September 20, 2020

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

So, if you remember, I did a bedroom make over a few weeks ago; but that wasn’t fully completed yet and I’ve only done one part of my room (check this post for the bedroom make over: Beach-Themed Tiny Bedroom Quarantine Makeover). I don’t have the luxury to do it in one go for time and budget constraints. As much as possible I didn’t want to spend so much with the “renovation”, so I did a couple of DIYs for this makeover project, one is the DIY Hand-Painted Quote Canvas Art. I also mentioned in my room makeover blog post that I’m thinking of having a macramé wall hanging décor to put on the other wall so it wont look so plain. 

I looked up some macramé on online shops but didn’t find something that I super like and the size that I want will cost me a lot. So instead, I decided to create my own macramé wall hanging décor. Back in high school, I learned to do macramé for a homeroom class project. I can remember what year I was at that time, but I clearly reckon we created macramé hanging plant pot holder. 

September 19, 2020

How To Renovate A Period Property

Period properties can be incredibly attractive, they are often beautiful to look at, and the sense of history that you feel as you walk through them is something that you just can’t find in a more modern home. A lot of people also tend to go for period properties because older homes often have more space around them and are perceived to have a more solid construction.

The only downside with a period property, of course, is that they were built in a time before insulation and other modern building techniques, so it can be more challenging to keep them warm and dry while still maintaining the aesthetic that you are hoping for.

September 16, 2020

Answered: Am I a Good Candidate for Clip-in Hair Extensions?

There’s no denying that gorgeous, long locks are in. For good reason, too – there is so much you can do with long, voluminous hair. Simply scroll social media and you’ll find yourself bombarded with photos of full-bodied, long, luscious hair, and will no doubt feel yourself hit with a twinge of hair envy.

From elaborate updos to braids and more, the secret to these styles is Zala clip-in hair extensions.  That’s right, everyone from your next-door neighbour to your barista is likely wearing hair extensions. While they were once reserved for celebrities with stylists and hours to spend on their hair each day, they’re now accessible for everyone. Clip-in extensions are more affordable and of higher quality than ever. So this may have you wondering, “Am I a good candidate for clip-in human hair extensions?” Here’s what you should know.

September 15, 2020

Jus and Jerry's - Gourmet Chinese Food

It’s not breaking news or a surprise that Chinese cuisine has a great influence on Filipino food; after all the interaction between China and the Philippines started over a thousand years ago. Filipino cuisine has so many Chinese inspired dishes and that there are so many Chinese food that are “Filipinized” or made to taste that is suitable for the Filipino palate.

For me personally, one of my comfort food is gourmet Chinese dishes. That’s why even if I live on the far  East side of Metro Manila, there are times I brave the traffic (pre-pandemic) just to go to Chinatown a couple of times in a year. Dumplings and smokey stir-fried Wok-cooked dishes comforts my soul and taste buds

September 2, 2020

Aice Milk and Eggs: Immune-Boosting Ice Cream Lands in Manila

AICE, the affordable ice cream brand that originated from Singapore, has recently launched its newest flavor Milk & Eggs in an exclusive online event with food, lifestyle bloggers and influencers. The special flavor with milk, eggs and honey was especially developed at the height of the Covid-19-pandemic to boost the body’s immune system.

Ice cream lovers can get the new variant in a special pack of 5 with free face mask for only P100 or P20 per piece from AICE accredited resellers and sari-sari stores. Speaking before a group of influencers, invited guest speaker Ms. Joan Sumpio, a popular Registered Nutritionist and Dietician (RND), explained how milk is an important source of calcium. “Calcium contributes to energy metabolism, builds and  support bone development, and is necessary in regular muscle function. Eggs, on the other hand, are a great source of Cobalamin, Vitamin A and D, which are essential vitamins to boost the body’s immunity against diseases”, according to Ms. Sumpio. 

Gang Gang Boneless Fried Chicken: with REAL TASTE - not just the sauce!

I can’t count how many times my family cooked a chicken dish during the lockdown. Sometimes we even repeat a recipe in a week. But have gotten sick of eating chicken over and over again? Never! But I would love to try and eat something new; I mean like new chicken dishes. Got my wish granted faster than I expected. 

From the same brains and talents behind one of Tomas Morato’s hippest places to dine: Boa Kitchen + Socials, comes Gang Gang Boneless Fried Chicken. I’m not sure where they got the name  of their newest venture but for some reason, I thought about Psy’s song Oppa Gangnam Style. Well, there’s a connect don’t worry LOL. 

