September 15, 2021

The Essentials of Choosing the Right Travel Luggage

The right choice of travel luggage can make your entire experience a lot smoother and easier. Naturally, people have different needs and preferences when it comes to luggage and the choice today is enormous.

So, it's ultimately up to you to evaluate your wishes and needs, the frequency of your travels and your disposable budget before you make your final choice. If you're thinking of getting new luggage so your next trip can be a breeze, here are some tips worth considering.

September 13, 2021

Can You Make Remodeling Your Home Less Stressful?

Depending on the extent of the work, the process of remodeling your home can be disruptive. Intense feelings of stress can soon occur in these situations. You should try to deal with things in the right way to stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

So long as you remain productive and focused, there are numerous ways to make the most of the remodeling experience. It will be an opportunity rather than an inconvenient disturbance in your life that you must temporarily endure. 

September 11, 2021

Airbnb Guide on Impressing Your Guests and Adding the Wow Factor

Are you getting ready to list your property on Airbnb? Do you want the reviews and ambience to set your property apart from the competition? If so, you'll need as many positive reviews as possible. In order to get them, you must make sure your guests are impressed from the moment they step over the threshold of your apartment. From having pleasant aromas filling the apartment to offering plenty of welcome refreshments, you can add the wow factors everywhere.

Wow them with details
What's the first thing modern-day travellers will look for upon entering an Airbnb apartment? A wi-fi password, that's right. The last thing they want is to rummage through half of the property and much less call you to ask for the password. That's why you should make it as noticeable as possible by introducing a chalkboard in the shape of a house, for example. Write the network name and password on it, alongside a welcome note. If you personalize it with the guest’s name, they’ll feel truly important and know you pay a lot of attention to making your guests feel welcome upon arriving in Hong Kong.

September 10, 2021

Great Hairstyles is Just A Click Away with Nadula

Most of my life I have had long hair, up until last weekend, my hair falls until my waist. But since this pandemic started and I just have been confined at home for the most part of this almost 2-year ordeal, I kind of find that my used-to-be high-maintenance self is not ideal. I have not worn make up in months, I have not dyed my hair in months nor cut it.

However, last week something came over me and out of the blue I just decided to cut it super short, short as in above the shoulders. This is probably the shortest my hair has been all my life. I do not cut my hair short because I have such a round face with prominent cheeks and having a short hair will just emphasize them. But I was like, the heck with, and just went for it. I know I will regret it in the coming days, but whatever, it is what it is. 

September 6, 2021

J&T Express and Shopee strengthen ties as they kickstart the holiday season with the biggest Double-Day deals and free shipping vouchers

Online shoppers nationwide can now rejoice as leading delivery service PH Global Jet Express Inc. (J&T Express Philippines) and partner e-commerce giant Shopee kickstart the holiday season starting this September with the biggest deals, brand promos, free shipping, and the lowest discounts to date. 

Vice President of J&T Express Philippines Zoe Chi said that for the past two years since they partnered with Shopee, the “ber” months have traditionally been the highlight of the shopping season in preparation for the upcoming holidays. With Christmas just around the corner, J&T Express ensures that shopping for essentials and gifts alike for friends and family won’t be hampered by the pandemic with their premium delivery services. 

August 20, 2021

How Can You Enjoy Better Sleep at Night?

Physical activity and proper meals are just as vital as getting a good night's rest. Sleep deprivation has been conclusively proven to have an immediate detrimental impact on metabolism, physical activity, and cognitive ability. In both adults and children, it can promote obesity and raise illness susceptibility.

Both the quality and amount of sleep have deteriorated in recent decades. In reality, many people have trouble sleeping daily. On the other hand, a good night's sleep can give you more energy, help you exercise more effectively, and live a healthier lifestyle. Having a good night's sleep is among the most critical factors you can do to improve your life or reduce weight. 

August 19, 2021

How to Be More Focused at Work

Have you been experiencing a lack of work motivation and productivity lately? If you've been having trouble focusing at work and managing to complete your tasks for the day, it's time you changed your work routine and look for ways that will help you become more concentrated at your job.  No idea where to look for them? Luckily, you're in the right place because we've put together a list of ways that will make you more focused at work, allowing you to be more productive than ever before.

