September 20, 2020

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

So, if you remember, I did a bedroom make over a few weeks ago; but that wasn’t fully completed yet and I’ve only done one part of my room (check this post for the bedroom make over: Beach-Themed Tiny Bedroom Quarantine Makeover). I don’t have the luxury to do it in one go for time and budget constraints. As much as possible I didn’t want to spend so much with the “renovation”, so I did a couple of DIYs for this makeover project, one is the DIY Hand-Painted Quote Canvas Art. I also mentioned in my room makeover blog post that I’m thinking of having a macramé wall hanging décor to put on the other wall so it wont look so plain. 

I looked up some macramé on online shops but didn’t find something that I super like and the size that I want will cost me a lot. So instead, I decided to create my own macramé wall hanging décor. Back in high school, I learned to do macramé for a homeroom class project. I can remember what year I was at that time, but I clearly reckon we created macramé hanging plant pot holder. 

Macramé is slowly making a comeback as a choice for home décor. It fits bohemian, tropical-Scandinavian, rustic and, coastal interior designs so well. Also, since many people have been stuck at their houses for days and days, I’m not surprised that creating macramé items is one of things people find therapeutic and satisfying to create during this quarantine. 

I find that a macramé wall hanging décor will fit my beach themed bedroom makeover as I want to go for a bohemian-beach vibe. Since it has been years that I did a macramé project, I watched a lot of YouTube videos and tutorials to refresh myself and relearning the knots. It was easy for me to get familiar again, because, also back in highschool, I learned different useful knots during a camping event for Girl Scouts that my highschool organized at Mt. Makiling in Laguna. I vividly remember that a square knot was one of those knots, and square knot is one of the basic knots being used for macramé projects. 

I scoured the internet for the design that I want to create. I found so many but I wanted to create a huge one; so I chose the one from the DIY Large Boho Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial  by Emily Faith. It doesn’t look super complicated, it’s the size that I wanted and design that appealed to me the most. I bought the materials I need from online sellers (I’ll link them down below) and they’re the cheapest that I can find. 

Once all the materials that I needed were complete, I started creating my macramé project. I decided to cut all the ropes that I need first, thus, I will be able to do it continuously and not stop just to cut. The original size of the macramé from Emily Faith is 35 inches x 30 inches. Since I wanted to make mine 38 inches wide, I added a few inches to the ropes than the original lengths provided in the tutorial. 

Since it was my first time to create a wall hanging décor, there were parts that I had to re-do once in a while, but by the time I got the hang of it I was knotting like a mad woman hahaha! I couldn’t finish it in one sitting; I had to stop in between. Thus, I finished the main part over one weekend. I also modified some parts of the project like the sailor knot on the top layer and 2 Josephine’s knots at the third layer. 

And because I’m extra AF, I decided to add something to my macramé wall hanging décor to make it unique and somewhat tie it to the colors scheme of the room. I added strings on one side with macramé feathers and abaca fans at the end of each string. I created the macramé feathers plain at first, they were already so pretty as is, but I decided to dye them to emulate the colors of sunset. 

During my first try, I created the macramé feathers first and then dyed them. I wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to do another approach by dyeing the ropes first before turning them into macramé feathers and they look better and so dreamy. I’ve made one too many of the macramé feathers that I resolved to creating separate projects for those. I’ll likely give them out as Christmas presents to my close friends or do a giveaway for my followers. We’ll see…

But before hanging it to the wall, I removed the wall decals first and painted the wall white to make the project pop out. I am in love with how my DIY macramé wall hanging décor project turned out! It’s very rare for me to commend myself and people close to me know that very well. But for this project, I’m not ashamed to pat myself on the back and say, “well done!” Looking forward to more macramé projects to make in my free time!

Here's the video of my macramé project process created for me by my youngest brother:

Materials used:
>> 4mm cotton ropes and abaca fans from Macrame Manila Craft Store
>> 40in driftwood stick from Facebook Marketplace
>> Venus regular dye 

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  1. Goodmorning Ms. Jen and Have a Day Good 😁 This is soooo amazing ! Grabe , habang tumatagal mas lalo kong nagugustuhan ko yung mga ganito and grabe ang galing niyo naman po , actually sa napapansin ko po medyo mahilig po kayo sa mva ganito , why not gumawa po kayo ng business dng ganito , I'm sure maraming bibili dahil sa uniqueness ng product , bihira lang ako makakita ng ganito 😍💗 Thank youfor sharing this po 💗

  2. I love this 😃 intricate ang details ng design. I admire your craftsmanship. Galing 😍

  3. Love to try this. 😍 Nakakarelax tignan ung bahay kpg may ganito ewan ko po pero i love this kind of decor sa bhay ko soon


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