December 31, 2015's Happy New Year Sale!

Happy new year loves!!! I hope you had a great 2015 and your hearts are all expectant and already thankful for what's up ahead in 2016! Well, as for me I am exceedingly joyful of what had happened to me in 2015, I had my fair share of ups and downs; the bad ones gave me lessons but I'm past that already but I'm bringing with me the lessons to 2016. The great ones I will forever be thankful and will keep close to my heart as I ring in the New Year!

And of course, my love for fashion will always be with me no matter what the year is. I'm ready to clear my closet of last year's fashion season. An advance spring cleaning if I may say so, thus a fresh start for my wardrobe as well. Are you doing the same thing? if yes, well then, let's get it started!

December 30, 2015

Cheesecakes By Guy

I love desserts, it's one of the things I can't live without and would never hesitate to eat. One of the  desserts that I like are cakes; and cheesecakes and chocolates are on top of my list. I think I can go for a day just eating cake. A week ago, my sister and I decided to treat ourselves for some coffee and cakes, after a grueling 3 days of no sleep just to finish a few pieces of wedding entourage apparels for her client. It was her reward for me for helping her out, and I was more than happy to accept it.

I take pleasure in simple things, a good cup of coffee and a simple cake satisfy me. We went to a nearby mall to look for a place where we can get a sweet tooth fix. My sister then suggested Cheesecakes by Guy, which she has been telling me about for sometime now. She also told me that she had tasted all the varieties of cheesecakes and cakes from this cheesecake place. 

December 27, 2015

A Grateful Heart

I used to grumble and complain a lot… well, I still do sometimes. But this year I have slowly, from glory to glory, have had a change of heart and mind. I’ve experienced so many things this year and at first I thought this year was a bad one for me. But, as it turned out, there were more beautiful things that happened to me this year more than the unfortunate ones. I was just looking at things differently and magnifying the not so good ones rather than the other way around.

It was a matter of what my thought process was and a heart that was focused on the darkness. When I started to be enlightened and have a deeper relationship with my Creator, steadily but surely, my mind and my heart changed its course. I began to view things differently. Bit by bit, the stance of my heart changed, and is continuously changing.

December 24, 2015

A Toast To The Mother of the Bride

Since the start of December, I've been seeing many posts about people getting married on my feeds. December, after all, has a great weather and is a season of love. I love weddings because there it is a celebration of love and family.

Speaking of family, I know the focus of any wedding is the bride and groom, but they won’t be who they’d be (or even meet) without their family, especially their parents. To a great extent, the mothers are very much responsible for bringing those two persons and rearing them here on earth.

December 23, 2015

I'm in love with Pantone's Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Have you guys seen the Pantone color of the year for 2016? Oh my goodness, i almost fell from my seat when I saw it on my Facebook newsfeed! I love them both and got so excited i immediately reposted it on my wall tagging my sister who is a designer and a wedding couturier. I'm 100 percent sure, the fashion designers and apparel store racks will be full of clothing items in those beautiful colors.

It is also the first time that Pantone released two colors for in year. The two colors are on the pastel side of the spectrum which are named Rose Quartz and Serenity. According to Pantone, Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.

December 20, 2015

Mesa Filipino Moderne Cuisine

Whatever I do, when it comes to food, my palate will always search for what it is natively accustomed to. No matter what other cuisines I get to try, a big part of me will always enjoy Filipino food. I'm sure everyone around the world can relate to me when I state that good old home-grown cooking will forever be our first love when it comes to food. There are times when you tell yourself that you've grown weary of the usual food that you eat and you crave for something different like from a different cuisine. But then there are days when you crave for grandma's "sinigang", aunt's "beef caldereta" or mom's "pinakbet"; and when you finally satisfied your cravings, you feel a different kind of euphoria and nostalgia all at the same time. 

