May 6, 2022

What does it feel like to wear a corset?

One of the most controversial trends this year has nothing to do with fashion or heels; it is about the hourglass body. Shaping the waist has become the best-kept celebrity trick to get a 24-inch waist ready during bikini season. Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, and even Lindsay Lohan are some of the celebrities who have used the corset method to highlight or exaggerate her tiny waist. If you have never tried this fashion before and want to how does it feel like to wear a corset. Let’s learn more about this fashion.

Feel of corset:
Corset feels good like a hug or an embrace. It is properly adjusted and well fitted. That doesn’t cause pain, discomfort, or breath shortness. Rather it is stylish and very comfortable. The corset came through the front door last summer and the best-dressing girls (and the most daring with new trends) have been able to adapt it for winter. From the recent star of Netflix, Clara Galle, to the current queens of pop like Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter, celebrities have given us many different ideas and ways to wear it not only in guest looks but also in everyday life.

Types of Corsets: 
There are many types of corsets. For this reason, you may not know which type of corset best suits your needs. At we organize them in such a way that you find your corset most easily. We have classified the corsets according to their design and use, among these we can find: Overbust (On the bust), Underbust (Under the bust), Medical (orthopedic), training (waist trainer), cosplay, for daily use. 

Which corset is better?
There is no answer to this question, it all depends on the use and needs you have. We explain a little about the different types of the corset. So, you can choose the one that best suits your figure, needs, personality, and budget.

Corset Overbust (On the bust):
The Overbust Corset goes from the bust enhancing it and goes to the hip, it can be used as an outer garment, the use of a Bra is not required.

Corset Underbust (Under the Bust):
The Underbust Corset starts below the bust and covers up to the hips, it can be used as an outer garment using an undergarment, it is used with a Bra.

Corset Belt:
The Corset Belt covers the abdominal part. Crop top open back can be used as an outer garment by wearing a garment underneath, it is used with a bra.

Orthopedic corset and post-pregnancy:
The Orthopedic Corset helps us to shape or rectify the back, it serves as a treatment for scoliosis, kyphosis, and posture correction. They keep our lower back and spine in the correct position. The post-pregnancy corset helps us maintain our figure, its use and benefits are similar to those of wearing a girdle.

Corset Waist Training:
Waist Training, more than a corset, is a method that is used for training the waist, achieving the extreme modification of the human figure and achieving the reduction of the diameter of the waist. The type of corset most used for this extreme practice is flexible, the methodology is based on the compression of the body for long periods, some people use it up to 18 hours a day for several years.

Rigid Corset:
The Rigid corset is the one that can modify the figure more drastically, these can have vertical and horizontal rods made of wood, whalebone, or metal. The more rigid the corset design, the more drastic the modeling of your figure will be. You find them in Underbust and Overbust designs.

Flex Corset:
The Flexible Corset, also known as semi-rigid, enhances and shapes the figure and waist, these may or may not have rods, the materials used in the manufacture are elastic or flexible fabrics. You find them in Underbust and Overbust designs.

Corset Dress (With skirt):
The Corset Dress type dress normally Semi-rigid and Overbust, is characterized by including the skirt as a dress. The tube corset top is for outdoor use in a single garment.

Themed corset:
Theme Corsets are combinations of all types and classes but with a specific design or theme, for example, Christmas, Medieval, Gothic, Victorian, Costume, vintage, retro, cosplay, steampunk, dance night, Halloween, among others. These are worn as outerwear.

When to Wear a Corset?
The Corset can be used at different times depending on the requirements, tastes, and needs. We can use corsets for issues related to back health and posture and spine correction treatments. Long sleeved going out top is used to highlight your attributes. It is proven that the use of a corset increases the confidence you feel about your body. The corset is also used for extreme waist training, with this methodology it is possible to modify the figure and have waists less than 50 cm.

We can also use them as outerwear by reducing a few centimeters from your waist and perfectly shaping your body. You can use them for special events such as costumes, cosplay, or daily use with a theme such as medieval, Victorian, vintage, and gothic, among others.

The corset and health:
Attention! Can the use of a corset be harmful to health? To answer this question, the first thing we must do is enter the context in which we use the corset. The Corset should not be used by pregnant women. It is not recommended to wear a very tight corset for more than 11 hours a day.

When you use it for an orthopedic treatment recommended by a specialist, the corset will give you health benefits also if it is used as a postpartum girdle, it can be used to exercise and lose weight. If what you want is to highlight your figure, reducing a few centimeters from your waist you would not have health problems due to the use of the corset. When you use it for a special date such as a wedding or sporadically, it will not bring you health problems either.

If you want to practice waist training, it is advisable to do it under the constant supervision of your trusted doctor, extremely doing this practice can cause health problems.

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