October 22, 2018

Ziba Wellness Center: Your One Stop Shop For Anything Wellness

I love doing things myself, from crafting, decorating, trips and even when it comes to beauty and wellness. One of the things that I love DIY-ing is doing my nails. Not that it is costly but I just don’t have the time and patience to go and stay in a salon for hours. But once in a while I do enjoy going to the salon and getting my hair and nails done.


A few days ago I had an impromptu/spontaneous nail pampering session with my blogger friend Bettina. I don’t usually see her that often except for when we go to blog-related events together so it was a nice time to catch up and bond. 

October 21, 2018

Little Seed Corner Shop: Where Eating Healthy Need Not Be Boring

People are constantly looking for healthy choices and it’s not unusual to see people change (or at least try to, guilty here) their eating habits. New Year’s is just a few months away and we’re all going to see more resolutions to be healthy but reality is most are dreadfully unsuccessful. Keeping it honest, I’m one of those who snappily do that and then slowly and steadily lose track.

Why? Probably because it’s really hard to eat healthy foods. Most often than not, they are usually bland tasting and prepping them can be a bit tedious especially if you’re working. Moreover, we Filipinos are so used to flavorful dishes that anything less tasty bores us. Another factor perhaps is the cost. I’m one of those who are quite baffled as to why veggies are way more expensive than meat. 

October 20, 2018

BTW Fil-Mex Kitchen

Macon Santos was in New York a few years back and ate in one of the most well-known of fast casual restaurants in Northern America: Chipotle. She loved everything about it. The taste of the dishes, the affordability and the portions. What she liked so much about though is the flavor; why wouldn’t she? American-Mexican food is a familiar taste to the Filipino palate. We have a long standing relationship with both these countries and both have influence to what our cuisine is today.

This brought forth Macon’s brainchild: BTW Fil-Mex Kitchen. BTW is a casual dining restaurant that serves a fusion of Filipino and Mexican inspired dishes served into one heavy and healthy tasty meal that consumers will patronize. It is located in 113-115 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City Metro Manila which is just minutes away from Timog Avenue, Delta Highway, Quezon Ave. MRT Station, ABS-CBN and GMA Network Center. 

October 19, 2018

Thick, Long and Lustrous Hair from RebeccaFashion

A woman’s hair is considered by many as her glory.  Ladies who do not have physically thick hair consider hair extensions are the blessing in disguise. Nowadays hair extension is getting used more common in our daily life because they offer volume and length to hair by joining real human or manufactured hair to the regular hair strands.

There’s so many types of hair extensions for women with thin hair to try but some might be overwhelmed as to what to use especially if they are not educated with the various available options. If you want to use them and look that they are your natural hair, first thing that you should ponder on is to get those that are made of human hair. 

October 18, 2018

Missing the Large Fried Chicken in Taipei? Get your Fix at Oh My Chicken!

Of all the places that I’ve been to, if I will rate the street food when it comes to price, taste and value, I would say that Taipei is on top my list next to Bangkok. I enjoyed eating my way through the streets of Taipei and almost everything that I ate there, I completely enjoyed. The main reason that I would go back there is because of the food. I essentially haven’t tried a lot still and it’s excites me to think about going back and getting full as I once more explore Taipei’s streets and alleys.

One of the food that I tried in Taipei was the Hot Star Fried Chicken. It is super popular there among tourists and locals alike. The queue was always long but it's definitely worth the wait. The fried chicken cutlet was super big size, and I mean huge! Plus it’s super tasty, very crispy outside then juicy and tender inside. For its price and taste, I would say it never disappoint us every time we visit its branch in Ximending Night Market after each day’s tour around the city.

October 16, 2018

Virtual Reality and Food Park In One: The Garage at City of Dreams Manila

Whether you want to accept and believe it or not, we are in the age of virtual reality. Virtual reality was only possible in the world of sci-fi movies and CGI a few years back and now it is slowly being part of our “reality”. With the advent of the internet and handheld media systems that plunge the user into 360 degrees video, virtual reality technology is changing how stories are told and created.

Last Sunday, I attended the grand opening of The Garage at City of Dreams with my fellow foodie/blogger friends where we were able to experience the immersive, multi-sensory, and interactive narratives of Virtual Reality and at the same grab some sumptuous eats offered by the various indoor food trucks inside the newest attraction inside City of Dreams of Manila: The Garage.

October 14, 2018

Asakusa: Home of Tempura Now Open at Ayala Malls Feliz

Ahhh... Japan… a country that always fascinated me in so many ways. And when I mean fascinated, I mean it both in a good and a bad way. But don’t worry, the good bears more than the bad. Well, ok, let me tell you about the why first. The first time I came across “Japan” is when I opened a WWII history book from my grandparents’ library containing photos and stories about the atrocities that happened during World War II especially at the Pacific Theater of Operations.

But as I grew up and started to love reading, I slowly got to know more about this country that initially scared me. Turns out, their culture is something so unique that you really have to delve into it before you make any judgements. There was a time that I got obsessed with Japan that I even fantasized that I wish I was born Japanese and in the era where the Tales of Genji was set. Back in college, I read quite extensively about Japan, its literature, its culture, its tradition and its food.

October 13, 2018

Mama Au's By Antonio J at Ayala Malls Marikina

I don’t know about you, but my grandma is the best. No other woman in my life will quite compare to my grandma (well besides my mumma). She’s the ultimate, I don’t say this because I claim to be the favorite grand-daughter ever hahaha! There is a long list why my grandma is the best; but for this purpose, I’ll enumerate two. My grandma cooks the best food and she has too much love.

Most often than not, grandmas can cook. They somehow know the recipes to every dish on earth, and my grandma is exactly like that. She can somehow make a seemingly boring dish into a five-star dish by adding those tomato turned into flower and other garnishes. My grandma was plating like a pro even before y’all learned it. Her dishes are beautiful for flatlaying if social media was already present back then. 

Caritas Manila Holds Celebrity Bazaar on October 18, 2018

Caritas Manila will hold its second Celebrity Bazaar on October 18, Thursday from 1-10pm on the 2nd level of the Mega Atrium of SM Megamall.  Entrance fee is P500 per person.

The bazaar will feature pre-loved luxury items up for sale from generous celebrity donors Heart Evangelista, Alden Richards, Ruffa Gutierrez, Dr. Vicki Bello, Scarlet Snow Belo, Cristalle Bello, Bang Pineda, Teacher Georcelle, Toni Gonzaga, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Vice Ganda, Iza Calzado, Divine Lee, Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao and premier designers Michael Cinco and Cary Santiago. Heart Evangelista is this year’s Event Ambassador.

October 12, 2018

Old Hollywood Glam Hairstyles with RebeccaFashion

Corporate gala dinners are a regular feature in the event calendar of most organizations nowadays. Whether it’s an awards night, a milestone celebration, a presentation or just about any important occasion, a gala dinner party is an important part of the event. Gala dinner events have evolved greatly over the last few years as event managers are increasingly experimenting with a wide range of entertainment options, themes, catering and venue ideas.

Since it is already October, I am pretty sure that plans for year-end parties for companies all over the world is underway. For this year, I’ve noticed that the common themes among major gatherings in social and corporate events revolve around the Old Hollywood Glam theme. It is a classic for sure and the last Philippine E-Blogger’s Ball had the same event too. 

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