July 31, 2019

My Thai Kitchen - BGC

Another cuisine that I truly enjoy eating is Thai food. Thai food is known to be mostly strong and spicy, but more than that, it also serves you with an accord of flavors. Most Thai dishes have complex flavors and each hits all four corners of your taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. I think it’s one of the most distinct and refined among the Asian cuisines. This can probably stem from the fact that Thailand it is the only country in South East Asia which was not colonized by Europeans.

Sure, it has influences by neighboring countries due to trading during ancient times. But Thai food is unique and innate. Unlike Filipino cuisine that can be defined as a fusion of all sorts because of so many influences from all around Asia and the Western world. It is only in recent years that Thai cuisine has evolved but unquestionably it still stays true to its roots.

July 30, 2019

Canada's #1 Favorite Coffee: Tim Horton's - BGC

Almost a third of the world’s population drinks coffee making it the one of the most popular drinks in the world.   Coffee originated in the east African highlands in the 6th century. It was then brought to Arabia where people used it as food and medicine. During the 11th century the first coffee drinks came up. In the 16th and 17th centuries coffee became widely popular in Europe when the Turks brought it to Central Europe. In the 17th and 18th century coffee reached the North and South Americas during the time of European expeditions and conquests.

Coffee houses soon became popular all over the world. In the 1900s chains of coffee shops developed in Europe and America. One of the well-known coffee shop these days, is Tim Hortons which was founded in 1964, by Canada’s hockey legend Tim Horton and ever since then they have been serving Canadians fresh coffee and baked goods for over 50 years. 10 years later, Tim Horton passes away and Ron Joyce establishes the Tim Horton Children's Foundation (THCF) to honor Tim's love of children and desire to help the less fortunate.

July 28, 2019

Xing Fu Tang Milk Teas and its Famous Brown Sugar Pearls

When I heard that Xing Fu Tang (XFT) will be opening in the Philippines, it rang a bell. I was like, “where did I hear that brand before?” And then I suddenly remembered that I saw it when I visited Jiufen, Taiwan last year. I drunk a lot of milk teas when I was in Taiwan; unfortunately, I didn't get to try Xin Fu Tang in Jiufen as the queue was pretty long. Also, we had a strict schedule to follow as we availed of a Klook Jiufen-Shifen tour. And as much as I wanted to line up, I was more on maximizing my time checking out more stores as much as I could.

Oh wait, I think I did try Xing Fu Tang, in Shilin Night Market... wait, I'm not so sure, actually. I recon just before going back to our hotel, it rained hard and we took cover inside a milk tea place that serves stir fried brown sugar boba/pearls and the store had a Chinese fortune chest too. It looks exactly like the how XFT stores are set up. You can even watch while the pearls are being cooked. My old hard drive crashed a few months ago and I still haven’t got the time to sort that one out and all my Taiwan photos are still there. I may have to take a look and confirm if it’s XFT that I was referring to from what I mentioned earlier.

July 27, 2019

Can Anxious Patients Still Receive Dental Care?

It is important for those who are afraid of the dentist to know that there are numerous ways in which the procedures can go by smoothly and effortlessly. According to a dentist in Melbourne, it is not uncommon for people to exhibit some fear, especially when there is an impending procedure and not just a regular checkup.

By gathering as much information as possible about what the treatment is going to entail, many patients can find comfort in knowing that their dentist is a highly trained professional who has done the procedure many times before.

July 26, 2019

J.CO Donuts’ Sweet Rush Promo: Half Dozen Donuts for Only PHP 150 on July 30 and 31, 2019!

Is it any wonder that we can’t help but falling in love with donuts? You know that most sweet things are usually not good for us. But these, these sugary, frosting-covered, glazed, calorie and carbo-laden type of bread. Gosh I just simply love them! I have always wished I can devour them as much as I want to without worrying about high blood sugar. 

Let's be honest, donuts are comfort food. Sometimes they are what we just need in our lives. Like seriously, it's a pick-me-upper, likely due to sugar rush but also the warm feeling that they give, especially when paired with a good cup of warm coffee. Donuts are the true MVP in so many reasons!

July 25, 2019

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant's EVERYTHING BOTTOMLESS Now On Its Second Year!

