March 20, 2018

BBQ Parties Made Easy With The Plaza Catering

Barbecues and cookouts - there's no doubt that eating outdoors would be the highlight of this summer’s party happenings. I guess nothing beats meats that are cooked low and slow, and sides infused with comfort food flavors, may it be on your backyard, your village clubhouse or anywhere else, and most especially enjoying such festivities with your dear loved ones. I love barbeque, both local and international versions, and any invitation to eat them or at any BBQ-themed gathering, I won’t never say no to it, the answer is always a big “yes, count me in.” After all, nothing brings people together more than food, and nothing does that well than a barbecue, which I see as the ultimate way to meet new people. 

When it comes to menu planning for your BBQ Party especially if you’re inviting more than 10 persons to an afternoon of grilling, we all know that the worst part of hosting any get-together is the party planning stress. As much as possible we all want to enjoy a party to the fullest level and be able to mingle and entertain your guests all throughout. But if you’re the one doing all the cooking and prepping that is impossible to achieve. 

March 19, 2018

Feeling Fabulously Feline with Cat Eyeglasses

Have you noticed how fashion also goes on a cycle? Right now 90s fashion is the trend. By next year it might be the retro style of 50s or 60s that will emerge once more. But you know that classic accessories never goes out of style, it will only pop just about in any year or season of fashion. For eyewear, staple styles are the aviators, clubmasters and cat-eye shapes. 

The Cat eyeglass is an increasingly familiar and oddly alluring silhouette and was made famous by the Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and many other women of their time. Just check out the popular TV show "Mad Men" to see many of the different types of cat eyes that the ladies wore from that show. 

March 18, 2018

Johnny's Steak and Grill: Grilling at B Hotel QC

Meat-lovers unite! There’s a steakhouse in QC vying for a place among the big-ticket steakhouse sweepstakes and it is ready to satisfy your carnivore cravings: Johnny's Steak and Grill. Situated at the ground floor of B Hotel QC’s ground floor. Well, for one, B Hotel QC is a member of the Bellevue group of hotels so food and beverage is nothing new to them. 

At first you might think it’s an international brand, but the restaurant is all-Filipino and named after the chairman of the company, Mr. Johnny Chan.  But being one of the well-known names in the F&B business, expect nothing less than high-quality meats for their clients. They only use US Prime and Certified Angus Beef for Johnny’s steaks. 

March 17, 2018

Perfection Made Affordable

The smell of spring and summer is in the air! For sure a lot of us are excited with these upcoming seasons and will be planning a lot of trips and activities to avoid the feeling of FOMO. Ahhh, sunshine in our souls and salty air in our hair! Oh wait, some people don’t like that salty air in their hair, yeah, because that damages hair big time. As for me, I couldn’t care less, it is my favorite thing in the world and summer is my favorite season ever. 

But if you’re not like me, and you always feel not good about your hair. You know, not all women can say “I woke up like this”. I am one of them actually. The fact of the matter is, not everyone is a celebrity and we don’t actually wale up looking like this or far from being glamorous. But you know what it’s not a problem nowadays anymore. 

March 15, 2018

Cebu 2018 Travel Diary: Oqtagon

I've visited Cebu three times in the past, but for me it was always only just a jump off point to Bohol or Siargao. I would just usually spend a day or day and a half in the Queen City of the South and I was not really able to experience this vibrant city. Cebu is probably the other city state outside of Luzon that is urbanized and equally progressive as Manila.

Although it is a metropolitan area, what I like about Cebu is that destinations where you can enjoy nature is easily within reach. Mountainous areas like in Busay is just a few minutes away from the city, world-class beach resorts in Mactan Island is just an hour away while Bantayan Island, Moalbal (diving site) and Oslob (whale shark watching) are just a few hours away.