Stay hydrated
One of the crucial aspects of staying focused on your work is not having to focus on your thirst. Needing to get up every few minutes to get a glass of water or some other beverage is a waste of time and a break in your routine. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Have enough liquids before work and always have your portable water bottle with you, filled with your favourite refreshment. You can keep it on your desk and reach out for it whenever you feel thirst. Only refill it on your scheduled break so you can stay focused on your tasks.

August 10, 2021

Wedding Destinations Around the World That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you planning your 2021 wedding? Many places in the world are open for travel once again, so you can put two amazing things together—your wedding and travel—and opt for a destination wedding. If you know you want to travel but don’t know where, here are a few gorgeous wedding destinations around the world to consider.

This destination will match your wedding dress perfectly. On this Green island, whitewashed houses and their cobalt blue roofs are balancing on seaside cliffs creating a perfect backdrop for your dramatic wedding photos. If you want something very unique, have a ceremony on the volcanic sand beach. Head to the black beaches of the east coast or have a wedding on the red sands of the south.

August 3, 2021

LOOK: A Filipina-led skincare brand that believes all Filipinos deserve a bright and beautiful glow

Glow Diggers, eyes here! A Filipina-led skincare brand relaunches with a modern look along with brand-new products! The skincare brand, Skin White Solutions, believes that every Filipino deserves to have a #BrighterThanEver skin that radiates confidence - enough to take on the world. 

And for that, they would like to introduce their newest products: Wonder Wash, Talented Toner, and Happy Crush - all made with the finest ingredients from Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

July 30, 2021

Secret Bar: Bar by EAST at Lamp Quarters Marikina

Not many of you know that before the pandemic started, I love the nightlife and wandering around the metro in search of speakeasy (secret) bars; I even wrote an entire blog post of all the secret bars that I’ve discovered so far (read it here:! And recently, I’ve stumbled upon another one in a location no one would figure one would exist: Marikina! ⁣

At one of the corners of Lamp Quarters Marikina, you’ll find the architects’ office of Emerging Architects Studio (EAST) that transforms into a speakeasy bar at night. The atmosphere of Bar by EAST is a mixed of tropical Scandinavian industrial design with carefully curated alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) drinks by Rian Asiddao (one of the brand ambassadors and resident mixologists of Diageo Phils the distributor of famous liquors and spirits in the PH).

July 29, 2021

Tongara Ramen at Lamp Quarters Marikina

This rainy weather calls for being lazy and such. But what’s the next best thing next to sleeping in while enjoying a rainy day? Some warm comfort food, right? What comes to mind though? I bet a lot of you will answer ramen! Did you know that one of the places that you can satisfy your rainy-day ramen cravings is from Tongara Ramen? It’s tucked inside Lamp Quarters, one of Marikina’s best foodie hubs.⁣

What’s special about Tongara’s ramens are that they use both pork and chicken bones to create their rich signature broth. Everyone I know who has tried Tongara, have nothing but high praises for their ramen and their claims are legit! I swear it’s one of the best tasting ramen broths I’ve tasted and with lots of layers of flavors in it. My fave among the ones that we tried are the Ebi Miso Ramen and Tantanmen, because I love the spicy kick! ⁣

July 27, 2021

Celsius Cafe Lounge at Lamp Quarters Marikina

They say gas fuels the world, but I beg to disagree. I’d say coffee fuels the world! I’m pretty sure everyone of us can’t function or start our daily lives without drinking coffee first; hence the phrase “But first, coffee”. ICYDK, coffee is the most consumed drink around the world (besides water of course) and it’s one of those consumables that is enjoyable to explore because there’s so many types and every time you get to try a new one, it’s a whole new different experience. ⁣

Feeling adventurous when it comes to coffee? You don’t have to board a plane just to do that. Trek all the way to Lamp Quarters Marikina and search for Celsius Cafe Lounge where they offer third wave / artisanal coffee. It’s the first in Marikina – a dream of Chef Gab’s mother's that made into reality. Celsius also offers a lot of other food items that will go well with your hot or cold coffee order. ⁣

July 25, 2021

Wing Commander at Lamp Quarters Marikina

Nowadays when money don’t come easy and you always want value for money, sometimes we forego the little luxuries and rewarding yourself by eating out. Alam ko bored ka na laging nasa bahay lang and you want sometimes kapag weekends to have some little normalcy in your life, so you want to go and eat out with family and friends, but you think “saan ba pwede pumunta na di ako masyadong gagastos pero sulit yung ilalabas kong pera?” Akala mo wala! Pero meron! Meron! ⁣

I have discovered a place where you can get a big-time bang for your buck! Punta ka sa Lamp Quarters sa Marikina and look for Wing Commander where they offer PHP 198 for UNLIMITED Chicken Wings + Rice + Fries 

July 24, 2021

How Safe Are Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are seemingly one of the increasingly popular fashion trends that women today can't seem to do without. These products are quite an innovation using tiny magnets that help you attach the lashes to upper eyelids, without using glue or any other kind of adhesive.