Filipino cuisine have its roots to many different cuisines: Spanish, Indian, Malay, Chinese, American and Japanese to name a few. It has also evolved into somewhat like a fusion of sorts and continues to change as time goes by. So when I was invited with a group of bloggers to try the best-sellers of Mesa Filipino Moderne Cuisine at it's 3-month old branch in Eastwood Mall, I was truthfully excited. Not only that I will get to eat some my favorite Filipino food but this time around it is with a different take. 

December 16, 2015 Holiday Deals

Holiday dressing doesn't have to be too extravagant and too expensive. I, for a fact (would like to think) that have mastered the art of dressing well yet inexpensive. Why? Because I know where and when to shop for fashionable clothes. I am always on the look out for sales and promotions. Most often than not, when I browse an online clothing store and find something that I like, I don't go berserk and purchase an item right away, even though I like them way too much. I usually put them first on my wishlist cart and wait until they go on sale. 

One of the (one too many) websites where I do online shopping is, and I got to tell you that they have so many items that I want to purchase. But since I don't have the means to buy them right away or buy them all (how I wish...) most of the items I like end up in my wishlist. Then I regularly check the site to see if any of my wishlist items are on sale. If it is, then that's the only time I make a purchase. Also, I always take advantage of coupon codes, bonus points etc so that I can save more.

December 15, 2015

UK Invasion of Manila Coffee Scene: Costa Coffee

I love so many things in my life and coffee is definitely one of them. This might sound annoying to others, but when I hear a new coffee shop is opening in the Manila, I do my best to try what they have to offer. I've actually stumbled upon Costa Coffee Eastwood when it was still being constructed. I've also visited it  a couple of times after it had officially opened. Only now that I got the chance to share my experience at Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee is a British multinational coffeehouse company headquartered in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitbread. It is the second largest coffeehouse chain in the world behind Starbucks and the largest in Britain. It was founded in London in 1971 by the Costa family as a wholesale operation supplying roasted coffee to caterers and specialist Italian coffee shops. Italian immigrant brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa founded a coffee roastery in Lambeth, London, in 1971, supplying local caterers. The family had moved to England in the 1960s. Costa branched out to selling coffee in 1978, when its first store opened in Vauxhall Bridge Road, London.

December 13, 2015

Shaw Residenza Suites Review

It's only my second time to experience using a serviced apartment. the first one was back in college and it was at Astoria Plaza. This time around my small group at church decided to hold an overnight Christmas party at Shaw Residenza Suite in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City. 

I've already heard about Shaw Residenza and have been passing by it for years and only a few weeks ago that I was able to set foot on it. It is conveniently located in Shaw Blvd where there are so many establishments around. Puregold Supermarket and Bon Chon are just across it, a Red Ribbon bakeshop is just a few steps away and there's also a nearby Army Navy, Starbucks and Project Pie. 

December 12, 2015

Yabu: House of Katsu

Besides Mediterranean food, another cuisine that I enjoy eating without taking consideration of the added weight is Japanese food. Well, Japanese food is actually non-fattening if you try to look at their staple ingredients like fish and veggies. But they also often use chicken, pork and beef in their cuisines too. 

It's quite embarrassing to admit, (well, maybe not) that I only got to try Yabu just recently even though it's been a well known katsu house in the Philippines for quite sometime now. I'm not really a fan of ramen but katsu is a different story. Who could resist anything breaded and deep-fried? Definitely not me who loves pork chops. 

December 10, 2015

I'm Complicated Like That

When people ask you "who are you?", can you easily give out an answer? *long pause* ) Didn't' think so too... I've been living my life for 30 years and still I can't define who I am. There's really not a thing, not single thing, I can associate myself to. I can't say I am that or this... because I am complicated. I think all humans are wired that way, or else we would still be primitive.

There's just too many aspects of who I am and I can't just describe myself in one word neither can in  just a sentence. There's just too many that makes up myself. I love being complicated, it what's makes me different from everybody else. Life would probably too boring if all us would be exactly the same as one another. I didn't like the concept of segregation based on your capabilities like that what they did to the people in that movie Divergence.

