July 3, 2019

Appropriate Wedding Dresses Depending on Your Venue

One element of a wedding that takes a lot of time and effort to decide upon and finish is the bride’s wedding dress.  Nowadays the bride’s wedding dress is a one of the highlights of any wedding and it isn't pretty easy to choose one. A lot of considerations should be put into it and sometimes you get bombarded with too many ideas that you see on wedding websites, Pinterest, magazines etc., that most often than not a bride gets too overwhelmed and frustrated.

A wedding only happens in one day, but it takes months to a year to prepare for that single day. There so many aspects in a wedding that guests and spectators have no idea how much hard work is put in to it.  The time, stress and the amount of money put into a wedding is to be treated as a big deal because a couple has to squeeze planning and accomplishing a lot of things for their wedding on top of their daily jobs and other personal tasks. So, whenever you get invited to a wedding, you must feel honored and not obligated to attend.

One thing to consider in choosing a wedding dress is the venue of the event. If you’re going to have an informal wedding, say a garden or beach wedding, you must also take note the weather on the date of your wedding. Especially if it’s on a hot or humid day, chiffon wedding dresses would be your best choice.  Effortless sophistication always comes to mind when we talk about chiffon dresses.

I love anything made of chiffon (even chiffon cakes!), I literally own a lot of blouses and dresses made of chiffon because they’re lightweight, flowy and adds instant feminine flair to any piece of clothing. wedding dresses UK dresses would be really pretty for beach or garden weddings because it’s comfortable and you can easily move around in it, not to mention how beautiful it would look especially in your wedding photos while the soft breeze touches your chiffon gown.

Now for formal weddings and for Catholics, it is now required for most to be wed inside a church. I think it would be appropriate to wear more structured or layered wedding dresses which balances and complements the solid edifice of the church itself.  If you still want to still add some romantic touches, laces, frills, ruffles or solid embellishments (pearls, crystals and beads) should be present on your wedding dress. Like these church wedding dresses of 27dress UK

When we think of wedding dresses, chances are we’re far too lost in the romance and magic of the moment to consider their real value. We neglect aspects such as taking into account of venues and weather on the day of the event. I hope future brides can pick a thing or two of the significance of the mentioned aspects, in an effort to shine a little light on this arguably important garment on a bride and groom’s equally important day.

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