June 28, 2021

4 Best Reasons To Take A Solo Trip To Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place and I highly recommend that you should visit at least once in your life. You will see some of the most inspiring attractions in Dubai. Dubai international airports is one of the most lavish airports that you’ll ever come across in your entire life. You can travel to Dubai with your preferred airline like I mostly travelled with Emirates Airlines as it provides comfort at low cost. The best way to get to your hotel from the airport is by using the metro system. 


Traveling alone can become an exciting and revealing experience. Dubai is the ideal place to initiate self-reflection, personal growth, and unlimited freedom. An adventure like this in the Emirati capital will make you feel like never before. These are some of the reasons to travel solo to Dubai

June 27, 2021

5 Tips to Cat-proof Your Condo Unit

Make your condo unit a safe, comfortable, and happy place for your new pet cat by cat-proofing your home with these five tips. So you’ve decided to adopt a cat. Congratulations! You’ll now have an adorable feline to play with, spoil with kitty treats, and give extra TLC (tender loving care) to at home. But before you welcome your new furry friend, you should ask yourself these questions: Is your condo unit safe for your new cat? Are your furniture and things safe from your cat’s bubbliness and scratches?


If you think that you’ll need to cat-proof your unit for safer and hassle-free pet parenting, consider these five achievable tips to make your condo a happy place for you and your kitty:

June 25, 2021

Visiting Maui: Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Vs Private Tours

Maui offers quite a lot to travelers and that is part of the reason why it remains an excellent destination for a great vacation. And it also does not matter if you are going as a single person that just wants time alone from the drudgery of life. As a couple wanting to spice up the relationship. Or even as a family wanting to have fun and get an even closer bond. Maui provides all the right places and activities to cater to all these needs. 


But the question of what type of tour to use soon pops up. While agencies for Maui private tours have a lot to offer, you may need to analyze the group tour’s options before you make a pick. Therefore, this article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a group tour versus a private tour. 

June 24, 2021

T-Shirts and Other Essentials for a Fishing Trip

This may be your first trip on a fishing getaway, and you are unsure of what to include. One factor that can make this weekend getaway a memorable experience is making sure that you have everything you need for clothing, and this page can give you several tips on what to bring. Most professional anglers are travelers, and they learned how to pack efficiently so they could go from one place to another with ease. There are checklists that you should follow, and some of the essentials to bring with you are the following:


What to Bring on your Trip? 
Enough Clothing for Colder Climates
Clothing should never be forgotten regardless of if you are only going for a day or an entire weekend. You need the proper outfits like a Fathom t shirt that will make you more comfortable as you navigate the waters. It is essential to prepare for the colder climates, especially if you are making a trip to the colder regions of Canada or Alaska. High-quality clothes and layering options are excellent ways to survive the cold. However, you should never skimp on waterproof socks, extra underwear, and thick coats because there is a higher chance that you’re going to get soaked. Other items to bring include the following:

June 22, 2021

J&T Express To Honor Riders As Modern Heroes

Bayani sa Makabagong Panahon campaign rewards exemplary delivery frontliners. This July, new heroes will be in town. E-commerce delivery giant J&T Express Philippines will be holding J&T Heroes: Bayani sa Makabagong Panahon to recognize the contributions of its delivery riders, on July 2, 2021 via livestream on their official Facebook page.

J&T Heroes nominees must share J&T Express’ commitment to become the best e-commerce logistics company in Southeast Asia by having a 95-100% high success delivery rate.

Vice President of J&T Express Philippines Zoe Chi said the campaign exemplifies the company’s bayanihan spirt by “honoring our own frontliners who continuously support the company and Filipino community through these challenging times. Through this, we hope that everyone will recognize their dedication and personal sacrifices to provide us with safe, fast, and reliable delivery services so that we can continue on with our lives despite the pandemic.”

June 20, 2021

Easy Ways to Make a Statement with Accessories

Accessories are the final touch of every outfit. When you want to make a statement without going overboard with your clothes, accessories are there to allow you to be the centre of attention every time. From hats to scarves, jewelry, and iconic belts and timepieces, you can easily put together an outfit that will take everyone's breath away.