It’s my third time to attend an event here at Encima and I’ve always felt like I share with the milestones that this restaurant has undertaken since its opening. I was there when it was first launch after its rebranding. I was there during the first anniversary, I was there with my friends during staycation and now, it’s their second anniversary and even though I have work that night, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Filipinos love everything unlimited when it comes to food. This July, bring your insatiable appetite to Encima Roofdeck Restaurant as they celebrate their second year anniversary through Everything Bottomless, a one-month celebration of unlimited Tex-Mex favorites and free-flowing margaritas and sangria from 4pm to 10pm daily this July 29 to August 29, 2019.

July 24, 2019

Chinese Food Favorites at Sincerity Restaurant and Cafe - Lucky Chinatown Binondo

I don't make it too obvious, but, I love Chinese food. I don't always say it probably because Chinese food is integrated with Filipino cuisine and it's quite common. But whenever I get the chance to eat Chinese food, I go for it. I love that cuisine because it's so upfront, it doesn't use fancy titles to make it sound appetizing. When it says, "stir fried beef", that's what you get. But what I like about Chinese dishes is most of them have a smoky taste because of their way of cooking: using strong flames and wok.

A few weeks back I was in Lucky Chinatown with some foodie friends. I was suggesting that we go to Binondo for a late lunch after our event, as I really want to eat some legit Chinese food from one of the old school Chinese restaurants in Binondo. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to walk all the way to Binondo. That is because in Lucky Chinatown there are a handful of Chinese restaurants too. One of which is Sincerity Restaurant and Cafe.

July 23, 2019

Coffee Time: Legit Cafe Inside a Carwash Shop

There are so many concept stores ranging from food to books to clothing and other things. I don't know if you have heard about a carwash place with a cafe adjacent to it, but I have seen a couple of those around Metro Manila. But it's rare to find a legit resto or cafe that's part of a carwash establishment. But guess what? Me and my foodie friends visited one last weekend with a fully-fledged cafe named Coffee Time.

And it's not just any cafe, besides that it's well-lit and decorated, it offers a wide variety of beverages, cakes and other pastries. Not only that, the food items are created by a retired chef who has an exemplary culinary background up her sleeve. Chef Amie Carr has her culinary education, training and experience from renowned institutions and hotels in Paris France, New Jersey and New York in the USA.

July 22, 2019

Caravan Black - BGC

I couldn't reiterate enough how much coffee is a big part of my life, how it fuels my soul and how it keeps me functioning all throughout the day. When I wake up, the first thing that I do is to make myself a cup of coffee. I think I usually finish 2 cups before I leave for work. And that doesn't stop there, when I get to work, I also drink coffee throughout the day, usually just one more glass or one full tumbler. I don't know if that's still healthy or not, but I guess I'm all too immune with coffee that I don't care anymore, really.

When I'm at work, it's seldom that I get my coffee from the vendo at the pantry. I really don't like how the coffee taste from those machines. So it's either I get my caffeine fix from McDonald's, 7-11 or Caravan Black which is just at the ground floor of where i used to work. I frequented that coffee shop when me and my office mates were transitioning from one season to another. 

July 21, 2019

Moonshine Public Urban Bar - Ortigas

Whenever I hear the word “moonshine” I only can think about the highly prohibited clear unaged whiskey. And to be honest, I’ve always wanted to try it as I am a whiskey person more than any other liquor. I heard it’s too strong and not for lightweights like me, still, I wanna try at least once in my life.  I have asked one of my friends from the US to bring me home one hopefully she won’t forget. Haha!

Cover photo c/o Moonshine website.

Moonshine was originally a slang term for high-proof distilled spirits that were usually produced illicitly, without government authorization. In recent years, however, moonshine has been legalized in various countries and has become a commercial product. It was only legalized in the US back in 2010, can you believe that?

July 20, 2019

Nanyang: Authentic Singaporean Delights

Singaporean cuisine is honestly quite alien to me. I'm not sure if there are many restaurants in Metro Manila that solely offers this cuisine. If yes well then, I have to try them so that I'll get familiarized. Singaporean cuisine is diverse and contains elements derived from several ethnic groups, as a result of its history as a seaport with a large immigrant population.

Influences include the cuisines of the native Malays, Chinese, Indians, as well as Indonesian, Peranakan and Western traditions (particularly English and Portuguese-influenced Eurasian, known as Kristang). Influences from other regions such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Middle East are also present.

