July 24, 2019

Chinese Food Favorites at Sincerity Restaurant and Cafe - Lucky Chinatown Binondo

I don't make it too obvious, but, I love Chinese food. I don't always say it probably because Chinese food is integrated with Filipino cuisine and it's quite common. But whenever I get the chance to eat Chinese food, I go for it. I love that cuisine because it's so upfront, it doesn't use fancy titles to make it sound appetizing. When it says, "stir fried beef", that's what you get. But what I like about Chinese dishes is most of them have a smoky taste because of their way of cooking: using strong flames and wok.

A few weeks back I was in Lucky Chinatown with some foodie friends. I was suggesting that we go to Binondo for a late lunch after our event, as I really want to eat some legit Chinese food from one of the old school Chinese restaurants in Binondo. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to walk all the way to Binondo. That is because in Lucky Chinatown there are a handful of Chinese restaurants too. One of which is Sincerity Restaurant and Cafe.

Sincerity Restaurant and Cafe was established in 1956 by the Uy family catering to the Filipino-Chinese community. It became well known because of their fried chicken. But that is not the only dish in their menu that became favorites by Filipinos; Sincerity actually has a number of other noteworthy Chinese dishes that any foodie will enjoy. I know that Sincerity has many branches around Metro Manila but for my first time to try it, we visited the one in Lucky Chinatown.

It was lunch time on a Sunday and the place was packed! We were like fifth in line, so we decided to just wait for a few minutes, but we decided to just take the table outside so as not to wait that long as we were already famished. We also made advance order and it was nice that the crew agreed to that. A few minutes later our order were served.

Sincerity Fried Chicken – we ordered the Small serving as it’s only 3 of us and we still want to get other items from the menu. Also, this should be part of our order since this is their best-selling product. The coating and skin were crispy, the meat fresh, tender and juicy. Even without any additional condiments, this is already flavorful. The serving is huge and can feed 3 people already.

Shredded Beef with Onions –  tender beef strips with red onions and a special sauce. This reminds me of the Filipino dish “bistek” but tasted nothing like it. This still has the Chinese flavor in it. Don’t be intimidated with the sauce being too dark thinking it might taste salty as it looks like just soy sauce. It’s sweet, salty and sour. Best paired with rice of course!

Crab Meat Omelette – I wasn’t expecting this to be watery/saucy but it’s probably because of the crab meat. Eitherway this hasd a very good crab meat flavor. The crab meat was generous too plus with a lot of veggies in there. I’m glad I was able to convince my friends to order this.

Sincerity Fried Rice – I thought at first this won’t suffice for 3 people but I was wrong. The bowl was packed and we almost wasn’t able to finish it. I love the smoky, wok stir fried flavor of this rice. Why I always liked Chinese fried rice.

Pitcher of Iced Tea – this came free, I don’t know if they had a promo that time but this was a great saving as we were just gonna ask for water. Nothing special with it though except that it was free hehe.

The service was fast and was nice. Anything we asked from the staff they attend to us fast. I’m sure they are used to many customers eating at their restaurant especially that they are one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Binondo. All the food that we ordered didn’t disappoint. I guess you can really never go wrong with Chinese food. I’d like to go back again one day in the future so I can try their other dishes.

GF, Lucky Chinatown Mall,
Binondo, Manila
Contact Nos: 02 5167088
Email: sincerityrestaurant@yahoo.com

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