July 4, 2019

TANTEA Must Be Your Go To Tea Place in Binondo

2018 and 2019 are the years of the milk tea invasion of the Philippines. I mean, even in the main road of the village that I live in, there are five milk tea places. Some say milk teas taste the same, so each milk tea place put forward their unique selling proposition to differentiate them from their contemporaries. I have visited a few milk tea places and everyone of them has something distinctive to offer.

Just the last weekend I visited TANTEA in Binondo Manila. Established in 2014, TANTEA is a specialty beverage store recognized globally by over 1.3 billion people. Different from your traditional milk tea beverages, this brand only uses the finest raw materials and best Hong Kong defined practices that suit the modern and health conscious lifestyle.

TANTEA originated in Hong Kong and has opened more than 80 stores in both China and Hong Kong in just 4 years. It aims to provide consumers with innovative and healthy drinks with tea as the main ingredient. The brand was also the first to use organic peach gum to come up with a collagen rich beverage which is highly beneficial to health since it is an abundant source of protein, making it famous and highly sought for by both young and old customers.

TANTEA s name in Hongkong was “tanke” which means “to explore”. It was one of the owners of the brand in Manila who tried it in Hong Kong and had the idea of bringing it back to the Philippines. At first it was just a delivery business via WeChat among the customers in Binondo and Manila. And then in the early months of 2019 they decided to build a flagship branch in Binondo.

TANTEA’s unique selling point is that they are a tea shop more than a milk tea shop. They offer the most premium specialty & milk tea beverages made from only the finest raw materials with our innovative crafting methods. They source their ingredients from Hong Kong and Taiwan and uses six base teas for their 11 series: Peach Gum, Fruit Tea, Cream Cheese, Brulee, Dirty Bottle, Panna Cotta, Soda, Oolong Tea, Pudding Series, Boba Yogurt and Milk Tea.

Peach Gum Series – for this series we tried the Mango Peach Gum and Butterfly Pea Coconut Peach Gum. These drinks are so pretty by the way. Both are equally yummy. The Butterfly Pea Coconut Peach Gum has a very interesting taste because of the coconut milk. Also, this contains peach gum efficacy. Peach gum efficacy is a nourishing and collagen booster dessert. It is rich in collagen for beautiful skin, wrinkle free, cleanses blood and clears acne and prevent urinary tract infections with regular consumption. Once cook, its jelly-like stuff texture is soft and tasteless. It was a mixture of sweet and tangy flavor and the peach gum efficacy was a healthy and fun alternate to the usual pearl sinkers that most milk tea contains.

Fruit Tea Series – we tried the Watermelon Coconut, Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea and Butterfly Pea Lemon Cup. You don’t usually get to drink Watermelon with Coconut, and I’m like “wuuuttt?” but gosh this was so refreshing and interesting. The Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea was ultra-refreshing! While the Butterfly Pea Lemon Cup tasted more like a lemonade with added earthy flavors because of the butterfly tea (that is rich in anti-oxidants) and the tea.

Panna Cota Series – ohhhh cheese, I love cheese in all its forms and glory! We had Mango Cream Cheese, Fragrant Matcha Cream Cheese and Black Currant Cream Cheese. I liked the Mango Cream Cheese because you know, mango, and it’s one of my weaknesses. All contained panna cota sinkers and topped with cream cheese.

Dirty Bottle Series – this series comes with a reusable screw-top cover. We tasted the Strawberry Dirty Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Mango Dirty Milk Tea. I love all three. Both the Strawberry Dirty Milk Tea and Mango Dirty Milk Tea are so yummy! The Brown Sugar Milk Tea had a very strong tea taste that I super like, I assume they used their Royal/King tea for this.

Soda Series – for this series, we tried only one, but the best seller: the Four Seasons Soda! It has real fruits with a sparkling soda and man this was refreshing beyond belief.

Milk Tea Series – – we had Boba Pearl Milk Tea and Pudding Milk Tea. Their milk tea series only have 3 variants, just like what I said earlier, TANTEA focuses on tea drinks and not with milk teas per se. I love how strong the tea flavors are in their milk teas.

Boba Yogurt Series – we had Popping Boba Mango Yogurt, Popping Boba Strawberry Yogurt and Popping Boba Black Currant Yogurt. This contains tea, milk, real fruits and a pearl that pops when you bite into them.

Their tea bases are legit and have really strong notes that I like in teas. Although we tried so many variants of their teas, I can honestly say that I enjoyed all the drinks (yes I’ve tried them all, I sipped from each cup). But I have my favorites of course! ANd my faves were the following which I highly recommend you guys try: Popping Boba Mango Yogurt, Popping Boba Strawberry Yogurt Mango Peach Gum, Watermelon Coconut, Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea, Mango Panna Cota, Four Seasons Soda, Strawberry Dirty Milk Tea and Mango Dirty Milk Tea

Besides their tea drinks, TANTEA is now offering meals like pasta and desserts including cakes and pudding. Must try is their Everything Cake and Original Pudding Flavor. Another that I like about TANTEA is that they use hard plastic cups and bottles that you can actually re-use.

Plus if you want to have your photo or logo to be printed as a chocolate onto cheese cream topping, well good news for you because at TANTEA they have a machine that can actually do that! Check out my milk tea with my blog's logo on it! It's so cool, if I can say so myself.

I really like the interiors and vibe of TANTEA’s flagship store in Binondo. It is greatly inspired by Taiwanese, Hong Kong and South Korean cafes which are quite dainty and cute. I find the mix of browns, whites and golds very relaxing with a splash of green through the use of real indoor plants. They even have a wall full of heart-shaped lights for if you want to pose with your drinks.

So if you find yourself in Binondo area or Lucky Chinatown, check out TANTEA has to offer, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the drinks here as much as my friends and I enjoyed them!

G/F Regina Gardens II, Reina Regente St,
Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Contact Nos: 02 9038148
Email: tanteaph@gmail.com
Website: http://tantea.ph

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