August 23, 2020

Beach-Themed Tiny Bedroom Quarantine Makeover with Photowall Sweden + Discount Code

I’ve been saying this in almost all of my previous post, that I really don’t know what I feel about this pandemic in general. This virus is really bad as it took the lives of so many people, I don’t take it lightly as I have 3 persons I know whose lives were cut short and 1 who will continue to live life with a heart problem that wasn’t there before. But whether we want to admit it or not, when the lock-downs were imposed all over the world, a few good things emerged from it. 

Mother nature was able to breathe, in some cities, pollution dropped massively. Since we got confined to our homes, we became more present to the people around us, especially our immediate families. We’ve exemplified cooperation, unity and charity in ways we never could have imagined (that’s the majority’s mindset compared to the self-serving few). We became altruistic and started supporting local to keep our local economies afloat.

August 21, 2020

My Quarantine Hand-Painted Quote Canvas Art

Quranthings is one of the newest entries on Urban Dictionary referring to the things that occurred during the quarantine period due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are many quaranthings and to be honest, I barely did any of the trending ones like Tik-tok, baking, cooking or becoming a plantita/o. My life was the somehow the same before and during this pandemic. The only thing that changed is that I was confined to my apartment. Being busy with work didn’t halt nor slow down. For one, it even became more tedious; as most times I had to extend work hours and don’t take my usual breaks. 

With around  5 months of being on lockdown, I would say with all honesty that I do feel a little of that cabin fever and uneasy with the monotony of my daily routine. The only past time that I have had these past months are my social media and blog. And that too has become a little routinely for me. Until an opportunity to do some bedroom revamping came along. I will tell you more about that in a few days. Starting that project opened up Pandora’s box filled with good things. 

August 19, 2020

Travelling Solo: Top Safety Tips for Female Travellers

Embarking on a solo adventure can be an exciting way to explore the world around you. While some people may think it's not safe for a woman to travel on her own and let alone to a foreign country, it's quite the opposite. With a good strategy and enough preparation, anyone can travel safely and not worry about having the best time ever.

Travel by day. If you’re still having doubts about going on a solo trip, we suggest you travel only by day. That is the best way to avoid dark roads, and prevent yourself from ending up off the beaten path. The fear of the dark can easily become more real than when you were a little girl if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere when it's pitch-black outside. Furthermore, it's less likely you'll come across a potential predator when you're travelling during the day. Look for a motel or any other kind of shelter during the night, and stay on the road only during daylight.

August 9, 2020

Kebomb: Pocket-Friendly Mediterranean Cuisine Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

When this community quarantine started, I was pretty apprehensive about almost everything. I had mixed emotions. I was sad and worried of the situation of everyone around the world, especially those who I love. I was happy glad to be home, to have so much time in my hand. Being home means I will get to eat home-cooked meals all day everyday.

But then there are days, I crave for food that we can cook at home, like Japanese and Mediterranean food – which are two of my top favorite cuisines. I am extremely glad that restaurants are still up and running and doing home deliveries. So when one day, my mom had to leave to check out her business in Antipolo (we were on GCQ at this point), and my brothers were being lazy and didn’t want to cook, I decided to order food online.

August 8, 2020

Qualitea - Quality Milk Tea In Every Cup

Community quarantine or not, it’s a known fact that milk teas have taken a special place in the hearts of Filipinos! I've tried so many milk tea brands since the first time I've tried it. And yes, I have my favorites that are always my go-to milk tea places. But that doesn't mean I'm not open to try other brands. If I could, I would try all the milk tea shops in the whole of Metro Manila

QualiTEA promises to provide milk tea lovers nothing but quality beverages by using quality teas and other ingredients. This ensures that you get value for your money. A few days ago, I got to try what this new milk tea place, QualiTEA, has to offer. Of course, I had delivered to my place via GrabFood. Qualitea has many branches across Metro Manila, and another franchise just opened in Lower Bicutan, Taguig City. 

August 6, 2020

#BSafe at Belmont Hotel Boracay

Belmont Hotel Boracay, a 6-story seaside haven impeccably landmarked in the heart of Boracay Newcoast, is now open with an enhanced health and safety program providing guests and associates with confidence and assurance that their well-being is an utmost priority all through-out their stay.

A few things guests can expect to see:
- Submission of Health and Declaration Forms and rapid testing on all employees before reporting back to work.
- Mandatory use of PPEs (face shields/masks and safety masks) when traversing throughout the property.
- Non-contact temperature check, footwear, and hand sanitation upon entering all hotel entrances.
- Contact-less check-in & out process
- Social distancing signages located throughout the property
- Grab & Go food service
- Availability of protective masks and hand sanitizers in the guest room
- Frequent sanitation of various key locations in the hotel
- Steaming of curtains and UVC light disinfection.
- Limited seating capacity, footwear sanitation, and social distancing in guest shuttles.
- Personal protective equipment and enhanced training to all team member

August 4, 2020

3 Things You Should Know Before You Shop for Designer Bags Online

Buying designer bags online can be a great option if you have a limited selection where you are, are searching for some exclusive model you can’t find anywhere, or if you simply like the convenience it offers. It can also be very tricky, however, with all the counterfeiting happening online, and the scams you open yourself to. However, once you understand the basics of buying luxury clothing and accessories online, you’ll be able to avoid traps and get what you were looking for. Here are a few things you should know before you shop for designer bags online.