So who am I?

December 9, 2015

Deck the Halls! My Oasap Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas time is the busiest season of the year (well, besides summer of course). And for sure there's going to be a lot of parties and gatherings that will happen left and right and one after the other. And that requires for a girl like me to dress up always ready for the close up  or group shot.

Anyway, we must also consider comfort besides being stylish. So we must not for get to keep warm at the same time right? With that in mind, i rounded up my top picks or wishlist from one of my fave online clothing shop, Not only that these items are perfect for the snuggle-up-kind-of-weather but they're also on sale! yes you read that right! How about a high five from one shopaholic/fashion lover to another!

December 8, 2015 Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Even when I was little, I honestly didn't believe in Santa Claus. I don't know... Well maybe because he can't visit me on Christmas day because we don't have a chimney and it's never gonna snow in my country, if that even makes sense... hehehe. Anyways, we still put up some Santa Claus decors at home before the holidays.  What can I say even though I live in a tropical country, we are greatly influenced by Western cultures when it comes to celebrating the Christmas season.

But one thing I know is true, I love Christmas because of the gatherings that I get to attend almost every weekend and the gifts that I give away and receive. It's the only season I also get to dress up as often than most season; and I do love dressing up.

December 7, 2015

Most Beautiful Places in Southern Africa

Africa is one of the most neglected continents and many people know almost nothing about it. Very few people know that Southern Africa is world’s second largest fruit producer; that it has some of the oldest mountain ranges in the world and that at this very place the most diverse fossils of early dinosaurs were found. 

Besides this, Southern Africa hides some of the most dramatic and beautiful sceneries, such as natural oases, vast deserts and lush vegetation. Landscapes like these, and many others, are well preserved and had become true wonders of nature.

Okavango Delta in Botswana

Okavango Delta is located in Botswana and it has diverse wildlife, vegetation, and a maze of narrow canals that are intercepted with numerous small islands. Also, it represents one of the largest inland delta systems of the world.

December 5, 2015


I can really feel the holidays! Why? This is the only time of the year I get to receive so many presents! Hahahaha! I get more presents during Christmas more than my birthday, actually.  Just last week, I received 3 packages from the online stores I am affiliated with and mostly are clothing items. I think I am already covered until summer for the clothes I have received. 

Anyway, I want to share with you all my latest haul from In the last few months leading to the day I received my package, I have been very active in participating in most of the Shein promotions and contests. Which in turn made me accumulate a huge amount of store credits which brought me to the capacity to purchase a couple of stuff in one order. I usually just get 1 or 2 items in an order; and only until now that I was able to get 5 items in just one order.  And because I'm always up to date with SheIn's latest promos I was able to time my order with their free shipping service, which happens quite often, usually 2 times a month. So I didn't have to pay for the shipping! Yey! 

December 4, 2015's Christmas Big Sale!

The holidays are coming and fast! You can already feel how palpable it is due to the heavy traffic and herds of people flocking to the malls and shopping centers. This week, I went to one of the biggest shopping center in Manila where you can buy items at bulk prices. But it was a complete nightmare! 

We walked from the train station to the shopping center which is around 5 blocks away because the vehicles going there weren't moving anymore. Then when we got there you can't barely make a step because the place was packed with shoppers. There are times when I got pushed and people stepped on my feet quite often. It was also very hard for us to get a ride back to the train station so we had to walk 3 blocks just to board a jeepney. If you don't have patience you will really lose your sanity.

