May 17, 2022

Fresh Design Choices for Your Kitchen in 2022

As everything changes, as tastes and designs change according to modern needs, home design has to change as well. And it does that every decade, every year. Because we are all interconnected online, trends switch faster than ever before.

When we redesign our homes, it’s not all about living rooms, bedrooms, porches, and bathrooms. It’s about the kitchen, too. It’s a room we sometimes take for granted, although we use it several times a day, sometimes for several hours at a time. Therefore, we have to design it according to our personal needs, but also to keep in touch with some trends, which can possibly fit into our style, given that there are so many different options today.

Depending on the size of your space, you can possibly match the kitchen design with the design of the living room, which modern trends are dictating more and more, to make a seamless transition between the two. On the other hand, you can do a completely different thing in every room. It all comes down to your personal choice; we can only present some of the trends you can use when designing a kitchen at this moment in time.

1. Go minimalist
Most cooks – professional or amateur – dream about clean surfaces in their kitchens. Pots and pans hanging on rails around the workspace are becoming a thing of the past. A huge number of small appliances filling all the surfaces in the kitchen can be so annoying, preventing you from spreading the ingredients and tools to make the day’s meal.

This is why so many people are opting for the minimalist design. Unnecessary details and decorations are something you don’t really need. So, design every board and cupboard to hide the pots, appliances, etc., and let your hands work free across the room.

2. Implement smart technologies to handle the appliances
In this day and age, there’s never enough time to manage all of the appliances, while thinking about work, kids, workouts, parties, and so on. The best way to make things go a bit faster is to fit some smart technologies into your new design. Smart appliances are coming to every kitchen, from coffee machines to phone-activated stoves, dishwashers, etc. All of those devices come with easy-to-use touch panels, smartphone controls, or regular remote controls.

This can all make your life easier, but be sure to always use reputable, well-skilled people and services when installing new appliances into your home. Find somebody local, recommended, and well-established. If you live in Parramatta, see that you find the most respectable emergency electrician in Parramatta, that could come fast and do the job as you see fit for your desired design.

3. Classic always works
If you’re a fan of retro designs, you may find that a lot of new kitchen surfaces, cupboards, and appliances are made exactly for you. Lots of pastel colors, smooth ‘50s style edges, everything mixed with the latest technologies, and great materials.

You can even find retro-stylized appliances that use the smart technologies we’ve spoken of. If you decide you don’t want anything modern, that’s alright too. Find the best carpenters and colors, and make the old-fashioned kitchen furniture the old-fashioned way. Just see that it fits in the rest of the home design, and you’re good.

4. Dark, moody look is also in
As you’ve probably seen on social media, moody photos are very popular. Dark shades and a less-colorful look can be very alluring. Maybe it’s the mystery of it or the simplicity. Maybe it reminds you of the old noir movies. Whatever it is, you can easily stylize your home that way. It also fits in with the popular industrial loft look, if you decide to design your whole home like that.

Use darker wood, lots of it. Some stone can fit in as well. You can also use dark green, some blue tones, maybe even some dark red somewhere. This dark look, if done right, can also imply lots of elegance, a kind of a strong, luxurious environment that some bright-colored designs cannot match.

These are just some of the things you can do to refresh your kitchen in 2022. As trends change all the time, more and more options are available. Choose carefully, and it will keep you satisfied for a longer period of time.

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