Choosing the Right Supplier
This is probably the most important thing before buying anything online. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the supplier is well established. Then, you want to see what people have to say about them online. You also want to privilege suppliers that have physical locations as well. This is because these are much less likely to sell counterfeit clothing, as inspectors would've likely cracked down on them if they had a brick and mortar store. 

July 31, 2020

Howl's Chicken: The House for Oversized Nuggets and American Comfort Food

Hey mothercluckers, your girl Jen here. And I have the biggest news ever. One of my many sources, @ieatandiwander, sends us this: “Spotted a #NewChickInTown.” Was it just months ago that we were all locked down in our homes that we started having our daily source of nutrients came via the delivery guy and then suddenly brands, small and big, are popping up left and right. But this one, something tells me she’s going to spice  up the chicken world with her oversized nuggies. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves. Lucky for me, I got first dibs, so read on to know what I found out… 

Ok, ok, enough of me pretending I’m Gossip Girl. Did you get the GG reference? Hahaha! Anyway, let me introduce you to Howl Chicken, the newest chicken place in town, wait, or towns? Hey, Howl’s going to be in Taft, BF Parañaque, Eastwood and Makati. From the same people behind Zark’s Burger, comes the new place that will start serving you probably the Philippines’ first oversized chicken nuggets and American comfort food. 

July 25, 2020

Grill Your Favorite Pinoy BBQ at Home with Mang Ding’s Ready-to-Grill BBQ Packs!

Everyone was looking forward with excitement with the turn of the decade, the same feeling that we all felt in 2000 because of probably the promise of auspicious year. It felt like it was a reboot,  a jump off point again, a chance to do the things you might have somewhat botched in the past years. That was exactly what I was feeling. I had my plans laid out until half of the year. And then the whole world came to a halt.

I’m sorry, if this is always the start of almost any of my blogpost. But I’m just being realistic here. I don’t want to pretend everything is ok or everything is back to normal again. Because it is not. We are in different times and we have to accept and adapt to this thing called the new normal. With the no sign of hope to flatten the curve of cases of this stupid virus in the Philippines. I suddenly retreated to the shell I kept myself in when the start of the lockdown started. I don’t want to go out of my apartment that often again.

July 21, 2020

Advice for Traveling during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The severe outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has left people in distress all over the world, forcing them to stay inside their homes and restricting all travel activities, in an effort to slow down the spread of this dangerous virus. However, as travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, many people want a change of scenery after months of lockdown, and are starting to plan their next vacation. If you’re wondering how you can explore the world safely while the risk of the pandemic is still present, here is some essential COVID-19 travel advice:

Always make health and safety a priority
No matter where you decide to travel, health and safety should always be your number one priority. For that reason, it would be wise to adhere to the advice the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends for the current pandemic, including maintaining a social distance, wearing a face mask, washing your hands frequently, or using a hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t available.

July 19, 2020

GO BENTO - BGC’s Affordable Everyday Japanese Food Restaurant, Is Now Open for Dine In!

I’ve never imagined in my lifetime that I would experience what we are going through these days. If I am to be very truthful, I am one of those skittish diners in this time of pandemic. I am apprehensive to go out and meet up with my friends. But at the same time, I am honest enough to admit I am experiencing some cabin fever, maybe not as evident with others. Would you believe, I only step out of my apartment every two to three weeks? I sometimes don’t even get any sunshine. 

So, when a good friend of mine, Gel of invited me to join her to visit Go Bento in BGC to check out their Safe Dining set up. I jumped right in! It is my first time to venture out of our village in 5 months! I want to see the outside world, how it is now but also taking precautions. Gel and I wore masks of course and I rode on her car’s backseat, which I usually don’t do as I always ride shotgun with her. 

July 18, 2020

7 Amazing Advantages of Going on a Kauai vacation

Everyone deserves a break from working too hard. That's why you can start using your vacation days. The point of them is to relax, unwind, and use them to your full advantage. What other way to do that than to book a vacation someplace exotic?

There are numerous destinations to choose from. Make sure to pick one you haven’t been before. It will definitely broaden your horizons and help you learn about different cultures and traditions. Click on the link Take Kauai, for instance. It is a gorgeous island famous for its tourist attractions and magnificent scenery.