December 3, 2015

How to Pull Off 4 Winter's Biggest Make-up Trends

Fall is finally here, which means that we have to say goodbye to sun-kissed skin and scent of the sea in our hair. Don’t be desperate because of that – fall indeed has so much to offer, especially when talking about the latest beauty trends that are unavoidable this season. Here are four of them, with the tips on how to pull them off in the best possible way. Enjoy!
Blurred Lines

Black eyeliner is an absolute must-have when it comes to fall, and it works the best in combination with nude lips. However, this year’s trend is slightly different in terms of shapes. Instead of thick lines or perfectly defined flicks – make it smudged and not as noticeable as a harsh black line. Use your favorite gel liner and apply it to the lash line. Then smudge it and you will end up with perfect smoky eyes which look more natural and subtle. Also, when you are picking the most flattering nude shade for your lips, it is important to know that you should choose one shade lighter than your natural lip colour. Pick the one with satin-like finish, whose magnificent texture will compliment your look in the best possible way.

December 2, 2015

Eyes Are the Windows to One's Soul: GlassesShop review

I've been wearing prescription eyeglasses since I was in grade 4. Poor vision runs in my family probably because of a family history of diabetes which can cause retinopathy. But I believe I developed poor eyesight while I was still young because I love to read when I was a kid, and I read when there's poor lighting and inside a moving vehicle which probably put a great strain on my eyes. I rarely wear glasses outside of the house because my lenses make my eyes so chinky even if I use the ultra thin lenses.

I don't believe anything happens by chance, everything is already planned out. We just take a left or a right or even a U-turn which derails or prolongs our trip to our destination. Would you believe it when I say, I accidentally step on my eyeglasses a few days before I received a package containing a pair of specs from GlassesShop.

December 1, 2015 Cyber Monday Sale

I never met a girl in my life who says she's have had enough clothes she doesn't need a new one especially if a new trend comes up for the current season. For someone who loves fashion, I am one of those girls you can never tell don't buy that cute dress or that pair of flats. But I always know better, I am a cheapskate, and I wait until the Sale season before I get me those what I like. I don't dive in and shop like a maniac, I was ever an impulse buyer. I usually save some money for something I want to purchase and I take great advantage of sales, promotions, discounts and coupon codes. 

The new year is just a few days away, and at this point if I do some shopping online, I don't think they can get to me by Christmas. Everywhere is congested heck even the post office and courier service offices for sure. But it pays well to be patient and save than splurge. 

November 30, 2015

Cafe Pascucci Manila

Robinson's Galleria is not a new place for me nor it is not a place I seldom go to. I've grown up going to this mall since high school and I'h the years. I've seen probably all the major changes that happened to this mall through the years. There are a lot of stores that have come and go in Rob Gale, and there are times that they've already been closed and I didn't even got the chance to check out.

Sometimes, I get to visit one or two by chance. Like this Cafe  Pascucci that is located to where Gloria Jean's was. To be honest, I always just passed by Cafe  Pascucci even though it's been there probably for years now. It was only just this weekend that I finally got the chance to try it because the usual place where my small group at church meet was full. The moment I entered the cafe, I just said hi to my friends and went straight to the counter to check out what they have to offer. 

November 29, 2015

All I Want for Christmas: My Wishlist

I never met a girl in my life who says she's have had enough clothes she doesn't need a new one especially if a new trend comes up for the current season. For someone who loves fashion, I am one of those girls you can never tell don't buy that cute dress or that pair of flats. But I always know better, I am a cheapskate, and I wait until the Sale season before I get me those what I like. I don't dive in and shop like a maniac, I was ever an impulse buyer. I usually save some money for something I want to purchase and I take great advantage of sales, promotions, discounts and coupon codes. 

The new year is just a few days away, and at this point if I do some shopping online, I don't think they can get to me by Christmas. Everywhere is congested heck even the post office and courier service offices for sure. But it pays well to be patient and save than splurge. I've made a Christmas wish list of the items I want to get for Christmas from SheIN. And I hope Santa finds me nice and give me all them! If that does happen, I got me already half a month's worth of wardrobe!

