April 30, 2020

McDonald's Shares 5 must-try recipes for your Chicken Fillet!

Starting April 27, McDonald’s Philippines started offering its Breaded Chicken Fillet in Cook-It-Yourself packs. Customers can easily get packs of 15 pcs for only P315 through participating McDonald’s Drive-Thru, and Take Out while bigger packs of 60pcs are available in select SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore branches.

Loved by customers as the main ingredient in McDonald’s McCrispy Chicken Fillet with Rice and McCrispy Chicken Sandwich, the Breaded Chicken Fillet Cook-It-Yourself packs are not just convenient to order, but also easy to cook! Just by deep frying the fillet portions for 6-7 minutes, you can enjoy a tasty and slightly spicy Chicken Fillet with a crispy outer crunch. While you can have it simply with a hot bed of rice or sandwiched in between steaming burger buns, there are also many other ways to enjoy this delicious fillet!

April 26, 2020

Spice it up with McDonald’s new Spicy Chicken Burger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries!

Time to spice up your meal as McDonald’s Philippines launches the new Spicy Chicken Burger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries! Satisfy your spicy cravings by ordering now via No-Touch McDelivery, Drive-Thru, or Take Out!

Available for a limited time and in select stores only, the Spicy Chicken Burger is just what you need to excite your taste buds during this time. Imagine a thick, juicy, and wonderfully spiced fried-chicken cutlet, topped with creamy mayo, sandwiched between a toasted sesame seed bun! To add more thrill to the Spicy Chicken Burger, you can upgrade your meal and pair it with the new hot & Spicy Shake Shake Fries to get that full, mouth watering experience.

April 24, 2020

McDonald's Breaded Chicken Fillets are now available in frozen Cook-It-Yourself packs!

In case you missed it last week, McDonald’s announced the availability of select frozen food packs that allowed their customers to prepare and enjoy their McDonald’s favorites at the comfort of their home.

“We are making McDonald’s Cook-It-Yourself Packs available for sale to help consumers have access to food they can cook and enjoy at home. By making these frozen products available through our McDonald’s Drive-Thru or for Take Out, we make it safe and convenient for our consumers as well,” said Margot B. Torres, Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines.

April 22, 2020

Infinite possibilities with Legande Inc.

Recent events have sent the world reeling and businesses are at a standstill. In Legande, they value the well-being of their employees and customers but they also know that their products are essential in day to day living. This is why they have come up with a new way of doing things; one that is adaptable to current events but still allows them to cater to the demands and needs of the business.

Legande has an entrepreneurship program catered to help you succeed from the comfort of your home. It is a step by step program that maximizes your strength and preferences. The Legande Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program aka LEAP is one of the most rewarding and it has easy to follow steps that combine sustainable but unlimited income opportunities. It can also pay according to your preference, whether it be bi-monthly, monthly, or annually.

April 19, 2020

Dimsum Run at The Great Buddha Café - Binondo Chinatown

When I started blogging and got invited for foodie events, I enjoy going on food crawls. I can’t remember though, the crawl where I went to more than 5 restaurants. But then I enjoy joining them, but in the long run, it got a little tedious. So nowadays, I only join if it’s less than 5 places or when I’m doing it with friends.

One of the food crawls that I love to do is when my friends plan to go to Chinatown in Binondo. This is the only food crawl that I don’t get tired of and event though I’m full to the brim and any movement might cause me to regurgitate everything that I’ve eaten, I will force myself to put more food into my mouth.

April 17, 2020

Living Alone: Safety Essentials For Apartment Dwellers

Nothing beats the feeling of being on your own, doesn’t it? Getting an apartment on rent is the best way to get started with the solo-living experience. There is no need to align schedules with flatmates and you don’t have to struggle for your space. Everything seems to be in place except for one thing; you may feel apprehensive about your safety at one time or the other. And that awesome feeling of being alone will not really be that good if you fear every little sound inside and outside your living space. Still, taking a few measures can make you feel safe even while you are alone. Here are some safety essentials for apartment dwellers living alone.


Choose a safe neighborhood 
The first thing that you should do is to rent wisely. Start by looking for an apartment located in a safe neighborhood where you can live fearlessly. You can probably find the crime rate in the area by doing some research on the internet or asking around. You can even go through the local newspaper to check things out. Accessibility is also a thing to consider because you would want to commute to work and back without safety issues. Take a walk in the neighborhood in the evening to get a fair idea. Note whether the street lighting is sufficient and there are people around.

April 15, 2020

Alishan at The Alley - BGC

In this stressful time, especially because of the threat of the Covid virus and being on quarantine, people all over the world seek some comfort in food. Some dishes we can make at home and some are unavailable at this time. For me, one of my comfort food, or shall I say drink, is milk tea. 

I am pretty much aware that not everyone has food on their table now because of the widespread lockdown. And I don’t want to sound insensitive and posting about food and leisure drinks. But to be honest, I’m slowly feeling some cabin fever. And blogging has always been my escape when I’m feeling stressed and so is food. Thus, I’m going to blog and I wish I can say I’m sorry if somebody finds that, me blogging is offensive to them, I need to keep my sanity too and this is just one action that can fulfill that. 