June 30, 2020

4 of 3 Concept Eyes 3CE Lip Products for Busy Professionals

Impressions are lasting, and they do matter, especially in the corporate setting. In today’s frantically paced workplaces, people need to take extra care in how they present themselves. Professionals have relied on beauty products to enhance their appearance in the workplace, to look sharp and clean, regardless of the time or workload.

Many professionals have been turning to 3 Concept Eyes or 3CE for high-quality products as part of their routine or touch up kit. Relatively new, but already a familiar name in the world of Korean make up, the company has endeared itself to local and international consumers alike. The brand has a unique yet straightforward approach to developing cosmetics, particularly with its cosmetic lip and eye lines.

June 27, 2020

Your Favorite Chef Jessie Restaurant Dishes Are Now Available For Take-Out and Delivery

I know it seems like times are normal again, but let’s not fool ourselves, the pandemic is still happening, and we should still be careful and vigilant. As restaurants and bars reopen to the public, it’s important to realize that eating out will increase your risk of exposure to the new coronavirus. I know, we all miss going out and meeting in person, but the way to go is still, food delivery, really. It’s proven safer than dining out. Sacrifices needed to be made, but in time, we will all enjoy dining out again. 

I’m pretty sure there’s so many restaurants in your favorite list that you want to visit when all this chaos really subsides. The good thing though is that you don’t have to restrict yourself now and just wait just to get a fix from your cravings. Since we’re all in supporting our local businesses, dining in is not the only solution to help businesses to stay afloat. Personally, I’m rotating buying from friends selling food, small businesses and established restaurants that I love. 

June 24, 2020

How to Make the Most of the Amazing Benefits of Kimchi

Are you looking for a superfood that tastes great and is a reliable source of healthy ingredients at the same time? Kimchi – a spicy Korean fermented cabbage dish – is rightfully taking the nutrition world by storm. Kimchi is made up of Chinese cabbage leaves along with some other vegetables (for example, carrots or radishes), fermented with Lactobacilli bacteria. It is low in calories and tasty. It can be easily added as a side dish to your everyday diet. While kimchi has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries, it is now making a real splash in the Western world.

And with celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson talking about their love for this food, it’s worth taking a look at the health benefits of kimchi. Health Experts have also recommended Kimchi, New York based Alicia Harper one of the world's leading experts in Probiotics has recommended eating Kimchi in her award winning blog 

June 23, 2020

Chef Jessie For Take-Out/Delivery - Your favorite Chef Jessie dishes are just a phone call away

Your favorite Chef Jessie dishes, both savory and sweet, are just a phone call away. Have an appetizer of Smoked Salmon Caviar Pie with Croutons and follow it up with Caesar Salad in the Classic Way. Soup choices are Creamy Shrimp Bisque, Cream of Fresh Mushroom, Cream of Carrot and Pumpkin and Seafood and Corn Chowder.

For the main course, try Grilled Prime Black Angus Beef Tenderloin or Grilled Prime Black Angus Rib Eye with a choice of sauces like Béarnaise, Bordelaise, Bourguignon, Wild Mushroom, Goose Liver and Creamy Pepper. Other meat dishes include US Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Tips Salpicao, US Beef Cheeks and Mushroom Ragout and Iberian Chestnut Pork Barbeque.

June 22, 2020

Lens Trends: Turning Your Glasses Into A Fashion Statement

Everyone has a different experience when they wear something like glasses. While some people love to wear them, others will absolutely hate it, and it can be hard to find a middle ground that makes you feel comfortable. Many people worry that their glasses look silly or don’t suit them, knocking their confidence and making it harder to wear glasses in the future. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the work that can go into turning your glasses into a fashion statement, even if you don’t like wearing them in the first place.

The first part of this process is going to involve seeking some inspiration. It’s always a good idea to approach something like this with ideas in mind, and it’s incredibly easy to find pictures of people wearing glasses around the web. Websites like Instagram are packed to the brim with people posting images of themselves, and you can often search for specific hashtags that relate to the glasses you like to find the right posts. Of course, though, you need to make sure that you’re looking at as much content as possible as you go through this.

June 18, 2020

Father’s Day ala Chef Jessie

Celebrate Father’s Day at home with Chef Jessie’s uniquely delicious offerings. Have an appetizer of Smoked Salmon Caviar Pie with Croutons and follow it up with Caesar Salad in the Classic Way. Soup choices are Creamy Shrimp Bisque, Cream of Fresh Mushroom, Cream of Carrot and Pumpkin and Seafood and Corn Chowder.

Every Dad would love a Grilled Prime Black Angus Beef Tenderloin or Grilled Prime Black Angus Rib Eye with a choice of sauces like Béarnaise, Bordelaise, Bourguignon, Wild Mushroom, Goose Liver and Creamy Pepper. Other meat dishes include US Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Tips Salpicao, US Beef Cheeks and Mushroom Ragout and Iberian Chestnut Pork Barbeque.