Despite the ease of use  and extremely appealing look that it imparts, the general question that arises is, “Are magnetic eyelashes safe to be used in the long run?” The simple answer to the question is, yes. However, there are a few caveats that you will need to keep in mind, especially the way to use them correctly. 

July 21, 2021

Top Reasons for Regular Dental Health Checkup

Dental health is as important as general health and wellbeing. Some people tend to neglect this aspect of their health until there is a serious problem to deal with. To maintain your oral health, a regular checkup is recommended to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Dentists and other medical practitioners recommend that you should visit a dentist at least once every six months. With this, conditions affecting your dentition or gums can easily be identified and treatment will also commence on time. While it is recommended that you visit a dentist for the maintenance of oral health, you also need to check that you are not visiting the wrong facility.

July 20, 2021

How to Choose the Best Tiles for your Melbourne Home

Are you thinking of getting tiles for your new Melbourne home? Or are you thinking of giving your home a makeover? Well, if you are and don’t know how to go about it, then we advise that you read this article carefully.

In this article, we will guide you in easy-to-follow steps on how to choose the best tiles for your Melbourne home. It is important that you choose right because of how visible this home element can be. With the right material, you can determine the tone and even mood of your home. 

July 10, 2021

J&T Heroes awards outstanding delivery frontliners

Bayani sa Makabagong Panahon campaign honors contributions of riders. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they wear helmets and ride motorcycles. From hundreds of nominations for outstanding delivery riders nationwide, e-commerce logistics leader J&T Express Philippines recently awarded its top three “hero riders” last July 2 during the Facebook and Youtube livestream of J&T Heroes: Bayani sa Makabagong Panahon which was watched by more than 190,000 viewers. 

J&T Express Philippines Vice President Zoe Chi said the event is part of the company’s bayanihan spirit that aims to uplift the dignity of delivery riders as frontliners and modern heroes by recognizing their hard work, dedication, and contributions on the field every day. 

Adult Acne: Reasons Why You Get It and Ways to Fight It

At the thought of acne, most people imagine a pimply-faced teenager, wearing braces and listening to the hottest new pop bands. However, in reality, things are quite different – research has shown that persistent adult acne is very much common in the adult population as well, particularly among women in their twenties, thirties, and forties.

Additional factors, such as hormones, stress and nutrition can trigger dormant or non-existent adult acne and have them surface with very annoying side effects. And this is something that more and more adults around the globe, from Europe to America and Australia are suddenly faced with.

July 6, 2021

The 4 Best Ways to Explore the World Virtually In 2021

With the pandemic keeping us primarily in our homes, our passports have been gathering dust somewhere deep in the drawers. Maybe we can't enjoy the warm sand between the toes and Margaritas on the beach, but there are plenty of experiences we can enjoy virtually. Therefore, I've made a list of adventures to enjoy without stepping out of your apartment.

Best ways to explore the world now
1. Taking a virtual tour 
If you don't plan on going to China any time soon, here is your chance to explore one of the world's wonders in your pajamas. You can simply enjoy the walk across the Great Wall of China, or you can turn on the sound and listen to an informative guide that explains every step of the way in detail. 

July 5, 2021

Things To Do When Visiting Melbourne for The First Time

Being as beautiful and as diverse as it is, Australia is a heaven for any tourist. Therefore, if you want to take a vacation in Australia and your mind is set on spending some time in Melbourne, you’re definitely in for a treat. The city offers an abundance of sights, that it’s next to impossible to see everything in just a few days or even weeks. So, if this is your first trip to Melbourne and you’re keen on making the best of it, here are some of the things you simply must do while there.

