May 30, 2016

For the June Bride

OMG! Time really flies so fast; it's almost June and we're halfway through 2016! Besides being the cue that the rainy season (well at least in my country) is upon us, June also is the month for weddings. In my country, it's rare that people get married in June because the weather can get very unpredictable and no couple would want their wedding to get ruined by rain so a June wedding doesn't happen that much. Probably in some other countries were June is the start of summer. 

In any case that you know a bride who's getting married this June which I suppose you'll be attending some sort of a bridal shower, and you don't know what to give as a gift, well well well, I'm here to the rescue. My bestfriend's getting married this October and of course we're gonna throw her some awesome bridal shower; but as early as now, I'm already thinking of ideas on what to give her. I stumbled upon this site that sells some sexy lingerie offering items fit to give any future bride on her shower. No pun intended, and just for fun.

May 29, 2016

An Ode To Summer...

I am mourning, grieving and depressed... Ok, I am just exaggerating. But yes, I am a bit sad that the summer season has ended in this part of the world. I will never be fond of the cold, gloomy rainy season no matter how people will convince me that it's better because the weather ain't that hot and humid. I am a summer kind of girl and no one can ever change that.

It's frustrating that I was not able to lay my feet on soft white sand this summer because I'm so tied up with work and that my friends are really good at just being excited about our beach plans nothing materialized. LOL! Anyway, the good thing about living in the Philippines is that you can always hop in to a car or bus and go to the nearest beach. We got 7,107 islands and you can never run out of beaches to choose from. Also that since it lies in the tropics, the weather is, most often than not, beach-perfect.

May 27, 2016

Heliophile Diary: My Summer Wishlist

Are you a pluviophile or a heliophile? A pluviophile is someone who loves the rainy days; where they can just hang out at home, enjoy the cold weather and chill. On the other hand a heliophile are sun-worshipers. People who loves the sunny weather and take joy from the heat of the sun rays hitting their skins.

I have mentioned this one too many times that I really don't like the cold or rainy weather. It kind of brings me down, because it makes me feel gloomy and sad. It also sort of hinders me to do anything. When it rains I don't want to do anything not even move a damn muscle. So yeah, even if the sun might damage my skin, I consider myself as a heliophile.

May 26, 2016

I Got Whipped!!!

I love beauty products and treatments that are all-natural. I am a self-confessed DIY-er and I have tried a lot of home-made beauty solutions and remedies which are all effective so far. Well, these natural beauty enhancing products have been tried tested even dating back to ancient times. Like the use of sugar, honey and lemon to enhance one's skin condition.

I love that there has been a recent trend of business ventures that are embracing the concept of food and integrating them into beauty services and such. Just like this newly opened waxing and scrub salon in BGC named Whipped.

May 24, 2016


It's real... summer is officially over in my country... It has been raining for the past few days and tbh it sucks big time, well at least for me. I don't like the rain, I never did... It makes all moods gloomy and it restrains you from doing most things with ease. Bot to mention the hardship of travelling to and fro because of the heavy traffic it causes around the metro.

The only good thing about it is that my itching-feet-that-are-always-wanting-to-go-out is kept at bay at home. When that happens I either just sleep it off or I am glued to my phone or computer -- Which what happened these past few days. That I gave me ample time to finish all my blog backlogs and I only have 2 more left to write.

May 22, 2016

Isla Una - Island Vibes and Filipino Comfort Food

I don't know with you guys but where ever I am I would always rather be at the beach. I seek it and even the thought of it makes me miss it so much. I know for a fact that in another parallel universe I am a mermaid because I have this longing of becoming one with the sea. Whenever my feet feels sand underneath it, a sort of calm and peace envelopes my soul. Unfortunately for me, I am not able to got to the beach this summer because of my work schedule. Plans to go hit the shores are not until later this year. So yeah, what a bummer...

But I recently went to a place that gave me the almost complete island vibe I am missing way too much. I was invited to this newly opened restaurant in City Golf named Isla Una located at Julia Vargas Avenue in my hometown of Pasig City. It absolutely assimilated all the feels of being in a restaurant that could be found on the beach, but sans the beach and the sea. 