April 13, 2020

Want a More Confident Smile?

Confidence can be measured in two ways when it comes to a smile. Both the confidence to use teeth how they should be, biting, chewing, speaking and laughing, as well as confidence in a smile. Dental implants Melbourne are able to address both of these factors when it comes to improving an individual’s confidence in their smile.

This treatment ensures functionality of teeth by creating strong, long lasting and durable sites, to which realistic looking and feeling crowns or bridges are connected. ; This method, compared to dentures, also enables the jaw bone to remain strong and not be resorbed by the body. This is a natural process when the jaw bone is no longer appropriately stimulated.

April 11, 2020

Ramen Daikoku at Ayala Malls, Market Market

Some believe that ramen is the simplest yet the most perfect food. For someone who is a sucker for Japanese food, I’m honest to say that it is the least dish that I like when talking about this cuisine. It’s not the first thing that I look for or crave for when I want to eat Japanese food. But I’m ok with it.

Because I am not a ramen connoisseur or a ramen lover, I find all ramens tastes ok. Maybe because I’m not into soupy dishes, except for Sinigang, which is a different story altogether. But if someone invites me to a ramen place, I would definitely go. After watching the Van Gogh exhibition a few months ago and one of my foodie friends invited us for dinner at Ramen Daikoku in Market Market, I mean, who am I to refuse?

April 9, 2020

Grab launches on-demand grocery service to help deliver essential needs of Filipinos

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app, continues to offer ways to serve the everyday essential needs of Filipinos through the launch of GrabMart. With the limitations and restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation, Grab has provided a solution that will make acquiring of basic necessities easier despite the enhanced community quarantine.

Through GrabMart, users can purchase grocery items, personal care products, and soon, even medicines, from specialty stores and well-known retail partners such as Robinsons Supermarket, Great Deals Ecommerce Corporation, FamilyMart, Starbucks at Home,  ASSI Fresh Plaza, Fetch! Naturals, Dog City, and Barcino to start. GrabMart is one of the few app-based grocery services that offers on-demand delivery, which means orders are expected to be delivered as early as 30 minutes or within a few hours.

April 7, 2020

Matsuya - Low Key, Legit Japanese Restaurant in BGC

Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could. I couldn’t say more how much I agree with that statement. The past two teams I’ve been a part of at work have the same thing in common, the love of good food. It’s something that made me feel closer to them that gave some form f escape form our daily stress at work.

With my current team at work, we love eating out and bringing packed lunches that we share with each other. In a month we go for a lunch out at least 3 times and we’ve tried a couple of restaurants in BGC and one of them is Matsuya Japanese Restaurant.

April 5, 2020

Accessorizing Your Little Red Dress

A little dress, no matter the color, is always a safe choice. But, if you choose a red dress, expect a lot of attention, especially if you accessorize well. Wearing such a bold garment is not easy, but a few additions will ensure you stand out for all the right reasons. Here’s how to accessorize your little red dress in a classy, modern and subtle way that will still keep all the attention on your dazzling dress.

Go monochromatic
Probably the easiest way to accessorize your red dress is to opt for a monochromatic look. However, too many bright red additions can look a bit overwhelming. Instead of going overboard with the shade of your dress, opt for other shades of red to create a pleasant contrast that will still allow you to stay true to your monochromatic look. With red, you have a lot of options to work with: start with the lighter end of the spectrum and go towards dark shades like wine and burgundy. For example, a light wrap a shade lighter than your dress will look super elegant.

April 3, 2020

McNuggets and Chicken McDo are now available to cook at the comfort of your homes with McDonald’s Cook-It-Yourself Packs!

McDonald’s Philippines makes it safer and more convenient for you to satisfy your McDonald's cravings by offering frozen cook-it-yourself packs. The following offers will be conveniently available in select McDonald’s stores via Drive-Thru and Take Out starting today:

Chicken Nuggets – 1.1kg/pack: P454
Original Marinated Chicken Cuts - 10 pcs/pack: P219
Spicy Marinated Chicken Cuts - 10 pcs/pack: P219

This offer is good only until supplies last. Visit bit.ly/ListOfMcDoStores for the full list of McDonald’s stores offering frozen cook-it-yourself packs and stock up on your McDonald’s favorites while you can! Follow McDonald’s Philippines Facebook page for more updates.

April 1, 2020

Take Your Special Events Look to the Next Level with Hair Extensions!

A lot of girls love events because these moments in our lives gives us the opportunity to showcase our style, dress up and feel beautiful. Whether it may be a social gala, a wedding or a coming of age birthday celebration, it calls for girls and women to dress up and show up fully dolled-up.

Most of us are not celebrities who have their own styling and make up team, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot look like million bucks just like the celebrities that we adore. The internet is full of ideas that we can copy or get inspiration from. So, building up a look for any event that we will attending is just easy-peasy.

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