Seek Art
Any art lover will be glad to hear that there is a plethora of museums and art galleries  to visit in Melbourne. From the impressive National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Museum, to such treats as the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art and Heide Museum of Modern Art, you’ll get your fill of Victorian culture. 

June 28, 2021

4 Best Reasons To Take A Solo Trip To Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place and I highly recommend that you should visit at least once in your life. You will see some of the most inspiring attractions in Dubai. Dubai international airports is one of the most lavish airports that you’ll ever come across in your entire life. You can travel to Dubai with your preferred airline like I mostly travelled with Emirates Airlines as it provides comfort at low cost. The best way to get to your hotel from the airport is by using the metro system.

Traveling alone can become an exciting and revealing experience. Dubai is the ideal place to initiate self-reflection, personal growth, and unlimited freedom. An adventure like this in the Emirati capital will make you feel like never before. These are some of the reasons to travel solo to Dubai

June 27, 2021

5 Tips to Cat-proof Your Condo Unit

Make your condo unit a safe, comfortable, and happy place for your new pet cat by cat-proofing your home with these five tips. So you’ve decided to adopt a cat. Congratulations! You’ll now have an adorable feline to play with, spoil with kitty treats, and give extra TLC (tender loving care) to at home. But before you welcome your new furry friend, you should ask yourself these questions: Is your condo unit safe for your new cat? Are your furniture and things safe from your cat’s bubbliness and scratches?

If you think that you’ll need to cat-proof your unit for safer and hassle-free pet parenting, consider these five achievable tips to make your condo a happy place for you and your kitty:

June 25, 2021

Visiting Maui: Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Vs Private Tours

Maui offers quite a lot to travelers and that is part of the reason why it remains an excellent destination for a great vacation. And it also does not matter if you are going as a single person that just wants time alone from the drudgery of life. As a couple wanting to spice up the relationship. Or even as a family wanting to have fun and get an even closer bond. Maui provides all the right places and activities to cater to all these needs.

But the question of what type of tour to use soon pops up. While agencies for Maui private tours have a lot to offer, you may need to analyze the group tour’s options before you make a pick. Therefore, this article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a group tour versus a private tour. 

June 24, 2021

T-Shirts and Other Essentials for a Fishing Trip

This may be your first trip on a fishing getaway, and you are unsure of what to include. One factor that can make this weekend getaway a memorable experience is making sure that you have everything you need for clothing, and this page can give you several tips on what to bring. Most professional anglers are travelers, and they learned how to pack efficiently so they could go from one place to another with ease. There are checklists that you should follow, and some of the essentials to bring with you are the following:

What to Bring on your Trip? 
Enough Clothing for Colder Climates
Clothing should never be forgotten regardless of if you are only going for a day or an entire weekend. You need the proper outfits like a Fathom t shirt that will make you more comfortable as you navigate the waters. It is essential to prepare for the colder climates, especially if you are making a trip to the colder regions of Canada or Alaska. High-quality clothes and layering options are excellent ways to survive the cold. However, you should never skimp on waterproof socks, extra underwear, and thick coats because there is a higher chance that you’re going to get soaked. Other items to bring include the following:

June 22, 2021

J&T Express To Honor Riders As Modern Heroes

Bayani sa Makabagong Panahon campaign rewards exemplary delivery frontliners. This July, new heroes will be in town. E-commerce delivery giant J&T Express Philippines will be holding J&T Heroes: Bayani sa Makabagong Panahon to recognize the contributions of its delivery riders, on July 2, 2021 via livestream on their official Facebook page.

J&T Heroes nominees must share J&T Express’ commitment to become the best e-commerce logistics company in Southeast Asia by having a 95-100% high success delivery rate.

Vice President of J&T Express Philippines Zoe Chi said the campaign exemplifies the company’s bayanihan spirt by “honoring our own frontliners who continuously support the company and Filipino community through these challenging times. Through this, we hope that everyone will recognize their dedication and personal sacrifices to provide us with safe, fast, and reliable delivery services so that we can continue on with our lives despite the pandemic.”

June 20, 2021

Easy Ways to Make a Statement with Accessories

Accessories are the final touch of every outfit. When you want to make a statement without going overboard with your clothes, accessories are there to allow you to be the centre of attention every time. From hats to scarves, jewelry, and iconic belts and timepieces, you can easily put together an outfit that will take everyone's breath away.

