July 20, 2019

Nanyang: Authentic Singaporean Delights

Singaporean cuisine is honestly quite alien to me. I'm not sure if there are many restaurants in Metro Manila that solely offers this cuisine. If yes well then, I have to try them so that I'll get familiarized. Singaporean cuisine is diverse and contains elements derived from several ethnic groups, as a result of its history as a seaport with a large immigrant population.

Influences include the cuisines of the native Malays, Chinese, Indians, as well as Indonesian, Peranakan and Western traditions (particularly English and Portuguese-influenced Eurasian, known as Kristang). Influences from other regions such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Middle East are also present.

Moreover, I haven't been to Singapore, but it surely is on my travel bucket list. Going on a holiday to Singapore I heard is quite expensive since it is one of the Asian countries that is first world and has a thriving economy and tourism. But if ever I'll go there, I would likely to spend my money on food especially at their hawker centers. Singaporeans also introduced the Hawker Centers which are like huge food courts that are well-kept and regularized by the government. That would be the perfect immersion to Singaporean cuisine, don't you think?

Since I have no concrete plans of travelling to Singapore anytime soon, all I can do is look for places near where I live or where I work to get my hands on these Singaporean dishes. One that I was recently introduced to is Nanyang in High Street BGC. You can find it on the same space with Bread Talk. I don't know for sure if the two brands have the same parent company, but I'm guessing they do. As from what I can recall Bread Talk is a franchised brand from SG as well.

Nanyang literally means "Southern Ocean" in Sino-centric Chinese language and refers to the warmer and fertile geographical region along the Southern coastal regions of China and beyond, otherwise known as the 'South Sea' or Southeast Asia. The name might sound too Chinese but since Singapore's demographics and history is largely influenced by China via people migrating around SE Asia, it is only just fitting.

I convinced my office mates to dine here during one of our lunch breaks. I told them I've heard and read good reviews about this place and they were easily sold. Their price points are a little bit higher than usual, but it's a restaurant on BGC High Street so it was given. Their menu list a comprehensive so it's not overwhelming hard to decide which ones to try.

The Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodles consists of juicy boneless chicken thigh portion with crispy coating, drizzled with cheese sauce and paired with super flavorful noodles and steamed bokchoy. While the Hainanese Chicken Rice is usually thigh chicken cooked in broth, with its rice cooked in chicken fat, and thick soy sauce, chili, and minced ginger sauces. I love Hainanese chicken because it's so flavorful. Although I only get to eat it very seldom. I tried cooking this at home years back but I wasn't able to achieve the authentic taste. Nanyang's is good too and the serving is huge!

One of my office mates ordered the Chicken Chop Rice; this is like the Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodles minus the cheese sauce and the noodles are replaced with steamed white rice. Still as awesome as the former. For our drinks we had the Iced Honey Lemon drink which was refreshing, the Homemade Barley Drink was kinda weird in my opinion (LOL). But the Kopi Jelly Milk Tea, man, it was like an out of body experience the first time I tried it. I seriously found my new fave milk tea! It is so good, especially the coffee jelly cubes! They are a very nice alternative to the usual pearls/boba.  Thanks to my friend Anj for introducing me to it!

My office mates gave Nanyang a two thumbs up and we made pinky promise with each other that we would have lunch or dinner here again as we truly enjoyed the dishes that we tried. Next time I want to try their toasts, Laksa, Curry Chicken and Homemade Nasi Lemak.

Nanyang is the perfect epitome of a fusion of the contemporary and nostalgic experience. One of its signatures, Nanyang Kopi, is rooted all the way back from the 60s and 70s. Recreating the typical breakfast scenario – the combination of a cup of Nanyang Kopi and a freshly toasted bread – with a modern twist. Although, Nanyang openned  its doors set in a present time backdrop to accommodate both the old and young generations.

B7, Bonifacio High Street, Lane P,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: 02 8303333

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