May 30, 2016

For the June Bride

OMG! Time really flies so fast; it's almost June and we're halfway through 2016! Besides being the cue that the rainy season (well at least in my country) is upon us, June also is the month for weddings. In my country, it's rare that people get married in June because the weather can get very unpredictable and no couple would want their wedding to get ruined by rain so a June wedding doesn't happen that much. Probably in some other countries were June is the start of summer. 

In any case that you know a bride who's getting married this June which I suppose you'll be attending some sort of a bridal shower, and you don't know what to give as a gift, well well well, I'm here to the rescue. My bestfriend's getting married this October and of course we're gonna throw her some awesome bridal shower; but as early as now, I'm already thinking of ideas on what to give her. I stumbled upon this site that sells some sexy lingerie offering items fit to give any future bride on her shower. No pun intended, and just for fun.
So here's my top picks of perfect bridal lingerie: 
 b / r

i  / d

By the way, doesn't only offer lingerie but also swimwear and dresses. I found a few swimsuits that really caught my attention so I swear you girls should check this site out!
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  1. Oh I love it all your choices darling, lovely post


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