May 21, 2016

Get The Real Glow In You with KB

I am not sure if I am vain, but a lot of people might think I am and that I am high maintenance too. Probably because I give effort to how I look like or what I want to wear. I dunno but maybe I was just reared this way and I am not gonna apologize for that. This is who I am and that doesn't mean it's wrong.

I have lots of insecurities too, yeah, JUST LIKE ANY PERSON IN THIS WORLD. But I am slowly learning to embrace my flaws and loving the body I am blessed with. Although I have to admit I still want to make improvements physically. That ain't a problem too because it's how anyone progress somehow. I don't make it a goal to have perfection but some progress wont hurt right?

May 20, 2016

Pinto Cafe by Peppermill at Pinto Art Museum Antipolo

It has been a habit of mine to look up something before visiting a place so that I know how to navigate my way to it and what to expect. A few weeks ago I and some friends decided to check out Pinto Art Museum where during my research I found out that they also have an in-house restaurant. Based on the things posted on the web, the restaurant is supposedly being operated by Bizu Catering (a well-known pastry and desserts restaurant in Manila). I dont know if that still stands true to this day. Anyway, you can read about Pinto Art Museum  itself which I blogged about a few days ago by going to this link right here: Pinto Art Museum - Antipolo

As I read the reviews of Pinto Art Cafe, I found that a handful of the reviews did not give  good feedback. Most of them were a bit disappointed with the taste, quality and price of the menu offerings. In lieu of that I will be at my very honest self while I do this review. But before we get into that let me first share about the ambiance being evoked at Pinto's in-house resto.

May 18, 2016

Waves and Raves

So last night it rained so freaking hard! And you all know what that means? It is the end of summer for the Philippines! It is the start of the rainy season... Which sucks for me big time! Why? Because I wasn't even able to set my feet on the beach this summer! OK, I went to a resort in early March but that ain't enough!  I went swimming at the clubhouse pool downstairs where I live but yeah, still not enough!

The only good thing that comes to living in a country that lies in the tropics is that it is actually has 365 days of summer! Yeah we can wear short pants and mini skirts all year long if we want to. We can go to nearby beaches too if we want to. But unfortunately for me, I am all tied up with work and my schedule won't fit my friends' so yeah what a bummer...

May 16, 2016

Weekend Getaway: Pinto Art Museum - Antipolo

One of the things I love is art; for whatever it really represents or means. It's something we can't really define inside a box so let's not go that way. All I know is that I'm a total artsy-fartsy and a certified craftie. I always appreciate art everyday of my life, maybe because I am born from a family of artists (but we'll talk about that some other time) and that I'm an emotional boat.


Art speaks to me in many levels but I consider my self as an old soul that's why I love classic arts, architecture and literature. But that doesn't mean I am not open-minded to contemporary art, because after all, art is life and it evolves and transforms.

May 14, 2016

Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimp House

Hawaii... it is one of my dream destinations and for real, who doesn't? I know a little info about Hawaii, like this is where Pearl Harbor is, it's got the best beaches and swells that beach lovers and surfers crave for, the luau, the lei, pineapples, red volcanic soil and amazing landscapes. Also, I am familiar with Hawaii because it was my grandma's, aunts' and uncles' home when they first migrated to the States. They used to live in Kauai, a small island that is part of the Hawaiian Islands where the beach is just behind their house.

But as for the cuisine, I know nothing about it except that I know what poi is, that add a pineapple to a dish and it's Hawaiian already and that it is heavily influenced by Asian and Pacific Islander cuisines. Since there are a lot of migrants from the Philippines as well, I have read somewhere that Ilocano food and dialect has also been a part of its culture and food which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

May 11, 2016

7 Flavors: World Fusion Buffet

Ahhhh... the buffet life... lots of food for a little price...  And man oh man, Manila's buffet food scene has grown so much these past couple of years. Almost every kind of buffet style or theme has emerged in every corner of the metro. There are Korean buffets, Japanese buffets, dessert buffets and of course the international dishes buffet.