July 19, 2019

Burrow Café: Underground Hidden Haven at Antipolo Beehouse

Everywhere you look, people these days are stressed out. I don’t know if it’s because life has become fast-paced, or we just tend to over worked ourselves to reach our goals or earn more or perhaps we just continue to be so hard on ourselves. For whatever the reason is, it’s not really hard to take some time to pause. And what’s one of the option is to get close to nature.

Psychologists for years have conducted studies that believe there is healing power in nature. Bolstered by research, green spaces are known to be good for our health, our well-being, and even our relationships. It can be that we experience some kind of awe, that sense of being in the presence of something greater than ourselves that fills us with wonder. Or it can be as scientific as the color green impacts our moods and emotions which gives us a refreshing, tranquil and restful feelings.

July 18, 2019

Brotzeit BGC: All Things German and #GOT

If it isn’t too obvious by now, well let me tell you, I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan! A few months after its pilot episode, I started watching it and got hooked until the very end. I was so addicted to it that I even research about it and got so much attached to all the characters especially the Stark Family. I have watched episodes two to three times and have re-watched the past few seasons a couple of times too. Now what this has got to do with this blog post, well you must read further.


Everyone Game of Thrones fan have been anticipating the final season with so much excitement, after all, it took a while before the series finale to start. During the first episode of Season 8, I watched it together with my fellow GOT fanatic friends at an exclusive screening party. But the next few Mondays became a concern for me since my shift starts at 11:00 am and I have to live the house by 9:00am because of the heavy rush hour traffic. And 9:00am coincides with the schedule of the Philippine screening of GOT every Monday.

July 17, 2019

Sisig Society BGC: Creating the Sisig of Your Imagination

The late great Anthony Bourdain was quoted to be saying: ‘‘Sisig is everything I love about food. Sisig is everything I love about food.” During his first visit in the Philip pines for his TV show Parts Unknown back in 2008. Also in 2017, Bourdain was also documented saying that “Sisig will win the hearts and minds of the world” during one of his interviews with CNN. It was partly him that brought the Filipino cuisine to the international stage as he had a soft spot for pork sisig, which he believes will lead the charge in Filipino cuisine's rising international recognition.

Sisig is a popular Filipino dish composed of minced pork, chopped onion, and chicken liver. It is a favorite dish with beer/alcoholic drinks, and it can also be a pairing for warm steamy rice for any meal during the day. It’s originally a Kapampangan dish and it has been a culinary tradition of Pampanga and the Kapampangan people feel very strongly about it to the point that the city government of Angeles City, Pampanga, through City Ordinance No 405, Series of 2017, declared Sizzling Sisig Babi (Pork Sisig) as an intangible heritage of Angeles City.

July 16, 2019

Sammy's - A Must-Visit Hidden Gem in Cainta

Whenever I tell people where I’m from or where I live, most often than not I get a response of “That’s so far!” or I heard traffic is bad in that area” or “You probably should transfer near the city.” Yeah, sure, those things are true, but I always give out a rebuttal in the lines of: “I’m already so used to it (the traffic)”. I have lived in this part of Manila/Rizal half of my life. Also, here in the East side, I’m proud to say that we get the best of both worlds.

Best of both worlds, meaning we live on the outskirts of the city, I even sometimes joke around “the suburbs of Cainta/Pasig”, I mean on a whim, we can go to the city (and be city people) and also that we can live some sort of “provincial” kind of life. We live in communities and still enjoy nature still. Unlike if you live in the city, all you see is concrete and skyscrapers.

July 15, 2019

Trying out Milk Teas at The Dessert Kitchen - Rockwell

Milk Tea invasion is real guys! When you see even the major fast food chains getting on the bandwagon then you’ll know everyone has been eaten by the system. It’s not that I’m complaining, I have loved milk tea since it was introduced to me back in 2008 when me and my friends dined at Tokyo Bubble House. I’ve came to know and taste a lot of milk teas over the years since then.

When me and my friends were at Rockwell last week, our meal wouldn’t be complete without getting something sweet to cap off our lunch, so we looked for desserts but ended up deciding to get milk teas instead. We searched the net for milk tea places in Powerplant Mall and only The Dessert Kitchen was what Google returned.

July 14, 2019

EDSA Beverage Studio - The Grid Food Hall, Rockwell

My addiction to coffee started back in college. Being a nursing student who needs to stay alert during classes, hospital duties and studying late nights, coffee became the fuel that run my soul and body. Also, when I started working in the medical insurance industry and doing night shifts it was also the one that kept me awake and alert all through those nights for almost 8 years. It even came to a point that I had hyper acidity because I was drinking way too much coffee.