A stylish scarf is a game-changer
Are you a fan of black-on-black or white-on-white outfits? If you don't like to experiment with colours, and you'd rather choose simple combinations, then adding a scarf in bold patterns and colours will be the best decision. It will balance out the monotony of your top and bottom, by adding a trendy flair to your ensemble. The same goes for throwing a chunky blanket-like scarf over your leather jacket or a trench coat when you need layers of clothes to keep you warm.

June 18, 2021

The BTS Meal: The Much-Awaited McDo x BTS Collab Has Finally Launched in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the last countries to get a hold of the much-awaited BTS x McDonald’s collaboration, aka The BTS Meal and after almost a month of waiting and hype, it’s finally available to Filo ARMYs! 

The members of BTS are true fans of McDonald's, an d the famous Orders Platform (that brought to life many other collaborations like that of teh Travis Scott nad J Balvin meals) is based on the insght that no matter how famous you are, you have a favorite McDonald's order.

June 15, 2021

5-Minute Daily Plank Workout – Everything That You Need to Know

Do you want to improve your core strength? If yes, then you should try the 5-minute daily plank workout. Most of the trainers from all around the world suggest doing planks for working on the core, and it is all because of some pretty good reasons. Our life schedule is so hectic that we don't get time for doing exercise.

The plank is really a simple and effective Hyperbolic stretching exercise that helps in improving your core strength. The best thing is that it is generally considered one of the safest exercises for people who are suffering from lower back pain. The 5-Minute Daily Plank Workout is really very easy to follow, and you can perform this routine without any hassle.

June 12, 2021

5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Is the West Coast really the best coast? Most argue that it is. The weather tends to be pleasant all year long, world-class shopping is available in Los Angeles every day, and there is a combination of trails, beaches, and world-class restaurants. Los Angeles homes for sale tend to be a bit expensive. However, a general rule of thumb is - the closer you get to downtown or the beach, the more expensive the real estate and property taxes.

Did you know traveling is good for your health and happiness? Traveling can reduce stress and has health benefits. Read below for the ways travel can improve your wellbeing. 

June 11, 2021

Top 3 Travel Destinations for Single Men

Being single definitely has its perks. After all, it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, without having to explain your choices or adjust them to anybody else’s needs. So, if there’s a globetrotter hiding in you, you can actually travel to any part of the world, stay as long as you decide to and create an itinerary to your own liking.

Plus, you have the opportunity to meet new people and talk to whomever you want, without worrying about where the conversation might lead or if you’ll hurt your partner by getting too familiar with somebody. This only leaves you with wondering where to go next. Whether you want to travel alone or with friends, consider these three interesting and fun destinations, ideal for single men who want to see and experience something new.

June 9, 2021

What You Should Know Before Buying Beach Umbrellas

Everyone enjoys a day out on the beach, especially during summer. The chill breeze from the ocean mixed with the blazing sun is the perfect blend for outdoor relaxation. Although we enjoy this blend, it’s hard to stay under the scorching summer sun for too long without of course, getting scorched. To stay on the beach longer, we all rely on sun-blocking beach umbrellas or risk some harm to our bodies. You can see some health risks of constant exposure to sunlight here:

As you plan your next trip to the beach this summer, if you don’t already have a beach umbrella, there are few things you may want to consider before ordering one online, or heading over to the store to pick one up-the old-fashioned way. 

June 3, 2021

What's New in Town? Garden Dining by White Moon Bar at Hotel H20 / Manila Ocean Park

No one has the slightest idea how bored and sick I am with this ECQ/p*ndemic. That is why every chance I get to see my friends, I’m out the door in a heartbeat. (Of course, even if how much I miss my friends, we make sure that we abide by the safety protocols). Thus, we search for places with al fresco dining where we can meet and chill for just a few hours – since those places are the only ones allowed to operate at the moment. 

We discovered this new #GardenDining concept by  White Moon Bar at Hotel H20 / Manila Ocean Park. Although it’s not by the bay like the original White Moon Bar (still closed at the moment) you can still feel some sea breeze while you’re there. Pair that simple and relaxing ambiance (the place is still in the works) with Chef Ranuka Hettiarachchi’s Modern Asian food offerings, and you’re all set for a lovely afternoon with the barkada. 