Who doesn't love buffets? I know I do! Well as for me, since I am a fan of japanese food, it's where I head straight to whenever I go to a buffet restaurant.Then I go to the other dishes that I don't usually get to eat. I usually veer away from Filipino dishes, unless I am craving for something. yet most of the time, I feel overwhelmed with the so many dishes that are in front of me; but I still get so much value for my money.

May 10, 2016

Stay Classy with Dezzal

Have you ever given it a thought on what really is your fashion style? I have been thinking about what mine really is and up until now I still can't put my finger on what type of style I am projecting or what I want. All I am sure about is that I love pretty things and as much as possible I want to keep it classy and never hoochy.
Yes once in awhile I go with what's the latest trend and wear something sexy or something that shows more skin than usual. But if you will rummage through my wardrobe you will find I have lots of items of clothing that are of basic cuts, style and color. This is because they are my everyday wearables for work or on casual days.

May 9, 2016

Todd English Food Hall: New York-Manila

Since its opening in 2014, I've been meaning to try Todd English Food Hall at SM Aura, but didn't have the chance to, until a few weeks back when one of my blogger friends Aldous and Todd English Food Hall invited me to try out their best selling dishes and desserts. It was actually Aldous' birthday the next day, so it typically became the leader of #TeamAldous' pre-birthday celebration.

Todd English Food Hall has been creating a big buzz among foodies and regular restaurant-goers since it opened in 2014. Why? Well for one, it's the first international celebrity chef restaurant in the Philippines by Chef Todd English. Another thing is that, of course, the quality and the taste of the fresh gourmet food that they offer. It actually set a trend for the "food hall' concept in Manila. 

May 6, 2016

Trendy Vacations: Lose Yourself in Exotic Beauty

If you are searching for a holiday place with unsurpassed beauty and exotic beaches brimming with wildlife but which are yet serene, there is no better thing to do than book a flight to New Caledonia. The area’s lagoons have been renowned as a World Heritage site due to its natural wonders and biodiversity. The history and culture of the place will keep you entertained throughout the entire holiday, so wait no more to pick your perfect holiday this season.

Exotic History and Culture
What makes New Caledonia exotic, apart from its magnificent natural wonders are extraordinary history and rich culture. The area has been an overseas territory of France since 1956. It does not come as surprising because everywhere you look you will get the impression you are strolling along French riviera. The cuisine itself is mostly French so apart from sun-kissed beaches and the Pacific heavenly weather nothing will make you think you were not in France. 

May 3, 2016

121 Bar and Grill X Zomato: First Ever Quiz Night

There is always a first time for everything and I'm always excited to try new things. Because most of the time, they are the ones that brings so much fun and great memories. So when a few weeks ago when I was honored to be invited for the first ever Zomato Philippines Quiz Night; though I have worked that night, I still accepted the invitation. Well, it was my first time to attend one, and I couldn't miss it for the world. 

The said event was held at 121 Restaurant at the BGC Stop Over. A handful of Zomato foodies and Zomato employees attended the said event and groups were formed to battle one another. I was assigned to group 4 and we decided to name our team as "Fourever". Everyone was super competitive that night and the battle was super tight. I love that the questions were all about food. It was really nice to learn new information and having such a good time while the quiz night was happening. 

May 1, 2016

Staycation: Midas Hotel and Casino - Pasay City

I’m a girl who would usually go out on weekends. I love to make most of my weekends because I spend most of my weekdays at work which leaves me so burned out most of the time. I always look forward to weekends where I would usually attend blog-related events, go to the mall, or do other meaningful activities with friends and/or family. But once in a while it’s nice to just chill at home or if better do a staycation somewhere. And a few weeks ago, that’s exactly what I did.

I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a free accommodation at Midas Hotel and Casino through being a Zomato food/restaurant reviewer. Of course, to make it a lot more fun, I invited my sister and closest girlfriends to join me for a night of relaxation and girl-bonding. 

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