November 28, 2015

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant - SM Marikina

I love food and it's the only thing that I don't have any restrictions about. If you're not fond of food, you're missing so much in your life. That is most likely why I don't turn down any food event invitation or a lunch/dinner out. I also love buffets!
It's nice that there are many options now for buffet eating and the amount and variety of food being served is ever growing as well. One of the places I really like to go visit for binge eating is Vikings. I've visited their SM Megamall, SM Jazz and the upscale version Niu

November 26, 2015

The #Bloggys 2015 - Philippine Blogging Awards Night

Last weekend, I attended my first major blogger event. I've been blogging since 2011 but this is my first time to grace an event of this scale. Bloggys is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines. It continues the legacy of recognizing Filipino bloggers through a variety of niches and industries across the nation.
I was nominated but wasn't able to be one of the finalists in my blogging category. Nevertheless, I am happy to be part of such occassion. Bloggys is the first of it's kind to award bloggers from all over the Philippines, and just being able to participate is already a blessing. 

November 24, 2015

Stella Wood Fired Bistro - Magically Roasted and Fired Up

I haven't had the chance to set foot in BGC for quite sometime now and only pass by it on my way to and from the office. Merely because I don't have any business going there and since I live in Pasig City going to that area means bracing through a hell lot of traffic. But when I was invited to attend the Gifted.PH launch at Stella Wood Fired Bistro I told myself I should go for a change of scenery. Besides it was on a Saturday afternoon and I won't probably caught in so much traffic going there unlike on weekdays. 

Stella Wood Fired Bistro is part of the RainTree group of restaurants who also brought us Saboten, Chelsea Kitchen, Simple Lang, Museum Cafe, Rocket Room and Momo Cafe to name a few. Fusing pleasant spirits and inviting interiors with fine music and rustic menu, Stella is a wood-fired bistro that offers a full array of delights peppered with tastes true to the West Coast, the mediterranean and South America. The bistro, prominently located in Bonifacio High Street Central, makes use of natural wood on its dishes, imparting most flavorful aromas unlike any other cooking technique.

November 23, 2015


If That 70’s Show has ever taught us, the MTV generation, anything it’s that you can strut your tight bell-bottom pants, you can wear your plaid jacket or hang on to your bright tripped-out-flower-patterned shirt and still be cool. 70’s fashion statements are back in the spotlight so make sure you shine brightly in every occasion with these few tips on how to snatch the perfect autumn retro look.

The 1970s witnessed another fashion revolution transferring success of, for example, the mini skirt and expanding the concept event further. The geometric, mono-colored fabrics were traded for wildly paired tones of more affordable materials such as polyester, plaid and other synthetic substitutes. In fact, the fashion world said their last goodbye to the most famous glamour designer – Coco Chanel – in 1971 and with her waved goodbye to the established trend of clean elegance.

November 22, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas: Dress from SheIn

I can start feeling it's the holiday season already for several reasons. For one, the weather is starting to get chilly. Two, the worse Manila traffic has become worst especially during the rush hour where vehicles run 10-20kph from destination to destination. And number three, which is actually a good thing, is that I am starting to receive gifts as early as now. I can't help myself singing "Twelve days of Christmas" because it is actually how it feels like.

Just this month I already received a couple of items: prizes, GCs, items for feature etc - of which I consider as gifts/blessings as I am trying my best to have a grateful attitude whether be a small or a big value item.

November 21, 2015 Cyber Monday Sale

I never met a girl in my life who says she's have had enough clothes she doesn't need a new one especially if a new trend comes up for the current season. For someone who loves fashion, I am one of those girls you can never tell don't buy that cute dress or that pair of flats. But I always know better, I am a cheapskate, and I wait until the Sale season before I get me those what I like. I don't dive in and shop like a maniac, I was ever an impulse buyer. I usually save some money for something I want to purchase and I take great advantage of sales, promotions, discounts and coupon codes. 

The new year is just a few days away, and at this point if I do some shopping online, I don't think they can get to me by Christmas. Everywhere is congested heck even the post office and courier service offices for sure. But it pays well to be patient and save than splurge. 

