard fans of Koreanovela or K-Pop bands. I even have friends who would choose watching Korean drama series over going out; moreover, celebrities like Anne Curtis are obsessively fan-girling Korean celebs as well. I’ve never gone out without coming across a Korean tourist, expat or immigrant. Almost all major Philippine communities have their fair share of Korean establishments. They are everywhere and so is their influence. Heck, Starbucks even have Korean translations on their store signs. 

I’m not ashamed to admit, I have watched a few Korean dramas and admired a few Korean celebs; but I only stick to shows and music by 2NE1, Hye Kyo, Joong Ki and Rain. Hehe, I’m too selective like that. But what I love about the Korean influence to the Philippines besides makeup and beauty products (which are so good btw) is the cuisine. I was introduced to it when I was in elementary by my late father and I wasn’t as fond of it then as I do now. My vivid memory of that introduction was that I was a bit repulsed of the taste of Kimchi as I was not a fan of spicy and fermented food. But after being exposed to other Korean food, it has found a soft spot in my heart and tummy. My favorite Korean dishes would have to be anything Korean Barbeque, Gyeranjjim (fluffy steamed egg casserole) and Japchae (Korean stir-fried glass noodles). 

July 7, 2018

Change Your Looks With Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the latest entrant in the field of cosmetology to help you get the look that you desire. In human's quest to look beautiful, the field of cosmetology and beauty has reached unbelievable heights. Human hair extensions can be used to entirely change your hairstyle and give you a completely different look. Human hair extensions are extremely popular with both the younger generation as well as people who are a bit aged. It seems that there is simply no age bar for anyone who wants to experiment with their looks and appear different. Human hair extensions can work wonders for anyone who wants to experiment with the way their hair looks.

Human hair extensions can be used by a person to get any kind of look that they want. Comparatively human hair is expensive than synthetic hair, so you can opt for anyone depending on your budget and the kind of look that you want to have. There are different techniques that can be used for putting hair extensions. These techniques vary depending on the type of hair extensions that you want to undergo.

July 3, 2018

Gamiss.com Haul #6 + Review

I don't know if I'm procrastinating, have a some sort of writer's block or just plain too busy that I was not able to finish this review right before my trip to Taiwan. Every time I open the draft, nothing just comes to mind or I get distracted all over. So today I'm here in front of my computer and will do my best to finish this post. 

Like what I said in my previous Gamiss Review, I decided to separate this haul into two: clothes and then accessories. But the accessories featured here are all earrings as I am big on earrings and rings and most of them are fancy ones. I'm not someone who is a fan of jewels or the real stuff because I usually lose stuff and buying expensive jewelry and losing them will be a complete disaster. 

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