But nowadays, I don’t think coffee has even a little effect on me. I drink at least 2-3 glasses daily before I go to work. I mean, as believe I cannot function without drinking it first. Yet I am very much aware that everything is just psychological now. Because there are times that even if I just drank a cup a few hours ago, I still get sleepy.  I don’t know, maybe the effects have reversed, or I just got immune to coffee. Either way, coffee will always be a part of my daily routine whether I work on a day shift, midshift or night shift.

July 13, 2019

Beefier - Probably The Best Burgers You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!

I am going to be honest, whenever I am hungry, burger is the least that I crave for. I don't know if it's because it's an Asian or Filipino thing or probably because I like rice and viand way too much. Or maybe I consider burger more like a snack than a full meal. And again maybe that's just it's just a Pinoy thing all over again.

But there's just something about the way a good burger tastes fresh off the grill or grilling pan, especially if it's made of fresh meat and that my friends makes everything right with the world. That's the only thing that can change my mind from choosing between a rice meal versus a burger.

July 12, 2019

Human Hair Wigs By Beautyforever

A woman’s hair is considered by many as her glory.  Ladies who do not have physically thick hair consider hair extensions are the blessing in disguise. Nowadays hair extension is getting used more common in our daily life because they offer volume and length to hair by joining real human or manufactured hair to the regular hair strands.


I have always wanted to cut my hair short or like a long bob, because I am kinda tired of sporting long locks because of the tedious process that I go through everyday just to keep it looking great. On some days I really like to see what I would look like with shorter hair without actually cutting my hair because I am too afraid to cut it short and if it doesn't fit me I have to go with the ordeal of waiting for it to grow back again. But thank heavens for available alternatives nowadays since it gives us the ability to change our hairstyles and look without really doing anything.

5 Major Causes Of Insomnia In Elderly People

Insomnia hits each one of us at a certain point of time. While many suffer from it at a young age, there are many elders who complain of insomnia on a regular basis. As per research, more than 50% of the elders experience symptoms of insomnia a couple of times in a week. There are a number of causes of insomnia in elderly people and you need to dive in to understand the same.

Bad sleep habits
Good night’s sleep will rely on consistency. Elderly people are as prone as anyone to follow an irregular sleep schedule which is fueled by routine evening activities. Consuming alcohol before bedtime can also lead to a lot of tossing and turning in bed. Falling asleep near a smartphone or television can also keep you up. Make sure your bedroom is an oasis of comfort and peace. It should give you a comfortable sleep by eliminating any sources of chaos or distraction.

July 11, 2019

Plus Size and Fab!

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I totally agree with that. Our society nowadays has continually making changes of the standards of beauty. Social media has played a big role in telling and convincing people which is beautiful or sexy or not; especially when it comes to body size or form. But let me tell you this, the most beautiful woman is someone who loves and appreciates her own body.

Never allow anyone to define your identity or tell you you are not beautiful or sexy. We are all created differently. Someone can be beautiful to a person A but not to person B and it's their opinion and you can never change that. What's important is that you are not defined but someone else's view of you.

Keeping Creepy-Crawlies Out Of Your Home

Summer is the season when all the bugs come out in their masses, often entering our homes to take advantage of the cool. Some of these critters can be a real nuisance – you may find yourself itching because of mosquito bites or having to throw away food because of ants. Other may simply be unpleasant such as cockroaches or spiders (especially if you’ve got a phobia). Whatever the case, here are a few ways in which you can stop these bugs entering your home.

Seal up all entrances
Sealing up your home could prevent bugs getting in. This isn’t easy as there are many possible entrances for bugs to get in – the tiniest crack in a wall could be enough to let in ants. Windows are the most obvious entrance. Whilst you can keep windows closed to stop bugs getting in, this will make your home pretty stuffy and could be intolerable in the summer. Bug screens could be an option, allowing air to pass through while stopping all bugs getting in.

July 10, 2019

Another Taiwan Milk Tea import: Tea Bubble House - Vira Mall Greenhills

Just a week ago from today, I had milk tea for breakfast, I mean seriously... Also, who says I can't? I woke up late that one Saturday, super worried and confused as I have to be in Greenhills by 10:00am. Thus, I wasn’t able to get some breakfast not even a sip of coffee. But little did I know I was going to consume huge amounts of caffeine in a few hours.