November 20, 2015 Gifts with Thoughtfulness + Warmth and Gifting Made Easy

We can't deny it that the holiday season is upon us evident by the worse traffic around Metro Manila and the swarm of people that trail to the mall even on weekdays. I know by this time everyone of us is already making a list of who we're gonna gifts to and what to give them. Admit it or not, it's really hard to give gifts to people, especially those who almost like have everything already they need or might need. 

I can't be anymore honest, when I say I always end up buying Christmas gifts that can fall to something so generic and very impersonal, gifts without much thoughtfulness and warmth in it. And I bet my ass on it, that most of the gifts I give out end up in some storage box somewhere. How do I know that? Because I also get gifts that I don't even get to use even to this day. 

November 18, 2015

Friendship Makes my World #Wonderful

Even though many issues and problems (usually man-made) happens to our daily lives in this world that we live in, I still think that this world is such a wonderful place to be alive. I can't even start to fathom how wonderful it is and why it is so. But one thing I know for sure, I am blessed -- just living in this wonderful world of ours. Like I said a while back, I can't just sum up how wonderful my life is. But for this blog entry, I would try to summarize them in 3 things. I would relate why these 3 things makes my world wonderful but I would dwell on one of them more. 

As for the moment, I am going to talk about the 3 things that come to my mind on why my world is wonderful: Hillsong United, Saving Private Ryan and Kristina. These 3 represents 3 aspects of my life that I am very grateful for and how they make my life a world of wonder. They seem so specific but they serve generalized facets of  my life.

November 15, 2015

My Shopping Experience using Kango Express

Last  October 28, I was invited to the Philippine-launch of Kango Express at Society Lounge in Makati. The event was graced by one of the executives of the company, personalities from the US Embassy, the media and bloggers. We were treated with food, drinks and entertainment. I was able to meet new people as well especially other bloggers like myself. As a thank you for attending the event, guests were also indulged with free Amazon gift cards and shipping credits by Kango Express which we can use to experience how easy and efficient shopping and shipping can be using their services. 

But before I share with you all my shop and ship experience with Kango Express, let me again introduce the company to you, my dear readers. Kango Express is a world class package forwarding service based in the United States that enables consumers to purchase their favorite consumer goods from online stores in the United States and Europe and have them delivered to their home or office in the Philippines or nearly anywhere in the world. 

November 14, 2015

Aozora Japanese Café + Bistro - The Place Where Your Japanese Taste Meets The Sky

The last time I was in Tagaytay was last year and travelling up there made me realized that there’s so many changes that already happened in that mountain getaway and so many new establishments left and right had been erected. If you ask Manilenos, I bet may would agree that Tagaytay is probably the go-to place near Metro Manila if they want to go for some unwinding. You can do a lot of things there for relaxation and fun especially that it his continuously being developed and establishments continuously sprouting everywhere. As for me, I’ve always loved the cool and crisp Tagaytay breeze; so when I was invited to visit a fairly new restaurant in Tagaytay, together with other bloggers, I did not hesitate at all.

The travel to Tagaytay was fairly cheerful.  We drove up there in the very early hours of a Sunday morning and traffic was not yet that frustrating. We arrived at Domicillo Hotel where Aozora Japanese Café + Bistro is located. It’s on the top floor and no customers were there yet. What we first did was to check out the view of the ever-famous Taal lake and volcano at the deck.

November 12, 2015

Hipster Backpacks for Girls

"It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters... And make fun of our exes, uh uh, uh uh... Uh oh! I don't know about you, But I'm feeling 22! Everything will be alright! If you keep me next to you... You don't know about me... But I'll bet you want to... Everything will be alright... If we just keep dancing like we're 22, ooh-ooh... 22, ooh-ooh..." 

I just freakin love that song by my style idol Taylor Swift. It always makes me giddy... quite an upper don't you think? Yeah I know.. I know... my birthday is just a few days away and I'm far being 22. But these lyrics embody what I feel, I always feel like 22 and yeah I also want to be hipster! 

