August 30, 2016

Whipped Salon: Benefits of Scrubbing and Sugar Waxing

I don't usually go to a professional to have  body scrubbing but I do go to a salon for my hair removal needs. A few days ago, I visited Whipped Sugar Wax Body & Scrubbing Salon for my monthly hair removal sessions. And for this month, I had Caramel Scrubbin' for half of my legs. The service includes scrubbing of legs using an all-natural strawberry scrub and then sugar waxing. 

I looove the scrubbing and waxing services at Whipped! Their scrubs and wax smell sooo good! Whipped uses the cold wax technique, which is a made of melted sugar and lemon juice. It's all natural and less painful too than other types of waxing or threading. They have 3 types of scrubs: strawberry, bamboo and tangerine. They also use real brown sugar together with the strawberry scrub. After scrubbing and waxing they also apply this yummy smelling lotion that will leave your legs and underarms smooth and sweet smelling.

August 28, 2016

Romulo Cafe at Azumi Boutique Hotel Alabang

Romulo Cafe is one of those restaurants in Manila that I really like because of two things: the menu and the ambiance. Their menu consists of old-fashioned Filipino comfort food which are mainly heirloom recipes of the Romulo family. The beautiful and well-thought of interior design of the place is something that can't be missed.

It is one of the metro's most beautiful restaurants, very elegant and relaxed at the same time. I'm a sucker for restaurants with eye-pleasing interiors and ambiance because it truly adds a lot in one's dining experience, if I can say so myself.

August 26, 2016

Staycation: Azumi Boutique Hotel - Alabang

In the hustle and bustle of the city life and the stress of work and daily, it is not surprising that a lot of us get burned out. That is why sometimes the most productive thing that we can do is to relax, revive and renew. And one weekend after months of subjecting my mind, body and emotions to stressors, I and a two friends decided to change our usual weekend routine by having a staycation.

We booked ourselves an overnight stay at Azumi Boutique Hotel down south of the metro. The hotel is located in Alabang, the city which is at the border of Metro Manila and the province of Laguna. I know we are still in the city but we're at the outskirts already and is way less busy. Plus we also get to drive South Super Highway making us feel we're on a road trip, well, somehow...

August 18, 2016

Spiral at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

For years now Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Philippine Plaza is still the number 1 buffet in Metro Manila if not the Philippines. I was able to try it only earlier this year after being invited by Sofitel and Zomato for some food and cultural promotions. I have heard and read a lot of good reviews about Spiral Buffet Restaurant and it was time to taste and see if the claims are true.

Give your palates a taste of the world and let your imaginations run wild as sumptuous international dishes are served in a first-class interactive dining setting that is uniquely Spiral. With over 350 international dishes on its menu, this iconic restaurant offers an enticing journey of taste one simply cannot resist. By embodying its core values of authenticity, simplicity, tradition, innovation, connectivity and personalized service, Spiral has become the epitome of superior dining.

August 15, 2016

Capture Life's Beautiful Moments with Clozette x Huawei

It's crazy that we only got for months to go before this year ends but 2016 has been good to me. Sure I have my fair share of ups and downs but I am focusing more on the great things that happened in the last few months. For one someone healed me of my worst heart ache ever and I am thankful for that hahaha! I've never felt so rejuvenated emotionally, spiritually and physically speaking from that experience.

Anyway I was thinking of the most beautiful moments that happened to me this year and it's hard to really pick just one. Throughout the year I've made new friends who share the same passions as I do (like blogging), reconnected with old ones and made strong bonds with current relationships. But I think what stands out most is something that has to do with blogging.

August 12, 2016

Rock Them Stripes and Blues

Stripes appeared in most spring/summer 2016 runways in every style anyone can possibly imagine: horizontal vertical or asymmetric, some are thin and some are thick lines. I personally like the blue and white stripes that are very nautical. Stripes never go out of fashion and they keep coming back no matter what the season is; that's why I love them. I'm having a trip soon and I'm thinking of bringing outfits that are super comfy and that I can mix and match, like striped tops and/or dresses.

I'm checking a lot of online stores that I often visit to look for the perfect stripes and blues for my travel outfits. And I found a lot that are statement-makers at I will probably pair them with denim or white shorts, lace up sandals and/or a air of white sneakers. Or buy some dresses or rompers too, of course in stripes as well. Because we will be doing a lot of walking, and I mean a lot.

August 10, 2016

Zubuchon at Mactan Marina Mall, Cebu

This is  a suuuper late review of Zubuchon but it needs to be done. I was going over my files, arranging, deleting and freeing some space to get more memory when I stumbled upon the album that contains the pictures I took when we ate here during our lay-overs to Siargao and back to Manila. Good thing that they are open 24 hours because on our way to Siargao we had  4 hour lay over in between flights and same goes for our flight back to Manila four days later.

Zubuchon is one of the famous Cebu lechon restaurants in Cebu even before world-wide celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain dubbed it as the "Best (roasted) pig... EVER!". Zubuchon sources their pigs from backyard raisers all over Cebu, are fed 100% organic feeds a week before they are cooked to totally cleanse the pigs’ systems. "Zubuchon" is stuffed with more than a dozen herbs and spices, the pig’s skin is “acupunctured” or pricked all over, then sprayed with fresh coconut water. These processes result to a crispy and brown skin once roasted. They don't also use no MSG nor soy sauce. 

August 8, 2016

My Travel Wish from ShopBack

We're human beings and not robots, so it is natural for us to feel tired or stress. I can't think of anything right now but of something that can ease the stress I am currently experiencing. I am burned out to the core; talk about being honest and this is as honest as I can get. Ok, I know I do have weekends off from work but going out and eating out with friends doesn't seem to really lessen the stress.

In reality, I only have one day off. Because I go off from work on Saturday morning and go back at it on Monday evening. The pain of working nights. That is why I am wishing for something that will truly relax me. And I can't think of any but to have a staycation somewhere in the city or somewhere a bit away from it.

August 7, 2016

SammyDress Haul 2 + Review

And I'm back with another haul from! This is my second haul from this site and I am totally loving it! I pretty much enjoyed the items that I got last time which you can check out here: SammyDress Haul 1 + Review and had experienced a nice service and shipping (yes no hassle at all) that I made another round.

I love the Sammydress' customer service btw, they let you know if your items are out of stock or it has been shipped. They even have pictures of your packages as proof. My packages came in two shipping because some of the items were not available at the time of order. But I am a patient person so it was OK for me to wait. The only problem that I encountered was when the shipment arrived in my country and took half a month for the Philippine postal service to process it and send me a notification for claiming. Other than that everything was A-OK!

August 5, 2016

Florals and Maxis

I was never the simple girl. I've been known to be the expressive one among my family and friends. Everything that is about me was and is never simple. People closest to me can attest to that. The way I talk, the things I buy, the things I do, the things I share, heck, even the way I dress ain't simple.
Don't get confused, I am not loud though. It's just that I always had the need to stand out or be noticed or speak my mind. This is the way I was wired and I will never be sorry about it. It is me and I will always be like this.

August 3, 2016

Travel in Style: My Wishlist

I am going on a holiday very very soon and I am super excited about it! It's almost a year since I went on a trip and I badly need it now more than ever. It's not until the last quarter of this year but at least I have something to look forward to and be excited about.
When I go on trips, I plan what I would wear, for that day and for the activities on a certain day. Like seriously, I write it down and group each outfit while packing. From the clothes themselves to the footwear and even down to the accessories. If it is a 4 day trip then I will plan what I would wear from day to night and from day 1 to 4.
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