July 11, 2019

Keeping Creepy-Crawlies Out Of Your Home

Summer is the season when all the bugs come out in their masses, often entering our homes to take advantage of the cool. Some of these critters can be a real nuisance – you may find yourself itching because of mosquito bites or having to throw away food because of ants. Other may simply be unpleasant such as cockroaches or spiders (especially if you’ve got a phobia). Whatever the case, here are a few ways in which you can stop these bugs entering your home.

Seal up all entrances
Sealing up your home could prevent bugs getting in. This isn’t easy as there are many possible entrances for bugs to get in – the tiniest crack in a wall could be enough to let in ants. Windows are the most obvious entrance. Whilst you can keep windows closed to stop bugs getting in, this will make your home pretty stuffy and could be intolerable in the summer. Bug screens could be an option, allowing air to pass through while stopping all bugs getting in.

Bugs may also be able to get in under doors or through gaps in door frames. Buying seals for your doors could help to stop bugs getting in whilst also providing insulation for the winter. As for cracks in walls, you may be able to fill these with caulk to keep critters out. Finding and filling every crack in your home could be an impossible task, but it’s worth sealing the most obvious cracks (if ants are the problem, you may be able to easily follow their trail to find their entrance).

Use deterrent scents
Different scents can be used to repel different types of bugs. Lavender, peppermint, cinnamon and eucalyptus are just a few common scents that many people have been found to be effective against most types of bugs from spiders to flies.

Candles are a common way to spread scents into the air (such as citronella candles for deterring mosquitoes). You could also buy an oil diffuser allowing you to use different scents to deal with different bugs at different times of the day. You may also be able to make your own scents by boiling raw ingredients or by growing potted plants that produce these scents.

Keep food contained
A lot of bugs are attracted into the home by the smell of foods. Sugary snacks are known for attracting ants whilst wine often attracts flies. Cockroaches meanwhile are attracted by all foods (sugar is their favourite, but they can also be lured by the smell of meat, bread or cheese).

Make sure that food is kept locked away in cupboards or a refrigerator – not only will bugs not be able to access it, but it could stop them catching the scent. Putting loose food such as fruit and cereals in plastic containers could also help.

Stay clean
Keeping a clean home can also ward off the bugs. Crumbs and uncleaned food spillages can be just as much as a lure for bugs as exposed food. Dust meanwhile attracts dust mites and other creepy crawlies that feed of these mites. By regularly vacuuming and mopping, you’ll ward off these bugs.

Regular cleaning can be a particularly good defense against spiders. By getting rid of bugs like flies, you’ll get rid of the spiders’ food source. Spiders are also often attracted to places with existing cobwebs as it shows that these places aren’t regularly disturbed – by getting rid of these cobwebs, you’ll put off many of these critters.

Know when to call in the pros
Some bug infestations can require professional intervention. This is particularly the case with bugs that nest or bugs that pose a risk to the homeowners. 

Termite control is one such task that is often best left to professionals. Termites can burrow deep into a home’s walls and foundations, sometimes disrupting the structural integrity. A professional will know how to get them out and keep your home from further damage.

Meanwhile, you don’t want to be taking on a wasp’s nest in your home yourself. When under attacks, wasps get very aggressive. A professional exterminator will know how to safely remove the wasp nest using professional kit so that you don’t get stung. The same should be considered when tackling dangerous ants or spiders.  

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