May 26, 2022

Top Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments for 2022

No one is one hundred percent happy about the way they look. If they claim they are, they’re lying. It’s simply normal to have a dosage of self-consciousness and be insecure about the little things. This tends to intensify as we age since our face and our body start growing old and it’s usually not a change for the better. However, flaws and all, most of us are not willing to go under the knife in order to correct these imperfections. Fortunately, there are other ways to treat your skin in order for it to stay young and beautiful and we’re here to give you some insight on the matter.

Chemical peel
These treatments include applying chemicals directly to the skin for an exfoliating effect. This causes the dead skin cells to peel off resulting in young and fresh skin cells that make the skin look radiant. On top of that, it causes your body to produce collagen which makes your skin tighter and helps in the reduction of oily skin, small scars and sun damage. Some beauty brands make their own chemicals in lower concentrations, so you can use them at home on your own. However, for stronger chemical peels, you should go to a dermatologist.

May 23, 2022

Ebi-body Up for a Challenge? Hanako’s Tempura All-You-Can Is Back!

For someone who is allergic with seafood, one of the Japanese dishes that I love to eat and crave often is Ebi Tempura. I mean, I love seafood, and nothing can stop me if I want to eat them, if my throat closes in on me, at least I’ll die happy, this thing doesn’t faze me at all. LOL! And Hanako announcing that they’re bringing back their Tempura All-You-Can just makes me all giddy!

If you haven’t heard about Hanako (well, have you been living under rock tho?), it’s casual Japanese restaurant serving familiar and unique Japanese dishes. The word “Hanako” is a popular female Japanese given name, which means 'flower girl'. The brand has been operating since October 2012. It started as a small commercial nook in Moonwalk Village, Paranaque. Hanako now has a total of 6 branches across Metro Manila. 

May 22, 2022

Cards on the Table, Life on the Line

Navigating life is like playing a game of cards. You can’t really tell whether an encounter is just a friendly match or the survival of the fittest. You also can’t control nor predict the roll of the dice. In the game of aces and kings, here are some advice on how you could play your cards right and emerge a victor in your own way.

Mind your deck. Don’t cheat your way by looking at others’ cards and just mind your own. Focusing on others would only fill you with envy and break your rhythm, thus distracting you from your plans and priorities. The key to winning at life is in appreciating what you have and utilizing them to their highest potential. 

May 17, 2022

Fresh Design Choices for Your Kitchen in 2022

As everything changes, as tastes and designs change according to modern needs, home design has to change as well. And it does that every decade, every year. Because we are all interconnected online, trends switch faster than ever before.

When we redesign our homes, it’s not all about living rooms, bedrooms, porches, and bathrooms. It’s about the kitchen, too. It’s a room we sometimes take for granted, although we use it several times a day, sometimes for several hours at a time. Therefore, we have to design it according to our personal needs, but also to keep in touch with some trends, which can possibly fit into our style, given that there are so many different options today.

May 7, 2022

Comprehensive Guide on Creating Ideal Lighting in Your Living Room

The choice of lighting can make or break your living room ambience. That's why during decorating, you need to think about the types of lighting fixtures that would be the best for your living area. From wall sconces to thin floor lamps and chandeliers, the choices are rather vast. Make one mistake, and your entire vibe will be thrown off. So, to ensure the best mood in your living room, check out this comprehensive guide on creating ideal lighting in your living room.

Introduce a glam chandelier
Chandeliers add both mood and style to your living room. If they’re big enough, they will offer plenty of luminance that will allow everyone to enjoy a well-lit room. Position the chandelier in the centre of the living room so that you can get enough stretch of light all around. If your sofa is also cantered in the middle of the room, placing a chandelier above it will create a lovely focal point. Chandeliers will look particularly flattering in purple, jewel blue and green rooms as they bring along a regal chicness to interiors.

May 6, 2022

What does it feel like to wear a corset?

One of the most controversial trends this year has nothing to do with fashion or heels; it is about the hourglass body. Shaping the waist has become the best-kept celebrity trick to get a 24-inch waist ready during bikini season. Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, and even Lindsay Lohan are some of the celebrities who have used the corset method to highlight or exaggerate her tiny waist. If you have never tried this fashion before and want to how does it feel like to wear a corset. Let’s learn more about this fashion.

Feel of corset:
Corset feels good like a hug or an embrace. It is properly adjusted and well fitted. That doesn’t cause pain, discomfort, or breath shortness. Rather it is stylish and very comfortable. The corset came through the front door last summer and the best-dressing girls (and the most daring with new trends) have been able to adapt it for winter. From the recent star of Netflix, Clara Galle, to the current queens of pop like Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter, celebrities have given us many different ideas and ways to wear it not only in guest looks but also in everyday life.

J&T Express and realme join relief efforts for typhoon Agaton victims

Weeks following the onslaught of tropical storm Agaton over Eastern Visayas, communities continue to bear brunt of the impact with many still left displaced and in need of aid. Responding to calls for assistance, country’s leading express delivery company, J&T Express and top global technology brand realme organized a joint relief operation for the residents in Brgy. Buenavista, Abuyog, Leyte which was among the worst-hit towns at the hands of the typhoon.

J&T Express and realme provided hygiene kits and realme Powerbank 2 with 10,000 mAh battery capacity to over 220 affected families who barely receive assistance due to their remote location. 

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