June 17, 2020

How To Control Your Business Expenses

Every business owner struggles with expenses. You want to limit and decrease costs while increasing profit. Saying it is easy, but implementing it in real life is quite challenging. When you're starting out, it's easy to keep track where every cent goes, and that's a great thing because you can measure it and improve it. However, as a business scales up, this becomes harder and harder to do.

One shocking fact is that most enterprises spend 30 percent of their budget on things that don't affect their customers in any way. So where does that money go? You're not burning it or wasting it, but it still gets spent. You might want to implement a strategy and save as much money as you can in a single month or quarter. But that would be counterproductive in the long run. 

June 15, 2020

Very Intimate Wedding Dinner at Tahanan Bistro - Antipolo

I love weddings, from the huge and grand to the intimate and simple, I think I’ve seen it all!  Although I enjoy grand weddings due the extravagance of it, there are so many flaws that I always notice with huge weddings. For one, I observe that people always get tired of how long the hours is, which makes them bored and more often than not, people slowly leave after food was served. Then by the end of the event, almost three fourths of the guests are gone.

A small and intimate wedding lets you spend the entirety of your reception soaking in and appreciating the company of everyone. A small and intimate wedding not only makes it a relaxed and fun celebration for you, but also for your guests. A short and sweet guest list offers you quality time with your guests to celebrate your marriage, surrounded by people you love and who love you.

June 14, 2020

Road Trips You Should Take in 2020/2021

It may seem to you that planning a road trip in this situation is completely pointless and you would be right. Right now, we’re all fighting a battle much more serious than any other. We’re trying to stay safe and alive, but unless we have something to look forward to once this pandemic is over, what’s the point of all our efforts to be healthy and alive? So, don’t give in to depression, but start planning something exciting to do. And what is more exciting than a great road-trip? Here are just some ideas for a fabulous experience waiting for you.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia
Let’s start from the land down under. Stretching over 200 km, this road takes you through historic seaside towns, breath-taking beaches and some of the most amazing national parks. Start your journey in the town of Torquay, near Melbourne and set off to explore Bells Beach, the waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park or climb to the top of Cape Otway Lightstation to marvel at the ocean in front of you. Make sure you dedicate enough time to the wild and dramatic Shipwreck Coast and its islets. If possible, avoid doing this road-trip in summer, because there is a lot of traffic and the temperatures are really high.

June 11, 2020

The Best Pigmentation Removal Treatment For Tanned Skin

The skin obtains its color from melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells. Once the cells are damaged, excessive melanin production occurs in certain areas and thereby causing the development of the dark spot to the affected areas. For several years, effective pigmentation treatment has been a challenge for many individuals. Common skin pigmentations include melasma, sunspots, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and age spots. Early treatment is essential to avoid them developing deeper to a point they become difficult to treat.


Effective treatment begins with early intervention. The cause is identified, and an accurate diagnosis gets administered immediately. All dark spots look typically similar; however, trained eyes can differentiate these spots. Different pigmentations need different approaches, settings, and also protocols to treat them effectively. An individual can also develop more than one of such problems; for this reason, appropriate treatment is needed to avoid worsening the situation.

June 9, 2020

The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery - U.P. Town Center

In the past years, we have been witnessed to the rise of the hipster culture brought about by millennials. Hipster is defined as a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. And being a millennial myself, I totally enjoy everything about the said culture, most specially the style, the fashion, and aesthetics. 

Moreover, I also love places where the architecture or interior design embodies a hipster style. I’ve been to many, and most of those places happens to be cafes or coffee shops. Do you still remember when cafes were just places where you stop for food and drinks? They used to have simple decor, functional interior and of course modestly plated food that served its’ purpose.

June 7, 2020

6 Cheap and Easy Ways To Transform Your Space

If you want to transform a new space that you have moved into or change up a room that is starting to get a bit boring, there are many cheap and simple things that you can add or change about a room to transform the space. It is vital to have a happy and healthy home so that you can stay motivated but also relaxed at home, but there is no need to spend lots of money or make any significant changes if you don’t want to. Below are some tips that will help transform your room, but won’t cost you are a lot of money:

Put dry goods in jars
If you have open shelves in your kitchen where you store your dried goods such as rice or pasta, instead of keeping in their plastic packaging, you could buy yourself a collection of glass jars to store them in. This simple change will help your kitchen to look a lot more sophisticated and intentioned.

June 5, 2020

How To Look For Signs Of Pests In Your Home

Pests in your home can be a costly thing, especially if there is an infestation. In addition to the pest removal costs, you may also have to pay for damages they may have caused before handling the infestation. Pests, like mice, can destroy house furniture and belongings as well as contaminate everything they touch with a myriad of diseases. You can call pest control to handle mice removal, but the best way to reduce pest control costs is by prevention. By knowing how to detect signs of a pest infestation in you home, you could be saving yourself millions of dollars in the long run. Here are some things to look out for when searching for signs of pests.

