April 1, 2020

Take Your Special Events Look to the Next Level with Hair Extensions!

A lot of girls love events because these moments in our lives gives us the opportunity to showcase our style, dress up and feel beautiful. Whether it may be a social gala, a wedding or a coming of age birthday celebration, it calls for girls and women to dress up and show up fully dolled-up.

Most of us are not celebrities who have their own styling and make up team, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot look like million bucks just like the celebrities that we adore. The internet is full of ideas that we can copy or get inspiration from. So, building up a look for any event that we will attending is just easy-peasy.

You can employ the use of Pinterest and online beauty and style magazines to look for our make up and outfit inspirations. As well as, with hair do’s that will complete the look that we are aiming. Sometimes, though, we want to copy a hair do but when we try doing it or ask somebody to do it for us, it just doesn’t come out like the photo.

This is because some hairdos employ additional tools to make it look grander than usual. You’ve seen full hair curls or elaborate braids, and wonder how they achieved that, well, ladies, some hair stylist use hair extensions to accomplish certain hair styles. But before you use hair extensions to enhance your over-all special event look, make sure to consider some things.

If you’re going to buy hair extensions, get hold of the real deal. Stay away from synthetic hair extensions, although they are cheaper and could last longer, they are easily noticeable to look unreal. You may want to get VIRGIN REMY HAIR extensions. These type of hair extensions are un-treated hair, meaning no dying nor any other chemical treatment have been done to them.

Virgin remy hair extensions is also taken as a high quality of human hair that means the hair's cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction which can lasts up to a year and blends very well with your own hair. They don’t tangle and less matting happens too. Thus, giving you the ability to re-use them over and over again. In turn, giving you so much return for your investment.

If you finally decided to use QUEEN VIRGIN REMY extensions for the next event that you will be attending, it is advisable to get your hair extensions fitted at least two weeks before the event day. Constantly have a trial run as this will allow you to get used to and be comfortable with the new voluminous hair for a while. This will also allow you the time to work with your hair stylist in finding a style that is what you desire and is comfortable to wear all night.

One of the reliable hair extensions store that you can browse for quality hair extensions is QVR HAIR or https://www.queenvirginremy.com/. QVR Hair has a wide array of hair extensions that will suit your needs and help you take that special events look to the next level!

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