Well, together with my foodie friends, I tried 30 flavors of milk teas from Tea Bubble House in Vira Mall Greenhills. Yes folks, you read that right, 30 variety of teas from their 6 Tea Series. Tea Bubble House is the latest milk tea place franchise from the land of the milk teas: Taiwan!

July 9, 2019

Introducing the Dyson V11™ Absolute cord-free vacuum

Dyson unveiled a suite of machines that marry hardware and software to enable owners to control and personalise their environments. Among them was the Dyson V11™ cord-free vacuum, the result of more than a decade of cord-free vacuum and Dyson digital motor development. 315 engineers were involved in the project, with over 32,500 parts prototyped.

Three microprocessors on board the Dyson V11™ vacuum bring a new level of intelligence to the clean, monitoring performance up to 8,000 times a second. The microprocessors are located in the Dynamic Load Sensor inside the High Torque cleaner head; inside the Dyson digital motor V11; and inside the battery. These advances mean that suction automatically adjusts depending on floor type, and the owner can see how much runtime is remaining.

Dyson launches Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan

New Dyson Core Flow™ technology transforms the way we deliver clean air to you! Dyson unveiled its first personal air treatment machine – the Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan in the Philippines last July 12 at the Grand Atrium of the Shangri-la Mall. Featuring Dyson’s air filtration and air projection technologies, this compact machine is a perfect fit for your personal space — whether beside your bed, on your desk, or in a nursery.

The new Dyson Core Flow™ technology transforms the way we deliver purified air to you. This air control mechanism creates a steady stream of purified air and allows you to direct the airflow precisely where you need it. Harnessing Dyson’s expertise in fluid dynamics, air filtration, light sensing, and acoustic performance, the Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan is engineered to support your wellbeing, delivering cleaner air and a more comfortable cooling experience.

July 8, 2019

Upgrade Your Pizza Hut Large Pizza to Bacon Stuff Crust for FREE!

Just yesterday Pizza Hut Philippines unveiled its newest offering: the Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza! I’m pretty sure people who lives for bacon will surely rejoice. I mean if you don’t like bacon, I guess we can never be friends. I’m serious. It’s probably one of the comfort food that my palate craves for. Don’t you just wish that you can put bacon on every dish hahaha or that you can eat bacon for the rest of your life? Ok that wouldn’t be healthy but of course moderation duh!

Gone are the days where the ends of or the crust of pizzas will be just left overs, with Pizza Hut's newest Bacon Stuff Crust pizza (with mozzarella cheese of course) no more left-over crusts! What’s more exciting about this is that From July 9 to August 5, 2019, get a FREE UPGRADE OF BACON STUFFED CHEESY CRUST for every purchase of an ala carte Large Pan Pizza!

July 7, 2019

Build, Shop and Dine at BuildPlus + Megawatt Banawe, QC

There’s so many concept stores popping in every part of Metro Manila, but I dare ask you guys if you have seen a place where you can get building products, kitchenware and a restaurant all in one place? Not a new concept perhaps as IKEA has that under their belt, but a full-blown restaurant inside a one-stop-shop for your home? I guess not.

One Sunday afternoon I found myself riding with my friends to Banawe Quezon City to visit this new, innovative concept store named BuildPlus + Megawatt which opened last May 2019. Btw, a concept store is, by definition, a place where new ideas are put together in a bid to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. In addition, many concept stores offer experimental elements such as a café or exhibition space, enhancing their appeal to those shoppers seeking a particular lifestyle.

July 6, 2019

6 Things Sold in Seconds at a Thrift Shop

Shopping at a thrift shop brings a series of benefits to you. The low price of products is the biggest advantage you can grab and the Nobel cause of charity is always there. Moreover, if you hop between stores you’d be able to find things that are manufactured by your favorite brands and items that you always had a desire for.

Everything you see in a thrift shop is donated by the general public and once these items are sold, the gathered money also goes to people who literally require it. Since these stores receive almost everything on a regular basis, their stock is re-filled regularly and the best products are sold immediately. Hence, I’d advise you to pick up things of your interest instantly.

Reasons To Choose Professional House Sitters Over Friends Or Family

When you travel for work or leisure, the care of your home will probably be the first thing on your mind. And the stress levels can go up if you are going away for an extended trip. After all, you could be thousands of miles away and there would be no one to take care of your valuables, cancel the newspaper service, water the plants, feed your pets or turn off the lights accidentally left on.