May 26, 2021

5 Reasons I Choose ZALA Over Other Hair Extension Brands

You know that your hair plays a vital role in appearance and aesthetics, and having great hair can deliver a major confidence boost. Yet, you may not always have the time to pamper your hair. At times, your strands can become thin, lacking the length and volume needed to achieve your desired styles. These are situations where hair extensions come to your rescue. 

Hair extensions provide an instant makeover by adding length, volume, and thickness to your hair. But given the dozens of hair extension brands out there, choosing the best option can be overwhelming. It’s critical to do your research before you order hair extensions online or head out to buy hair extensions at a store. ZALA is a leader in the hair extension sector, and in this post, I’ll share why I always choose ZALA over other hair extension brands. 

May 25, 2021

Location Voiture in USA

Traveling, in general, can be stressful for some people but when you throw children into the mix it can add to the anxiety and there is more organization and planning needed. As a parent it is great to see the kids playing on the beach, their bodies covered with wet sand as they run and out of the water, and turning a golden brown from being in the sun. But that is at the end of the planning process, so let’s rewind to the beginning. 

Keeping kids entertained, involved in as many activities as possible, and making them feel part of the process is a great way to get them excited, and that they know what it takes to get these events off the ground. They have an opportunity to check items and things off a list by themselves, giving them independence whilst teaching them responsibility. 

May 12, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Cancel Your Fitness Routine

Whether you choose your fitness routine for weight loss reasons or because it boosts your mood, everybody understands the importance of remaining consistent. The last thing you want is to lose your motivation or good results because you can’t stick to your routine.

However, it doesn’t mean that your fitness routine should prevail at all times. Sometimes, you just need to skip your fitness workout. But more often than not, you’d be surprised to know that guilt is more harmful than lack of consistency. Indeed, it’s okay to give yourself, so room to breathe when fitness isn’t right. Here are 5 reasons why people skip a workout and why it’s okay. 

May 11, 2021

What You Need to Know Before You Get a Body Piercing

Maybe you just saw someone with a fantastic piercing, and you know you want it, or perhaps you are just getting your lobes pierced so you can wear earrings like everyone else.  Or maybe you have been browsing a body jewellery store, and it has brought you inspiration.  People get pierced for all kinds of cosmetic and sometimes significant personal reasons.  It can even be a great component of your self-care.  But there are some things you should consider before you decide on that belly button piercing.

Will it Hurt Too Much? 
Typically, piercings that go through cartilage hurt more and longer than simple flesh piercings.  But pain is an incredibly subjective experience.  Two people can have the same piercings, and their reactions might be completely different.  One person may merely feel some pressure or a pinch, like a vaccination, while another might hurt a lot more.  People who have the best experiences are those who have calmly accepted that there will be some pain.  No pain, no gain, right?  

May 8, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Employees Become More Independent and Empowered

Putting aside all influences created and driven by market trends, we can all agree that the success of any company depends on efficient, highly motivated and what's even more important independent staff. We live in times when every ounce of a competitive edge can be used to outmaneuver the aggressive competition. Micromanagement, complicated timetables, and excessive middleman staff can be seen as nothing more but obstacles.

So, let's take a look at a couple of ways to create that proactive workforce capable of thinking for themselves and taking the initiative when it matters the most.

Boost Your Inner Beauty How to Nourish Your Wellbeing

It is perfectly natural to feel low sometimes, especially when the world seems to keep conspiring against you at every possible turn. If the recent world events have got you down, it is important to remember that you are not alone, and there is more than one way to let your inner beauty shine once more.

All it takes is a little self-care and dedication, which admittedly, can feel like an absolutely impossible task at times. There is no need to panic, however, as this is perfectly normal, and staying hopeful can be one of your greatest tools. 

May 2, 2021

Keep Your Health On Track For Far Longer

Are you worried that you are getting old before your time? Perhaps you have noticed that it hurts to get out of bed in the morning or that climbing up a flight of stairs leaves you out of breath? It’s fair to say that if you don’t look after yourself, you can age far more quickly than you would like. You can avoid this with a few simple steps.

Look After Your Teeth
First, you need to make sure that you are looking after your teeth. As you get older, it’s harder to stop your teeth from looking yellow and even hurting. One of the steps that you should take here is arranging a regular visit to the dentist. That way, you can make sure that any issues are dealt with quickly. This will ensure that you avoid permanent damage to your teeth. 

