August 30, 2016

Whipped Salon: Benefits of Scrubbing and Sugar Waxing

I don't usually go to a professional to have  body scrubbing but I do go to a salon for my hair removal needs. A few days ago, I visited Whipped Sugar Wax Body & Scrubbing Salon for my monthly hair removal sessions. And for this month, I had Caramel Scrubbin' for half of my legs. The service includes scrubbing of legs using an all-natural strawberry scrub and then sugar waxing. 

I looove the scrubbing and waxing services at Whipped! Their scrubs and wax smell sooo good! Whipped uses the cold wax technique, which is a made of melted sugar and lemon juice. It's all natural and less painful too than other types of waxing or threading. They have 3 types of scrubs: strawberry, bamboo and tangerine. They also use real brown sugar together with the strawberry scrub. After scrubbing and waxing they also apply this yummy smelling lotion that will leave your legs and underarms smooth and sweet smelling.

For this post I would love to share with you guys the benefits of sugar scrubbing and sugar waxing:

Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing
1. For a Clean and Clean Skin - Scrubbing rid your skin of impurities and dead skin cells immediately.

2. Bye Bye Flakes - Did you know that flaky skin gives rise to dry patches. When you have flaky skin it allows the dead cells to accumulate over time.

3. Renew - Best benefit of scrubbing is keeping those dead cells at bay.

4. That Perfect Glow - Exfoliation will make your skin glow, exposing those rosy, and porcelain like skin.

5. No More Park Patches - Scrubbing will even out your skin tone by removing dark patches (basically dead skin cells that have been accumulating over time)

6. Remove Those Nasty Scars - Exfoliation helps in doing away with scars. How? Scrubbing helps lightening unwanted body marks.

7. Get That Smooth Skin - Removing all of those nasty and unwanted stuff off of your skin will bring out the smoothest version of your skin.

5. Awesome Feeling - The best psychological benefit of scrubbing is helping you with your confidence with your body. Since your skin feels good, you too will feel good.

9. Healthier Skin - Since you keep on removing the top layer of your skin, skin keeps on producing new skin cells, therefore having healthy and new skin all the time.

10. Improves Texture - Since all of those nasty stuff will be removed, your skin won't have dry patches, bumps, rough areas or what have you.

Benefits of Sugar Waxing
1. It is all good and natural. - Made from sugar, water, and lemon. That's it!

2. Goodbye, Good Riddance! - Hair is not only gone from the surface, but the roots are taken out as well.

3. Soft, smooth, unwanted hair. Wow! - Regrowth of unwanted hair is softer, smoother, and therefore easier to remove.

4. Finer and thinner hair growth. - Reduces volume and thickness of unwanted hair growth over time.

5. Strip yourself of dead skin cells. - Sugar wax only adheres to dead keratin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.

6. Reduced chances of hair ingrown. - Since the hair is removed in the same direction of hair growth, we don't intervene with the growth patterns.

7. Less painful and little discomfort. - Since sugar waxing sticks only to dead skin cells and hair, it is less painful than most hair removal practice. 

8. Minimizes risk of breakage. - Sugar Waxing minimizes the risk of hair breakage because it pulls in the direction of natural hair growth.

9. Healthier skin. - Since the sugar wax is stripping off the dead skin cells, this procedure removes impurities in the skin. Also, lemon has citric acid, which tightens skin.

10. Sanitary and Non-comedogenic. - The sugar wax is hypoallergenic and does not clog pores. Due to high concentration of sugar, bacteria doesn't and cannot breed in the sugar paste.

Do check out Whipped Salon for your body scrubbing and hair removal needs. I have listed their details down below. Enjoy!

-3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces
-2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
-2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center, BGC, Taguig
Contact Nos: 0917-2405330 / 931-1288

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