March 14, 2018

Thin Hair To Seriously Thick Hair In A Flash

IMO, or should I say, generally speaking, a woman who wants to feel all girly or very feminine will feel or be associated in that way if she is wearing long luscious locks together with her most thought out outfit. Nothing beats the feeling walking down the street like you are walking down the runway with healthy-looking and bouncing hair. But if you have thin hair, you might think that’s a farfetched idea. 

The solution? Get extensions to fix this problem without further damaging your hair. Yes? Definitely! Luckily, hair extensions aren’t just for the red carpet or the VS runway. You can easily achieve your own mane transformation with a little help from these wonderful things. Hooray!

March 13, 2018

An Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Eyeglasses

Are you one of those who struggle with poor vision? Here is something you don’t probably know about me. I am legally blind; I have a very poor eyesight since I was in fifth grade and I wear eyeglasses and contact lenses with grade 400 (-4.00) for both eyes. Legally blind means a reduced central visual acuity of 20/200 or less. Apparently, if I’m not wearing any vision correction for my eyes and witness anything unfortunate, I will not be able testify or my statement will be inadmissible at court. 

In my lifetime that I wore eyeglasses, I have bought so many of them without really thinking about how it will look on me. IMO, most of us has a really hard time finding the perfect pair of prescription glasses. Either they are too big, or too small, or they are not the right shape. It is quite sad that many people do not know that every head shape has the appropriate specs model that fits perfectly to it. 

March 12, 2018

Going From Brunette to Blonde the Healthier Way

Even celebrities who change their hair from dark to several shades lighter attest that this has done so much damage to their hair. Being a stylish chameleon can also take a toll, the things you do to achieve beauty and make head turns always come with a price but at the end of the day you have these questions in your head, is it worth it?

Kim Kardashian notoriously dyed her hair platinum blond a few years ago during Paris Fashion Week 2015. She lifted her hair color four to five levels when color professionals recommend lightening two to three shades at most. She revealed that though she was able to achieve the color that she wanted it was extremely damaging on the hair. But she’s Kim Kardashian, she gonna do what she has to do. 

March 11, 2018 Haul 8 + Review

Hey y'all! How's everything going? Can you already feel the Summer heat? It's already March of 2018, can you believe that? And that marks the start of Summer. It has been very humid the past few days but with occasional rain showers during the night. I'm quite excited to the beach trips I'm about to take this season. Funny though, after going to bloggers foodie meetup yesterday, I spent the rest of my day watching videos of the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea on Youtube until today. 

All in all I guess I watched around 200 Youtube videos about Adam Rippon (US Team Figure Skater), Gus Kenworthy (US Team Skier), Shaun White (US Team Snowboarder) and other Winter Olympics athletes. I just freaking love Adam Rippon and I'll do anything to be his BFF because he's so amazing and funny and good-looking! And oh Gus Kenworthy, that dude is just so hot!  I just adore how good these athletes are and their sports are mostly extreme. 

March 9, 2018

The Lowdown on Hair Extensions

Have you ever envied a celebrity’s gorgeous full locks? You really shouldn’t. And I guess with the proliferation of social media, we know all too well by now that they are probably extensions. How do you think celebs go from a lob to mermaid hair overnight by the time they hit the next carpet. These celebs are human, just like you and me. They don’t have super genes that can make their hair row their super-fast. They and their styling team would usually turn to extensions to switch up their length whenever they feel like changing their look. Fortunately, hair extensions aren’t just for the red carpet or major events anymore. You can now easily achieve your own mane transformation with a little help from your own glossy set of human hair bundles with closure.

It’s not anyone’s fault if we don’t all get out of bed and get those amazing beach waves just like Drew Barrymore. Extensions do more than just add length but they also add volume. Any person who have at least a hair length of 3 inches long you can already utilize hair extensions. You can have these braided, glued or woven in to your own hair or for temporary use, employ clip-ins instead. But before you go down this lane, you have to first know some facts and make a key decision to whether to opt for the synthetic or human hair product and between bundles or closures. 

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