August 8, 2016

My Travel Wish from ShopBack

We're human beings and not robots, so it is natural for us to feel tired or stress. I can't think of anything right now but of something that can ease the stress I am currently experiencing. I am burned out to the core; talk about being honest and this is as honest as I can get. Ok, I know I do have weekends off from work but going out and eating out with friends doesn't seem to really lessen the stress.

In reality, I only have one day off. Because I go off from work on Saturday morning and go back at it on Monday evening. The pain of working nights. That is why I am wishing for something that will truly relax me. And I can't think of any but to have a staycation somewhere in the city or somewhere a bit away from it.

Our bodies and minds can take only so much. It needs de-stressing. Sure, shopping or dining out can be a stress reliever but lately I have been wanting to have a staycation in one of the hotels in the metro or in Tagaytay.

I'm thinking of Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay. There's something about Tagaytay's cool mountain breeze that puts my soul at ease. And with that view of the famous Taal Lake and all the greenery. Or maybe a weekend at Azumi Boutique Hotel and  a dip into their infinity pool while overlooking the city lights. It is still in Metro Manila but far away from the busyness of the central business districts. 

Or maybe if there's a long weekend, I can finally visit Pico Sands Hotel at Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast, Batangas and eventually be able to feel the sand under my feet yet again... which my soul has been yearning for months now!  

My last beach trip was way back in the summer of 2015, and every freaking day I dream of the beach! This place is very exclusive but also the nearest Manila. It's got one of the best facilities in Batangas and hopefully I can go and visit. I need an escape, now more than ever or else I would lose my mind. Ok not gonna go crazy but you guys know what I mean. Or maybe, if I get lucky, how about a free flight to some exotic destination via Air Asia? Say, Bangkok or Cambodia? Heck yeah!!!

I will probably gonna go browse through Agoda or Expedia to check out these hotels. And while at it, I will make sure I can get some cash back to spend on meals too. How is that even possible? Through of course!

ShopBack Philippines gives you cashback rewards for your online shopping! Who wants to pay a premium for advertising when you can save more? ShopBack doesn't, and they don't want you to either. When you shop through them, they get commission from your favorite shops and split this commission with you as cashback. This means that online shopping is made cheaper with ShopBack Philippines. They bring you the latest discount code, discount voucher, and discount coupon for all your online shopping promos. 

Shopback In Three Simple Steps:
STEP 1: Take your pick fromover 500 online merchants on ShopBack. After you have created a ShopBack account, you will be able to browse through the site’s wide selection of merchants. Surf and satiate your shopping needs from the various categories – Fashion, Travel, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Lifestyle and others. 

STEP 2: Get redirected to the merchant’s website.  Once you have picked a store, simply click on “Shop now”to be redirected to the store’s official website. From there, just perform your usual shopping ritual and make your purchase on the merchant’s site.

STEP 3: Earn Cashback. Once payment is made on the merchant’s site, your Cashback will automatically be added to your ShopBack account within a few days. Once redeemable, the cash can in turn be “cashed out” via transfer to your local bank or PayPal account.

How about you guys? What are you wishing for right now? Blog about it and you might just won your wish! Click here for more info: Win a Wish from ShopBack!

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