Know Where To Look
Look for places like the kitchen, anywhere that you have appliances and the garage. The kitchen has a lot of pipes that feed into it from all over the house. This can give pests a point of entry, especially since the kitchen is their food source. Look in your laundry room, utility room, basement or attic. 

June 3, 2020

Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best honeymoon destinations as of late. Why? Well, it’s got a great climate, many things to see and do and plenty of opportunities to be romantic with your spouse. No matter what kind of couple you are—adrenaline junkies, foodies or relaxation seekers—you’ll love Singapore and all this city has to offer. If you need some extra persuading, here are some of the best things to do on your Singapore honeymoon:

See the city from above
There’s no better way to truly take in the city than seeing it from above. Singapore Flyer is one of the most famous tourist attractions that allow you to view the city from 165 meters above sea level. This location will provide you with plenty of excitement and photo ops so it’s a must.

June 1, 2020

5 Ways You Can Travel Without Even Leaving Your House

Due to coronavirus, international travels have been put on ice until further notice. Now, while this may have affected some of your travel plans and left you feeling down, you need to look on the bright side. Not being able to travel just yet might be a blessing in disguise. You get the opportunity to make better preparations, learn more about the local area you plan to stay in, and even learn the local language so that you don’t need to pay a travel guide.

Frankly, aren’t you thankful that you’re not dealing with travellers diarrhea right about now? Besides, you don’t always have to leave the country to go someplace new, so here are 5 ways for you to travel without leaving your house. 

May 25, 2020

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 24

After six months, I will finally have a long weekend. I know, I know, everyone is on lock down, and every day feels like a long weekend. And I know, for some, have even lost track of time. You don't know what day it is, heck, what date it is even. But I am working from home (very grateful for that), and to be honest, since the lock down, I feel like, work hours have been longer, and most times I forget to take my scheduled breaks. And believe me it's not only me experiencing this. 

I'm kinda feeling the cabin fever. I have not stepped out of my apartment for almost 3 weeks now. I dont have anywhere to go either. Damn, I envy those who got stranded Siargao or near the beach. I've been watching this family on Youtube and some people I follow on IG who got stranded in Siargao and my envy level is like off the roof. It's so hot and humid lately, that I wouldn't mind if I am on the beach. And lounge on the sand or on a hammock like I did in Siquijor as I watched the sun set (pictured above).

May 24, 2020

Macao Imperial Tea at Food District Signatures On 5th - BGC

I’ve seen Bonifacio Global City rise to a premiere business and residential district. I clearly remember from my college building we can still see Market Market, we would do picnics and watch concerts in its former open grounds. Years later it’s a vibrant city full of tall structures and probably the only private property that houses hundreds of restaurants in a small CBD. 

Being the “it” city at the moment, price points of food offerings here tend to be a little bit pricey. And of course, who wants to eat fast food or bland cafeteria food all the time right? You can’t splurge on food every day either since or you have to stick to a budget for your daily lunch.

May 23, 2020

Beauty and Fashion, Post-Covid 19

There is so much uncertainty of what the world will look like on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. The only clear thing is that life as we know it is bound to be different. This pandemic has already ushered a new normal and seems poised to leave its mark on how we, as consumers live including how we spend our money, and even how we dress or value fashion.

Fashion has become one of the aspects of our lives that is hard hit by the health crisis. Before all the chaos, fashion has always been in the forefront of so many of us. Not only for the sake of looking good or for posting on our social media, but it is a way to define each one of us, specially our sense of individuality. Even for business, we try our best to power dress, to give us a sense of being in tune with our professions. It is also a way of gaining respect from our colleagues and contemporaries.

May 22, 2020

Four Ways To Add Space To Your Home

Adding space to your home is definitely something that can benefit the space and how you feel in your home. You want a place that you can feel comfortable in most importantly, and when it comes to having the freedom to move about, more space can definitely help. Here are four ways to add space to your home.

Install Floating Shelves
Floating shelves are definitely something that can add space to your home but also free up any cluttered areas where you might have things lying around on the floor. Floating shelves are very easy to put up around your home, and they look pretty effortless. It’s important to think about the weight that you’re adding to the shelves and making sure that you do not weigh it down too much. Try and keep a minimal amount of the shelving so that it also doesn’t look too cluttered. These types of shelves can work really well in hallways and in rooms where you might not have much surface area to work with. The bathroom can often be a place where there might not be a lot of surface area to put your lotions and potions on.

