November 30, 2015

Cafe Pascucci Manila

Robinson's Galleria is not a new place for me nor it is not a place I seldom go to. I've grown up going to this mall since high school and I'h the years. I've seen probably all the major changes that happened to this mall through the years. There are a lot of stores that have come and go in Rob Gale, and there are times that they've already been closed and I didn't even got the chance to check out.

Sometimes, I get to visit one or two by chance. Like this Cafe  Pascucci that is located to where Gloria Jean's was. To be honest, I always just passed by Cafe  Pascucci even though it's been there probably for years now. It was only just this weekend that I finally got the chance to try it because the usual place where my small group at church meet was full. The moment I entered the cafe, I just said hi to my friends and went straight to the counter to check out what they have to offer. 

Cafe Pascucci is an Italian coffee house chain, with stores in Italy, Korea, USA, Japan, Egypt, Malaysia, and now the Philippines. The origins of the cafe go way back in 1883. Founder Antonio Pascucci is the son of weavers; he decided to devote himself to becoming trade "industriante". It focused on the food trade, strengthened by the fact that, on July 15 it entered into the agreement between Italy and England which provided for freedom of trade and navigation between the two countries. Foods traded between the colonial and especially the coffee raw become his passion.

In 1935 Mario Pascucci , dedicated to the continuation of the work started by his father, opened the first family shop in Monte Cerignone, managed by his wife on Sunday. During the war, Dino Pascucci, Mario's brother, opened his own cafe in Monte Cerignone and installed the first machine for espresso, the coffee and its specialty are sorbets. In the 50s, Alberto Pascucci decided to industrialize the roasting and installs the first production plant. In 1963 Alberto installed the roaster over indirect heat for a homogeneous toasting distinct to espresso.

In 2000 Alberto Pascucci inaugurated the pilot center Pascucci Coffee Shop - the flagship store and start the project for a new plant for obtaining the best quality, the location is still Monte Cerignone because the climate stabilizes the moisture in raw coffee. It will later be a patented system of roasting Pascucci.

Cafe Pascucci is not only synonymous with coffee blends, they also offer customers a wide variety of products to be enjoyed at any time of the day. They have fruit teas, Italian sodas and different types of breads and pastries. 
Hot Green Tea with Jasmine

Iced Mocha Caramel
(espresso, milk, cold pas-ciok, ice, caramel topping, whipped cream) 

Hot Plain Green Tea 

Cold Red Berries Infusion

Ham Cheese Roll

Cream Cheese Pastry  

The store is well lit and have ample room seating. The store's color theme is mostly red and white;  which if you notice is usually the color combo for Italian cafes. Lighting was fine but the atmosphere can be a bit uncozy when the next door store start to play music in full blast. I don't know if that happens only on weekends. Kinda not a place where you can read a book in peace or have a heart to heart talk with somebody over coffee.
The service is ok and the staff is helpful to explain their drinks to you. I personally love their tea-based drinks because they use real tea bags. They put the whole tea bags in your glass or cup, unlike with other stores where teas are already pre-prepared. The pastries aren't something to rave about though, they were just ok. Also, the size of their coffee cups, for me, aren't that reasonable for the price; which is why I opted to get flavored or infused tea instead of the coffee. 
Cafe Pascucci
- G/F Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City
- 2/F Robinson's Galleria East Wing

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