November 11, 2015 Haul + Review

So the holidays is just around the corner, Christmas is exactly 43 days as of writing this post and I'm already excited to bits! I used to not like the holidays because of several unhappy memories I've had in the past that happened 'tis season of the year. Can you even believe that some of the things I couldn't imagine would happen to me happened when it's about the most wonderful time of the year? Ironic right? But as I grew older and matured, I learned one valuable lesson in life, that is to be GRATEFUL. Yes, in all circumstances, be grateful; then you'll be amazed how God can and will pour more blessings to you -- that you can't even imagine possible. Blessings so awesome, all the painful events of the past will no longer affect you. 

Going back, since it's the holidays, I know my calendar will be jampacked with parties, get-togethers and reunions. Being the person that I am, I always make it a point to always dress up well for these occasions. My motto when it comes to fashion and style is "to always look your best because you'll never know who you'll bump into." BUT (yes there's a but) I make sure I don't burn my pocket and budget well to still look fashionable. 

November 9, 2015

Shine Bright Like a Rhinestone!

It’s already November then few weeks from now it will be December and just around the bend is 2016. Then it will February then March. You might ask why I am saying all these, well February to March is the season for Proms and yes my dear readers even though I am not in high school anymore I am still excited for Prom season. Yes I am excited because I get to share with you girls my prom outfit suggestions. 

Last time, I suggested for pastel colors for Prom Dresses; now after browsing through some sites that carry special occasion dresses I can’t help but drool over those dresses with rhinestone beadings in them. You may well know that wedding gowns nowadays are adorned and studded with crystals and rhinestones giving any bride the feeling of being a royalty, yeah even just the feeling can make any bride the prettiest of them all.

November 7, 2015’s Pre-Thanksgiving Sale

Even though it is only in the US that Thanksgiving Day is being celebrated I love it when it is Thanksgiving! Since I work for a company that caters to US-based medical insurance clients, we follow the US time zone and their holidays too. So when it is  Thanksgiving and Black Friday I don't have work! Woot!


What is Thanksgiving Day anyway? Well according to the ever trusty Wikipedia, Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. It became an official Federal holiday in 1863, when, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens", to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. The event that Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in 1621. This feast lasted three days, and it was attended by 90 Native Americans (as accounted by attendee Edward Winslow) and 53 Pilgrims. The New England colonists were accustomed to regularly celebrating "thanksgivings"—days of prayer thanking God for blessings such as military victory or the end of a drought.

November 6, 2015

Tbdress Singles Day 2015 Sale

I love online shopping, even online window shopping if there is even such a thing! And I love sales as well! Whoever will say they don’t like sale is a hypocrite. Just joking! Anyway, I am not ashamed to say that whenever I read or hear the word “sale” it sends an electric chill down my spine… hahahaha!

Did you know that there’s such a sale called “Singles Day Sale” that was spearheaded by Tbdress? Funny that almost everything has a worldwide celebration day being reveled once in a while. I think it was just last week that I saw on my Facebook feed that people around the world was celebrating something called International Cat’s Day.

November 5, 2015

Pastel Proms

Proms in my country can be formal or casual. During my junior and senior year prom, I can honestly say that I wasn't able to give a great thought about what I wore. I would probably burn all the photos of me during those proms because I was wearing outfits that were not very well put together.  (So harsh, I know...) How I wish there were more stylish clothing stores like today that sell beautiful prom dresses back then.

Back in highschool we were supposed to have a grad ball at some well-known hotel’s ballroom but it didn't push thru. It would have been great if it did took place because as far as I can remember it was planned to be a black tie event and all the female students should have worn long prom dresses and male students would be in their best suits and tuxedos.