May 21, 2020

Zomato Philippines Shaves for A Good Cause

Metro Manila - Last April 7, Zomato Philippines announced the initiative Feeding Philippines, which aims to help provide daily meals to those who need it the most. Zomato partnered with Rise Against Hunger Philippines, an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030.

Since the launch of the campaign, Zomato Philippines has raised 200,000 Pesos by leveraging on its users and restaurant partners, with the help of the foodie community. However, the fight against hunger is still a prominent problem, especially now with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The marginalized communities need help now more than ever.

May 20, 2020

The Complete Guide to Managing Your Summer Pest Problem

Most of us wait eagerly for summer to appear. It’s a chance to get outside, have barbeques, get family and friends around, and even hit the beach. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when many pests become more active, just like you they prefer the warmer weather. They have their own agenda, which revolves around surviving and reproducing. Of course, this often has an adverse effect on your enjoyment of the summer and your yard. Fortunately, you can manage the summer pest problem, you just need to know-how.

Find The Right Expert
The first step is to find out more info from your local pest control experts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with spiders, rodents, mosquitoes, or ticks, many pests carry dangerous diseases and those that don’t can destroy your home or garden surprisingly quickly.

May 18, 2020

Cook-It-Yourself Packs of premium coffee grounds and hotcake mix now available in McDonald’s!

Manila, Philippines — In case you missed it, McDonald’s has made it easier to prepare meals and snacks at home with Cook-It-Yourself Packs of Premium Coffee Grounds, Hotcake Mix, Hot Fudge Topping, and so much more! 

Get it now at select McDonald’s stores through Take-Out and Drive-Thru as it’s available for a limited time only! See the full list of Cook-It-Yourself packs below:

May 14, 2020

Soru Izakaya - Tomas Morato, QC

One of the cuisines that I miss  eating so much while on community quarantine is Japanese cuisine. Unfortunately, the markets and groceries that are near our house don’t offer Japanese ingredients, so there’s no way for me and my family to cook any Japanese dishes. Just before this lockdown, I think I was eating Japanese dishes once or twice a week. I was even invited to an FMU at Soru Izakaya in Tomas Morato. I have visited Soru Izakaya in Burgos Circle in BGC a couple of times in the past, but this was the first time I visited one of their branches in QC. 

An izakaya is a type of gastropub in Japan that serves a variety of small, inexpensive dishes and snacks to accompany alcoholic beverages. The setting is mostly casual and is perfect for after work drinks with officemates. Soru Izakaya was influenced by the Robatayaki style of izakaya wherein customers sit around an open hearth and drink at a relaxed pace while a Teppan Chef cooks their food.

May 11, 2020

In-Depth Tutorial To Perfect Black Smokey Eye

A lot of women stay away from dark, heavy & dramatic makeup looks since they are not too sure how to execute them. Are you one of them? If so, you're in luck since today we will teach you how to do a dramatic black smokey eye! This article is beginner-friendly, and with our steps, you will be left with the most stunning & long-lasting makeup, perfect for any glamorous event! Keep on reading and dare to create!

How To Do A Black Smokey Eye In 7 Steps
1. Do The Eyes First
It is important to do the eye look first since there will be a lot of fallout. Avoid your face makeup and simply wipe off the fallout & residue with a wet wipe once you are all done! Make sure you prime your eyelids and use a high-quality eyeshadow base or a concealer. The base will help with the longevity of your eyeshadow, and will make it pop even some more! Dab the product in with a flat brush before you proceed further. Make sure that it is a bit sticky before you apply shadows.

May 10, 2020

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 23

First of all, I want to ask, how are you? I know times are rough nowadays due to the current situation of the world. If you’re feeling some type of cabin fever or any form of mental problems, please do reach out to someone or to organization that provides help. I know it ain’t easy, we may not have the same level of suffering or problem, but we’re all in this together. And please don’t lose hope, cliché as it may sound,  there’s always a rainbow after the rain. 

If you’re going to ask me, I’m getting by. I can’t say I’m fine and I can’t say I’m not doing great either. But hey, I am grateful no matter what. I stopped writing this TSC series, I believe a few years now, around 3 years now to be exact. I still want to have a lot of backlog posts to write, especially the travels I did in the last few years, however, I will try to resurrect this series. This is my form of getting personal to my readers, if I still have some who visits this blog on a regular basis. Furthermore, maybe as form of a digital journal as well. 

May 7, 2020

Enjoy K-BBQ at Home with Hodai's Samgyup Delivery Service!

I’ve been working from home and sheltering in place for more than seven weeks now. I am grateful that I am able to work from home and provide for my family whose livelihoods have come to halt brought about by the national lockdown. And honestly, I don’t have many complaints about the current situation, unless it’s about the injustices towards health care workers and the lack of proper help distribution and corruption of the government (mostly LGUs) . But there’s a lot of things that I miss doing while working under quarantine.