May 1, 2021

How To Afford Traveling as a College Student

As you’re about to leave your parents’ nest, college might seem like a sweet-to-be experience where you get to have fun with your new friends and roomies, enjoy a variety of roles you can only talk yourself into – and travel around the world, obviously. When it comes to being an actual college student, it may occur to you that things are a little bit more complicated. Overwhelmed with tons of assignments – and perhaps a job to deal with your student debt sooner – you may start realizing that you have neither time nor money to afford itchy feet when you’re ready to drop. But he who seeks will find, and there are three realistic scenarios of how you can afford to travel in college.

Study or Work Abroad 
College is the perfect time for an around-the-world trip. Not only are you unburdened with plenty of adult stuff, but also there are numerous student programs and opportunities that include student exchange, internships, or even a full-time job overseas. Quite often, you can expect your travel and accommodation expenses fully or partially covered, let alone that it’s a great chance to enjoy all the benefits of traveling, get some professional experience, and expand your list of social contacts.

April 30, 2021

Understanding Your Concerns and Identifying Your Goals in Divorce

Even though most divorcees believe that divorce will leave a few of them “winners”, who will walk away with all the money, and others “losers”, who will be left in the dust, the truth is that the assets, liabilities, and rights are likely to be divided fairly to all. Thereby, it is of great importance for all divorcees to sort out their issues and decide on what they cherish the most.

Getting a deeper insight into your concerns and establishing your priorities
With no doubt, divorce is always stressful, yet exhausting. The emotions that usually run high make it more difficult to keep an open mind on everything that is going on. That is why many divorcing people feel helpless and confused. Therefore, when preparing your divorce forms, don’t let your emotions run away with you. You must keep cool whatever it takes so that you can take balanced decisions.

April 27, 2021

VT x BTS The Sweet The Sweet Special Edition Set Review

One of the things I kinda miss that I do pre-pandemic is putting on makeup. I never step outside of the house to go to work without make up on. Moreover, I like playing makeup artist to my friends if they ask for my assistance for an event. It’s one of the things that I love to do as part of my daily routine. During all the lockdowns that happened, I can count using all my hand fingers how many times I’ve put on makeup, seriously speaking, I kinda miss it. 

I was picked to review a cosmetic brand and I was glad do so even if I rarely post or blog about anything makeup related. This is a chance I wouldn’t let pass, because it’s a brand that had a collaboration with my fave K-Pop group! If you don’t know it yet, I have been a full pledge ARMY, no, not the ones who fight in battles but the name of the fans of world-famous South Korean boy group BTS! And just imagine how excited I am for this. My friend put it truthfully and nicely: “When you’re tasked to do something you would love to do anyway, winner yon!”

April 24, 2021

5 Budget-Friendly Upgrades You Can Do For Your Outdoor Space

Create a vibrant and beautiful outdoor space with these five budget-friendly upgrades! Most of the time, homeowners decorate their outdoor space with a few plants and perhaps furniture pieces they may have had in their previous home. While most of the integral household activities are done indoors, that doesn’t mean you can leave your outdoor space as is. Here are five budget-friendly upgrades you can do to spruce up your porch, patio, or yard.

Add Seating 
Since your outdoor space will become your spot for rest and relaxation, add seating to make the space more comfortable. If your front porch is spacious enough, you may add a hammock, a swing chair, or a coffee table with chairs. Add several items such as books, board games, or your sketchbook to have a conducive R&R spot in your porch or backyard.  

April 23, 2021

J&T Express Launched “J&T Pantry”

J&T Express’ “J&T Pantry” launched at Muntinlupa Branch. From offering delivery services and helping online businesses, J&T Express expanded its services to further help the Filipino people and launched their very own “J&T Pantry”. Inspired by the “Maginhawa Community Pantry”, J&T Express took the initiative on starting their own community pantry on its Muntinlupa Branch, April 21, 2021.

In this time of crisis, many Filipinos are grappling to survive the Pandemic. J&T Express believes that during this challenging times it is important to stand strong and help one another. The J&T pantry was fully supported by its employees. On top of the items prepared by J&T Express, many of its team members chose to personally donate items, such as food and other basic essentials, to share with the community. This just shows how passionate the company and its employees on helping those who are greatly affected by the pandemic through simple act of kindness. 

