July 20, 2013


Makati Ave. is lined with hotels both affordable and expensive ones; We were considering a hotel that would accommodate our needs and would allow us also to take photos. We narrowed down our choices to three hotels: A.Venue Hotel, St. Giles Hotel and Berjaya Makati Hotel. I had a hard time talking to St. Giles Hotel about giving us permission to take photos at the hotel premises so it was removed from the choices. 

At first we were skeptic about this Berjaya since it is one of the older hotels in the area. But when I checked the website,  a lot of rooms have been renovated plus the hotel areas are perfect for photo ops especially the staircase and hallway where the elevators are.

July 2, 2013

GUEST POST: Choosing the Perfect Venue for a Special Occasion by Isabelle Riley of Ballara Receptions

When putting an event together, things don’t really start taking shape until you book and confirm the venue. Although this is the obvious starting point, it is often one of the most difficult because there are so many fantastic options, and very different price scales.

There are venues to suit many tastes, often inspiring them too. They can facilitate themes of intimacy and romance, productivity and some are the perfect blank canvas to do what you choose. You will need to decide on the size of the venue, whether you need something small for more intimate gatherings or something larger and more extravagant for events like weddings, engagements and formals. Here are some of the main things you will need to consider when organizing your special occasion.

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