For quite a bit, I miss seeing friends on a face-to-face basis, attending blog related events and eating out. Especially eating my favorite dishes that I or any of my family members can’t cook at home. I have seen so many posts on my social media asking what people want to do or want to eat once the community quarantines in place have been lifted. And a lot of them answered that they want to eat Korean BBQ or samgyup with their friends and/or family.

May 5, 2020

The Importance of a Garden for Your Mental Health

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed? In light of recent times and the global pandemic that is currently having a dramatic impact on everyone's lives, you might even be feeling all of this at once – and more frequently than ever before. If you are in search of a reprieve, consider venturing out into your garden. Here are the reasons why a beautiful, tranquil outdoor escape can work wonders when it comes to bolstering your mental health.

It encourages you to get some sun
Did you know that you can stimulate the release of serotonin by simply spending a few minutes in the sunshine each day? It's true! Serotonin is essentially a powerful chemical in the brain which is responsible for stabilising your mood. In other words, sunshine is a natural antidepressant.

May 3, 2020

Seoul Train Korean BBQ - Tomas Morato

Barbecue is practiced in many areas of the world and there are numerous regional variations. It encompasses multiple types of cooking techniques. The original technique is cooking using smoke at low temperatures. While grilling is done over direct, dry heat, Grilling may be done over wood, charcoal, gas, or electricity. It can refer to the dish itself or the way of cooking meat. In the Philippines we are so accustomed to our usual inihaw na liempo or the chicken inasal. But one type of barbecue that has been capturing the hearts of Filipinos, Korean BBQ!

Not only that the K-Pops and K-Dramas are occupying the heart of Pinoys but also Korean BBQ! You can find all sorts of types of this food fad in almost any dining destination in and around the Philippines. Well, who can say no this mouthwatering food? From the meats to side dishes, everything is so palatable and very appealing to the Filipino palate.

April 30, 2020

McDonald's Shares 5 must-try recipes for your Chicken Fillet!

Starting April 27, McDonald’s Philippines started offering its Breaded Chicken Fillet in Cook-It-Yourself packs. Customers can easily get packs of 15 pcs for only P315 through participating McDonald’s Drive-Thru, and Take Out while bigger packs of 60pcs are available in select SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore branches.

Loved by customers as the main ingredient in McDonald’s McCrispy Chicken Fillet with Rice and McCrispy Chicken Sandwich, the Breaded Chicken Fillet Cook-It-Yourself packs are not just convenient to order, but also easy to cook! Just by deep frying the fillet portions for 6-7 minutes, you can enjoy a tasty and slightly spicy Chicken Fillet with a crispy outer crunch. While you can have it simply with a hot bed of rice or sandwiched in between steaming burger buns, there are also many other ways to enjoy this delicious fillet!

April 26, 2020

Spice it up with McDonald’s new Spicy Chicken Burger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries!

Time to spice up your meal as McDonald’s Philippines launches the new Spicy Chicken Burger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries! Satisfy your spicy cravings by ordering now via No-Touch McDelivery, Drive-Thru, or Take Out!

Available for a limited time and in select stores only, the Spicy Chicken Burger is just what you need to excite your taste buds during this time. Imagine a thick, juicy, and wonderfully spiced fried-chicken cutlet, topped with creamy mayo, sandwiched between a toasted sesame seed bun! To add more thrill to the Spicy Chicken Burger, you can upgrade your meal and pair it with the new hot & Spicy Shake Shake Fries to get that full, mouth watering experience.

April 24, 2020

McDonald's Breaded Chicken Fillets are now available in frozen Cook-It-Yourself packs!

In case you missed it last week, McDonald’s announced the availability of select frozen food packs that allowed their customers to prepare and enjoy their McDonald’s favorites at the comfort of their home.

“We are making McDonald’s Cook-It-Yourself Packs available for sale to help consumers have access to food they can cook and enjoy at home. By making these frozen products available through our McDonald’s Drive-Thru or for Take Out, we make it safe and convenient for our consumers as well,” said Margot B. Torres, Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines.

April 22, 2020

Infinite possibilities with Legande Inc.

Recent events have sent the world reeling and businesses are at a standstill. In Legande, they value the well-being of their employees and customers but they also know that their products are essential in day to day living. This is why they have come up with a new way of doing things; one that is adaptable to current events but still allows them to cater to the demands and needs of the business.

Legande has an entrepreneurship program catered to help you succeed from the comfort of your home. It is a step by step program that maximizes your strength and preferences. The Legande Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program aka LEAP is one of the most rewarding and it has easy to follow steps that combine sustainable but unlimited income opportunities. It can also pay according to your preference, whether it be bi-monthly, monthly, or annually.

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