July 13, 2019

Beefier - Probably The Best Burgers You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!

I am going to be honest, whenever I am hungry, burger is the least that I crave for. I don't know if it's because it's an Asian or Filipino thing or probably because I like rice and viand way too much. Or maybe I consider burger more like a snack than a full meal. And again maybe that's just it's just a Pinoy thing all over again.

But there's just something about the way a good burger tastes fresh off the grill or grilling pan, especially if it's made of fresh meat and that my friends makes everything right with the world. That's the only thing that can change my mind from choosing between a rice meal versus a burger.

Last week I had lunch with my friends at The Grid Food Hall inside Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, and we decided to check out what Beefier has to offer. And man, their burgers completely changed my perception of burgers. For those times when you just want a juicy burger without disappointment, this is the place that you should visit, I’m serious!

From the makers of The Beef comes Beefier, a beef specialty shop. Beefier joins Bad Bird, Fowlbread, Flower Boy and Wrong Ramen as the newest food concept addition to Lowbrow Casual Restaurants. Lowbrow has been in the restaurant business since 2014 and continues to develop new ways to heighten the dining experience.

What really separates Beefier from most other burger or steak shops is that they work really hard for their beef. What usually takes two or three steps in most restaurants takes ten in theirs. Each of these steps play a vital role in the creation of their food, and tasting them should be evidence enough to show the effort and care that went into their food.

Beefier serves up an all-beef menu that puts the cheeseburger front-and-center. Their goal is to serve the best sub-P300 burger in Manila by spending a bit more time and effort on each of the steps starting from the grinding down to the searing.

Their menu is simple and straightforward, just like their burgers. As much as I wanted to keep a secret just to myself and my friends, it’s a burger place that needs to be brought into the forefront because damn their burgers are so good! And I kid you not, just check out the variety of burgers that we tried:

Beefier Burger – their version of a hamburger. The patty is all ground beef in their kitchen and not pre-made from other suppliers. The bun is custom-made potato bun and smothered with a generous amount of butter and smashed patties for an amazing crust. The moment I have bitten into the burger, I swear I exclaimed “Ang sarap!” (It’s so delicious!). Seriously, I was so surprised at how the burger tasted, I mean, it’s insane how good it was! This was a very simple burger but it already blew my mind away, so I got so excited to try the rest.

Beefiest – is their version of a Prime Steak Cut Burger made of oversized 190g patty made from ground ribeye, Emmenthal cheese and special sauce. I don’t know how can Beefier blow my mind over and over with each of their burgers as this was equally good. I mean the bun was really soft and buttery, like literally. The patty, man, don’t even get me started with that one. The meat tasted like it was butchered just a few minutes ago. The beef taste is so pronounced, you can even taste the irony flavor. I also love the saltiness brought by the Emmenthal cheese, marrying all the flavors together. This was my favorite among the thre burgers.

Cheesiest – Beefier’s Reverse cheeseburger. Deep fried molten Emmenthal and Mozzarella cheese patty and crispy skinny burger. If you’re a cheese lover this is definitely for you. It’s more like a cheese sandwich than a burger for me but equally great tasting! Super good!!! Also, I want to bring attention to their fries, they never sag! They remained crispy from the moment the server put the plates on our table until an hour later. I’m curious how they do their fries, this should be standard as these fries puts all the other fries to shame, no seriously!

Gravy Boat Burger Steak with Rice – big and juicy beef burger patty with steamed koshihikari rice, fries, corn and cheese. You know what, this dish can just fly with just the patty and the rice and I’m all for it! I appreciated Beefier beef burger patty even more when I tried this. Don’t get me wrong, the gravy is good too and all the other additional sides.

BBQ Short Ribs with Rice – Deep fried short ribs with garlic sauce, griddled tomatoes and house pickles. Juicy melt-in-your-mouth meat that are spiced well. Not in the mood for burgers? Try this one out!

Arugula Salad – fresh arugula, basil dressing, and sourdough croutons. My friends don’t like arugula that much, but as for me, I love them because of their bitter-nutty flavor. I can eat salad with just this and dressing anytime!

Corn and Cheese (extras) – corn kernels, Emmenthal cheese sauce and chopped spring onions. This corn and cheese sides is not to be missed; throw this in addition to your meal and you've got a day to remember in the books.

There are countless burger joints in Metro Manila, but that doesn't mean they're all divine. Some are just “meh” (you know your fast food kind of type) and some add a little fanfare just to attract customers. But Beefier, is on to another level. Forgive me for cursing but, the burgers that they offer gives you no BS. But in every bite I figuratively felt like there are fireworks going off in the background.

Stall No. 6 The Grid Food Market,
2F, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Email: hello@eatlowbrow.com
Website: eatlowbrow.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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