The best solution to make your trip worry-free is to have someone stay in your home while you are away. Whether it has to be a friend or family member or a professional house sitter, the choice is absolutely yours. Though you may have to spend a bit on the latter, it still turns out to be the better option. Here are some justified reasons that make a professional house sitter a wiser choice.

July 5, 2019

Evening Dresses Fit For a Hollywood A-Lister

Who says you can’t enjoy dressing up like a million bucks or a Hollywood star without paying huge amount of money? Spending less doesn’t mean you need to compromise the style and quality of your apparel especially if you’ll be wearing it to a special event like prom, formal banquets and weddings.

Eli Saab, Jenny Pakham and Zuhair Murad are the three current designers I totally adore because of their design aesthetics. That's one reason why I wanted my future wedding dress to be inspired by the designs of these  three. At my current financial status I am far from owning any dress from any of these three designers. But that doesn’t mean I can wear something that looks like it is taken directly out of their fashion show racks.

Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Love Wearing Again and Again!

I love weddings! for me they are one of the most beautiful events in someone’s life because they signify a new chapter in a person’s life. It’s a celebration of two people’s love for each other having their loved ones as a witness as they vow to love, care and be patient for one another for as long as they live.

Although the attention of wedding should be central to the bride and groom, we must also take in to consideration the people that surround them that made them who they are today. That is I think the foremost reason why a bridal party is included in any wedding. I have experienced being flower girl, a bridesmaid and a maid of honor and it is such an awesome experience to be part of a bridal party and being invited to be one should and always be an honor. This is because you will know how a couple values you as a friend or a family member.

July 4, 2019

TANTEA Must Be Your Go To Tea Place in Binondo

2018 and 2019 are the years of the milk tea invasion of the Philippines. I mean, even in the main road of the village that I live in, there are five milk tea places. Some say milk teas taste the same, so each milk tea place put forward their unique selling proposition to differentiate them from their contemporaries. I have visited a few milk tea places and everyone of them has something distinctive to offer.

Just the last weekend I visited TANTEA in Binondo Manila. Established in 2014, TANTEA is a specialty beverage store recognized globally by over 1.3 billion people. Different from your traditional milk tea beverages, this brand only uses the finest raw materials and best Hong Kong defined practices that suit the modern and health conscious lifestyle.

July 3, 2019

Appropriate Wedding Dresses Depending on Your Venue

One element of a wedding that takes a lot of time and effort to decide upon and finish is the bride’s wedding dress.  Nowadays the bride’s wedding dress is a one of the highlights of any wedding and it isn't pretty easy to choose one. A lot of considerations should be put into it and sometimes you get bombarded with too many ideas that you see on wedding websites, Pinterest, magazines etc., that most often than not a bride gets too overwhelmed and frustrated.

A wedding only happens in one day, but it takes months to a year to prepare for that single day. There so many aspects in a wedding that guests and spectators have no idea how much hard work is put in to it.  The time, stress and the amount of money put into a wedding is to be treated as a big deal because a couple has to squeeze planning and accomplishing a lot of things for their wedding on top of their daily jobs and other personal tasks. So, whenever you get invited to a wedding, you must feel honored and not obligated to attend.

July 2, 2019

Newest Hip Place in Tomas Morato: BOA Kitchen + Socials

Are you a tita/tito? Am I already a tita? I guess I am! Hahaha! I was talking to my friends on our group chat and the topic was about this liquor that harmed two ladies. We all almost said the same thing about drinking or partying: that we all are not so much into it anymore. That when we all go out; we would usually just hang out and itching to go home right away. So I guess yeah, you can call me or us titos and titas already. I accept that as I can’t stay up so late drinking or partying out anymore.

But then, I always want to go out with my friends and probably because of our ages and stressful jobs, we would usually pick a place where we could hang out. Most of the time we do brunch, or late lunch or early dinner. Good thing there are places now where we can do some catching up that can cater to almost all that time slots.

July 1, 2019

Take 27dress.co.uk To Your Prom

In the United States, a promenade dance, most commonly called a prom, is a semi-formal or black-tie dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year (the last year of high school). Proms figure greatly in popular culture and are major events among high school students. There may be individual senior/12th grade and junior/11th grade proms or they may be combined.
High school proms generally happen between April and June, or near the end of the semester. So, "prom season" could last from March until June. And summer just started in the some of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, so I guess it’s high time for you young ladies to start preparing.
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