April 17, 2020

Living Alone: Safety Essentials For Apartment Dwellers

Nothing beats the feeling of being on your own, doesn’t it? Getting an apartment on rent is the best way to get started with the solo-living experience. There is no need to align schedules with flatmates and you don’t have to struggle for your space. Everything seems to be in place except for one thing; you may feel apprehensive about your safety at one time or the other. And that awesome feeling of being alone will not really be that good if you fear every little sound inside and outside your living space. Still, taking a few measures can make you feel safe even while you are alone. Here are some safety essentials for apartment dwellers living alone.


Choose a safe neighborhood 
The first thing that you should do is to rent wisely. Start by looking for an apartment located in a safe neighborhood where you can live fearlessly. You can probably find the crime rate in the area by doing some research on the internet or asking around. You can even go through the local newspaper to check things out. Accessibility is also a thing to consider because you would want to commute to work and back without safety issues. Take a walk in the neighborhood in the evening to get a fair idea. Note whether the street lighting is sufficient and there are people around.

Give the apartment a safety check
After an assessment of the neighborhood, giving the potential living space a complete safety check is also a good idea. Before you sign the lease, do ensure some facts. For example, the door should be solid wood or metal, entry points such as windows should be secure and your walkways should be well lit. If anything looks shaky and old, ask the landlord to get it repaired or replaced. Have a look around at the other apartments for rent in syracuse ny. Check their occupancy and learn about the potential neighbors as well. Move-in only if you feel confident enough about being safe and comfortable.


Look for a controlled access community
If you are really serious about safety, opting for an apartment in a controlled-access community is a great thing to do. You can rest assured that you will not have any unwanted and unauthorized visitors on the premises. Consider communities like Sheridan Apartments where you can get this feature as a basic amenity for the renters. Apart from that, you can also seek on-site maintenance as a part of the amenities because you will not have to call unknown people to look after your requirements.

Stay in touch with neighbors 
Another good way for lone apartment dwellers to stay secure is to be in touch with your neighbors. Take the initiative to visit people on the same floor at least. A casual chit chat is enough to build a rapport. Exchange phone numbers so that you may call them in case of an emergency because they can reach you the quickest if you need help. If you have people you know around, you will be more comfortable and confident. So go the extra mile to be friendly!

Have an emergency exit strategy
When you live alone, thieves and intruders are not the only security concern you face. Something like a fire or gas leak can be equally scary. It is easy to lose your presence of mind when you are alone and in a dangerous situation. Whatever circumstances you may come across, you should always have an emergency exit strategy in mind. Know where you can escape from, whose house you can go to, and call the police to help. Having this plan will give you peace of mind that you are ready for absolutely any situation.


Change your locks and keys 
If you are moving to an apartment, seek the landlord’s permission to change the locks beforehand. This way, you can be sure that the previous tenant does not have access to your place. You never know whether they returned the keys or if someone else has copies of the keys. You may also opt for changing locks every year as a precautionary measure. This can be a small investment but is definitely worthwhile, considering the fact that it can prevent sleepless nights and security concerns.

Keep the door locked all the time
Make it a habit to keep the main door locked all the time, whether you are inside or going out. Be extra cautious while traveling; you may even consider leaving the lights on. Investing in smart lighting and smart alarm systems is a good idea even if you are living in a rental space. With smart lights, you can have the place lit up every evening even when you are out working late, partying or traveling. And the door alarm gives you an amazing sense of security. The best part is that you can uninstall them and carry them along when you vacate and move to another place.


Avoid showing off the place online 
When you live alone, you should be a little judicious about what you share online. The more information you provide, the greater is the risk of attracting intruders to your apartment. You may be doing it with the intention of showing off your haven to your friends but there is always a chance that it will fall in the wrong hands. And even if you do share the pictures, be judicious about the ones you share, avoiding entrances and the ones that show the valuable stuff. Don’t disclose that you live alone.

Being a little careful with your safety can make all the difference if you live alone in an apartment. Apart from taking these precautionary measures, always be in touch with family and friends. Let them know when you are going out and when you will be back so that they can check on you frequently. Be vigilant about strangers and unusual incidents in your area and don’t hesitate to report them to the police. Most importantly, never take personal security lightly because it is all about your life.

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