November 4, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

I’m not a techie-kind of person but even if I hate to admit it, I can’t live or go on a day without my smart phone. It is one of the things that I can’t leave the house without. And whenever I accidentally forget to bring it (which rarely happens), I get somehow agitated and feel like a big part of me is missing. My smartphone is my somewhat my life, it’s my only way to communicate with loved ones and friends some of which are thousands of miles away from me. Since I am a blogger, I engage so much with social media and I also constantly check my personal and blog-dedicated email addresses every time I get the chance to. I also always browse the internet for whatever, listen to podcasts and view videos on Youtube. So I always keep my phone and mobile data open, and because of that my phone’s battery easily gets drained, most of the time I already use up half of my phone’s battery life even before the clock hits lunch time.

With that being said, I think I need to be ready and have the needed gadgets to keep my phone’s battery life always a 100%. Also, we will never know when a emergency will come and we don’t want (I specially) to get caught with low battery or God-forbid an empty batt when that happens. Or we don’t have anywhere where we can plug our devices and charge up our gadgets.

November 3, 2015

For the Hopeless Romantic

I think I am a hopeless romantic, that’s probably why I love weddings. Up until now I still follow wedding pages, websites and blogs. I still enjoy looking at and I still pin wedding photos, themes and ideas to my Pinterest boards. Even though freelancing as a part of a wedding coordination team can be tiring and stressful, and doing wedding styling doesn’t pay much, the feeling it brings me when I get involved in such events is unfathomable.

I guess for me, one of the best parts of being included in any wedding event, either being a guest, a bridesmaid, a part of the entourage or being a coordinator is seeing the bride’s wedding dress.  It has been one of the most important aspects of any wedding. I love suggesting designs for wedding dresses to my friends or anyone I know who would be getting married soon.

November 1, 2015

Kango Express, the Newest Package Forwarding Service in the Philippines

Here’s some good news for all online shoppers out there: Kango Express is here! Kango Express is a world class package forwarding service based in the United States that enables consumers to purchase their favorite consumer goods from online stores in the United States and Europe and have them delivered to their home or office in the Philippines or nearly anywhere in the world.

Kango Express provides a happier shopping experience. It understands that not all online retailers are able to ship to the Philippines or accept Filipino credit cards. With warehouses in both the US and UK, Kango Express customers are able to find the exact item they need at the exact price they want to pay. Through its affiliate relationships, Kango Express also assists its customers with finding deals and discounts and maximizing their shopping experience.

October 31, 2015 Halloween Sale

I’m not really fond of things freaky that’s why I never liked Halloween. I actually can’t fathom why we say happy Halloween when this occasion gives us that much scare. I easily get scared and I don’t like watching scary movies, they give me nightmares and my imagination runs wild after seeing any scary movie. Then there’s Trick or Treat, well, I would rather receive a treat than get tricked. I remember going to a haunted house in one of the local amusement park and I almost ran my way out to the exit and shouted to the re-enactors that they don’t try to scare me or I’ll punch them in the face!

Anyway, what I love about Halloween is only the thought of dressing up in costumes or dressing in black. Well black is one of the colors that represents Halloween and it makes anyone look slimmer, so I guess that’s the only reason why I am forced to like Halloween.


October 30, 2015

Keep It Short But Sweet

Prom, according to is a semi-formal (black tie) dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year. Proms figure greatly in popular culture and are a major event among high school students.

In the Western world, high school juniors attending the prom may call it "junior prom" while high-school seniors may call it "senior prom" or "senior ball". In practice, this event may be a combined junior/senior dance.

October 29, 2015

My Shopping Experience

As you all may well know, I am quite a fan of online shopping and one of the online clothing stores that I frequent is I’ve been shopping from the site since January 2014 and have made more or less made 30 orders up to this day. I was able to shop from using various modes; either by using my own money, bonus points, coupons, winning prizes from SheIn contests and giveaways.


Ordering at is fairly easy. Just browse for the item that you want, choose your size and then add them to your cart. Once you're done, proceed to checkout. Choose the address where you want to send your items. Then  choose the payment option. have a couple of convenient payment options that you can choose from paypal, credit card, debit card or money transfer.

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