July 20, 2013


Makati Ave. is lined with hotels both affordable and expensive ones; We were considering a hotel that would accommodate our needs and would allow us also to take photos. We narrowed down our choices to three hotels: A.Venue Hotel, St. Giles Hotel and Berjaya Makati Hotel. I had a hard time talking to St. Giles Hotel about giving us permission to take photos at the hotel premises so it was removed from the choices. 

At first we were skeptic about this Berjaya since it is one of the older hotels in the area. But when I checked the website,  a lot of rooms have been renovated plus the hotel areas are perfect for photo ops especially the staircase and hallway where the elevators are.

photo c/o: www.berjayahotel.com

photo c/o: www.berjayahotel.com

Berjaya Makati Hotel is easy to find and going elsewhere from there is also effortless; there are a lot of taxi cabs roaming the area, and even if you don't need one they will be the ones honking at you and will ask you where you're headed. Getting a ride around this area of Makati won't be a hassle (not in cases of heavy traffic jam though) because it's just near Makati CBD and the Makati Red Light District (not promoting it! lol!)

Hotel Lobby: 

We booked the TWO BEDROOM DELUXE. The floor area of the rooms are also big as described on their website.

This the description of the room from their website: 
The 78m² Two Bedroom Deluxe is situated on a smoking floor and boasts a large separate living room, 2 bathrooms with bathtubs and wireless internet access. The room is perfectly set for a small group or family.

Photos of the Two Bedroom Deluxe from Berjaya Hotel website:

They even slash down the room rates if you book early! We got ours at around 30-40% less than the published rates.

We were surprised to see that the room we booked is pretty huge and we can move around freely. Although the room that was given to us, is probably one of the older ones, judging by the look of the sofas, but everything was pretty much decent and clean.

Here are the actual photos of the living area of the 2BR Deluxe:

LCD TV in the living area

The 2 BR Deluxe consist of one room with one king size bed and one room with two twin beds. Both rooms have LCD TVs, large closets, safety boxes, toilets and bath tubs with complete bathroom toiletries.

The master bedroom:

my brother enjoying the big bed

I love the floor to ceiling mirror!

closet with safe

The twin room:
my siblings enjoying the room

The mini-kitchen with complimentary bottled waters, coffee, ref, electric kettle and coffee mugs. (no microwave oven though). Btw, the room also comes with ironing board, iron and hairdryer :)

complimentary stuff

Berjaya Hotel Makati has an indoor pool on their 5th floor. I really didn't like their pool area since it was enclosed and lacks the enticing factor. It's better to feel the sun's heat slowly burning your skin while you're dipping in on a pool right? ;)


my little brother checking the water if it's cold or hot

Their studio room is newer than the 2BR deluxe, and it was pretty huge too! The beds at Berjaya Hotel are all comfortable I should say... :) 

photos lifted from www.berjayahotel.com:

Btw, the WIFI connection was pretty much OK and strong. We brought two laptops and almost all of us have a WIFI capable phones and we internet connection was fast and reliable.

When it comes to their service, we pretty much didn't have any major problems except that when we were checking-in the reception informed us that we need to pay the room rate upfront, when we have already paid for it a month before our check-in date through our debit card. They told s that our online payment didn't push through. We were a little disappointed that they didn't inform us days before when we have left our contact number when we booked the room. Although they assisted us in using one of their desktop PCs to check online if the room was debited or not from our account. And unfortunately it was not... good thing we had extra money to pay for it. Overall, the hotel staff/crew were all helpful.

All in all, it was quite a pretty good stay at Berjaya Hotel Makati. :)

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  2. Wow, That sounds like a great hotel! I use to stay at them all the time back . This one looks great! I love the shower in your room also! and it was so clean it sparkles!
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  4. Question for the two bedroom, i have more or less 10 people extra, is that allowed? Room description shows max 3 adults.

    1. please contact the hotel personally.. Thanks!

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  7. any update on this hotel?


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