April 22, 2021

Tips for Having a Youthful Smile

Taking care of your teeth is of the essence because oral health is closely connected to your overall well-being. Keeping a youthful smile can be challenging, but it pays off in the end, allowing you to smile confidently and prevent serious health issues. To make sure you always have a youthful smile, you should follow a few tips that we've listed out for you.

Practice good oral hygiene
Only with good oral hygiene will you be able to have that pearly white Hollywood smile. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is vital for maintaining a young-looking smile. Ideally, you'll brush after every meal and rinse out your mouth using an antibacterial mouthwash. Flossing is a vital part of every dental routine, so make sure you include it in your morning and night routine.

April 19, 2021

PH ARMYs!!! The BTS Meal Dropping June 18, 2021!!!

McDonald’s and BTS Partner to Offer the Supergroup’s Favorite Order. The BTS Meal Will Hit Philippine Restaurants Starting June 18!!! Get ready, because the Golden Arches are about to shine even brighter thanks to a new collaboration with 21st century global pop icons, BTS.

This one-of-a-kind menu “tour” will arrive in the Philippines on June 18, 2021, when customers can enjoy the band’s signature order at participating restaurants nationwide. The BTS Meal includes a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets®, medium World Famous Fries®, medium Coca-Cola, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by popular recipes from McDonald’s South Korea.

April 17, 2021

Tricks to Help You Plan and Enjoy a Solo Trip of a Lifetime

Because trips to exotic destinations have been delayed and large gatherings discouraged by governments all over the world, it looks like we should consider the alternatives. Road trips are common, but we tend to take them with our friends. Sadly, with the pandemic still being very here and very real, we have to compromise and improvise, which often means we have to rely solely on ourselves. If you’re tired of waiting for the stars to align so that you and your friends can go on an adventure together, you should instead plan a solo road trip. Here’s how:

Be as selfish as you want
Going on a trip with friends and family means that you constantly have to think about other people’s feelings and needs in addition to your own. You have to plan additional bathroom and snack breaks, pull over at roadside attractions even if they aren’t exactly what interests you, and sometimes listen to music that isn’t exactly your favorite. On the other hand, when going solo, you can focus on YOU – your wants and needs alone. Take a break whenever you want to eat all the snacks that you love, listen to your favorite playlists that include your guilty pleasure songs and artists, and go as fast or as slow as you want.

Make sure your car is reliable
Before you head out “into the wild” on your own, you have to make sure that your vehicle is reliable and in good condition. Even if you’re not exactly a typical hot rod lover, installing one of those powerful race motors will ensure that not only your car sounds good but that it’s ready to hit the road too. Double-check the electronics, tire pressure (including the spare), filters, oil, and air conditioning because you want your solo trip to be as smooth as possible. Spending long hours at a car repair shop or mechanic’s garage when you could be enjoying the scenery doesn’t sound fun at all.

Take loads of photos
So you might not be the person who loves taking dozens of selfies whenever you leave your home, but you should really make an effort to take a lot of photos on your solo trip. This time, there won’t be that one friend whose camera is always ready, you won’t be able to ask your sister to take a cute photo of you, and you will have to rely on yourself. Try to take photos of simple things like leaves, flowers, and funny license plates, but you can also get a tripod and take photos of yourself. By the end of the trip, you’ll likely know your angles, get more familiar with your phone or your camera, and perhaps even discover your new passion.

Pack some snacks
We did say that this trip is about you being selfish and doing what you want, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about your health. Buying snacks at gas stations is convenient, but combined with sitting for a long time, it can be very bad for your stomach. This is why you should also pack some healthy snacks before you start your trip. Our advice is to pack a mini cooler with snacks, drinks, and ice because this way, you can drive longer and stay alert while you snack. Guac packets, PB&J sandwiches, carrots, apples, and celery, and lots of water or lemonade are recommended. If you think you might get too tired, an energy drink or two should be of help as well. Always have in mind the important travel tips like researching the area before going, keeping your travel credentials and cash in different places and packing light.

Hitting the open road with family and friends sounds amazing, but sometimes it’s impossible to coordinate a group of people with unsteady schedules in the midst of a pandemic. This is why solo road trips have been gaining popularity these months, and for a good reason. You will not have to worry about others, and instead, you can be as ‘selfish’ as you want. Remove yourself from other people’s agendas and focus on your own for a change – you will enjoy the solitude and the freedom and, who knows, this might even become your new tradition. 

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