April 11, 2020

Ramen Daikoku at Ayala Malls, Market Market

Some believe that ramen is the simplest yet the most perfect food. For someone who is a sucker for Japanese food, I’m honest to say that it is the least dish that I like when talking about this cuisine. It’s not the first thing that I look for or crave for when I want to eat Japanese food. But I’m ok with it.

Because I am not a ramen connoisseur or a ramen lover, I find all ramens tastes ok. Maybe because I’m not into soupy dishes, except for Sinigang, which is a different story altogether. But if someone invites me to a ramen place, I would definitely go. After watching the Van Gogh exhibition a few months ago and one of my foodie friends invited us for dinner at Ramen Daikoku in Market Market, I mean, who am I to refuse?

Ramen Daikoku is another brand from the same company that introduced the Filipino palate to Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen from Japan. But unlike its well-known sister Ramen Daikoku offers an affordable and casual dining experience, without losing the quality of their offerings.

According to Japanese mythology Daikoku, , is one of the Seven Gods of Luck. He is the god of wealth and guardian of farmers. He is depicted in legend and art as dark-skinned, stout, carrying a wish-granting mallet in his right hand, a bag of precious things slung over his back, and sitting on two rice bags. Rats are sometimes shown nibbling at the rice, further emphasizing the theme of prosperity.

My friends and I feasted on the following menu items from Ramen Daikoku:

Gyoza – is a Japanese half-moon-shaped dumpling with a wonderfully flavorsome pork and vegetable filling. Gyozas are one of my fave Japanese dishes. They, to me, are like pillows of heavenly goodness. Ramen Daikoku’s gyozas are by far the largest sized gyozas I’ve ever eaten in my life. One serving is so filling. 

Ebi Tempura – succulent shrimps coated in a thin batter and fried until lightly crisp. No perfect Japanese restaurant trip is without a serving of shrimp tempura. I wish the shrimps were larger, but I liked how they tasted and that they weren’t greasy.

Kuro Daikoku Ramen – black soup ramen with medium ramen noodles, ajitsuke tamago, chopped scallions and chasu (Japanese braised pork belly). The soup is actually tonkotsu broth infused with black pepper and spicy browned garlic.

Tonkotsu Daikoku Ramen – pork bones soup ramen with medium ramen noodles, ajitsuke tamago, chopped scallions and chasu (Japanese braised pork belly). The broth is milky white and oily, thanks to pork marrow bones and fat cooked for hours.

Chicken Karaage – is a Japanese Fried Chicken, where the chicken is lightly coated with potato flour and deep-fried. Before going to Ramen Daikoku, my friend who treated us to this restaurant was telling us that it’s one of the best karaage that she has tried. Well, Ramen Daikoku’s karaage lived up to the hype. Not only that it was juicy and tasty, the pieces are large unlike in other Japanese restaurants. So if you’ll ask me it was worth the money.

Chasu Yakimeshi – Japanese fried rice topped with Japanese braised pork belly. We ordered this to pair with the Chicken Karaage and Double Cooked Pork. I love their chasu as it melts-in-your-mouth with a nice charred smoky flavor to it.

Double Cook Pork – Japanese stir-fried pork with cabbage, carrots and bell peppers. We ordered this just for appetizer and to fill in for our bill. There’s nothing special about it, but there’s something about wok-fried food that really entices me, perhaps the smoky flavor. 

Ramen Daikoku’s store gives off a fast casual and non-intimating ambiance. Price points are a little higher than the popular Japanese fast foods in the market. The compensation is that the quality is not  compromised, and you still get some authentic flavors and that the food is not too Filipinized. Would I eat at Ramen Daikoku again? It is very likely. Will I recommend it to friends? Definitely!

Gf, C5 Wing, Market! Market!
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Email: ramendaikoku@gmail.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:  
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