A stylish scarf is a game-changer
Are you a fan of black-on-black or white-on-white outfits? If you don't like to experiment with colours, and you'd rather choose simple combinations, then adding a scarf in bold patterns and colours will be the best decision. It will balance out the monotony of your top and bottom, by adding a trendy flair to your ensemble. The same goes for throwing a chunky blanket-like scarf over your leather jacket or a trench coat when you need layers of clothes to keep you warm.

June 18, 2021

The BTS Meal: The Much-Awaited McDo x BTS Collab Has Finally Launched in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the last countries to get a hold of the much-awaited BTS x McDonald’s collaboration, aka The BTS Meal and after almost a month of waiting and hype, it’s finally available to Filo ARMYs! 


The members of BTS are true fans of McDonald's, an d the famous Orders Platform (that brought to life many other collaborations like that of teh Travis Scott nad J Balvin meals) is based on the insght that no matter how famous you are, you have a favorite McDonald's order.

June 15, 2021

5-Minute Daily Plank Workout – Everything That You Need to Know

Do you want to improve your core strength? If yes, then you should try the 5-minute daily plank workout. Most of the trainers from all around the world suggest doing planks for working on the core, and it is all because of some pretty good reasons. Our life schedule is so hectic that we don't get time for doing exercise. 


The plank is really a simple and effective Hyperbolic stretching exercise that helps in improving your core strength. The best thing is that it is generally considered one of the safest exercises for people who are suffering from lower back pain. The 5-Minute Daily Plank Workout is really very easy to follow, and you can perform this routine without any hassle.

June 12, 2021

5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Is the West Coast really the best coast? Most argue that it is. The weather tends to be pleasant all year long, world-class shopping is available in Los Angeles every day, and there is a combination of trails, beaches, and world-class restaurants. Los Angeles homes for sale tend to be a bit expensive. However, a general rule of thumb is - the closer you get to downtown or the beach, the more expensive the real estate and property taxes.


Did you know traveling is good for your health and happiness? Traveling can reduce stress and has health benefits. Read below for the ways travel can improve your wellbeing. 

June 11, 2021

Top 3 Travel Destinations for Single Men

Being single definitely has its perks. After all, it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, without having to explain your choices or adjust them to anybody else’s needs. So, if there’s a globetrotter hiding in you, you can actually travel to any part of the world, stay as long as you decide to and create an itinerary to your own liking. 


Plus, you have the opportunity to meet new people and talk to whomever you want, without worrying about where the conversation might lead or if you’ll hurt your partner by getting too familiar with somebody. This only leaves you with wondering where to go next. Whether you want to travel alone or with friends, consider these three interesting and fun destinations, ideal for single men who want to see and experience something new.

June 9, 2021

What You Should Know Before Buying Beach Umbrellas

Everyone enjoys a day out on the beach, especially during summer. The chill breeze from the ocean mixed with the blazing sun is the perfect blend for outdoor relaxation. Although we enjoy this blend, it’s hard to stay under the scorching summer sun for too long without of course, getting scorched. To stay on the beach longer, we all rely on sun-blocking beach umbrellas or risk some harm to our bodies. You can see some health risks of constant exposure to sunlight here: https://www.epa.gov/sunsafety/health-effects-uv-radiation


As you plan your next trip to the beach this summer, if you don’t already have a beach umbrella, there are few things you may want to consider before ordering one online, or heading over to the store to pick one up-the old-fashioned way. 

June 3, 2021

What's New in Town? Garden Dining by White Moon Bar at Hotel H20 / Manila Ocean Park

No one has the slightest idea how bored and sick I am with this ECQ/p*ndemic. That is why every chance I get to see my friends, I’m out the door in a heartbeat. (Of course, even if how much I miss my friends, we make sure that we abide by the safety protocols). Thus, we search for places with al fresco dining where we can meet and chill for just a few hours – since those places are the only ones allowed to operate at the moment. 

We discovered this new #GardenDining concept by  White Moon Bar at Hotel H20 / Manila Ocean Park. Although it’s not by the bay like the original White Moon Bar (still closed at the moment) you can still feel some sea breeze while you’re there. Pair that simple and relaxing ambiance (the place is still in the works) with Chef Ranuka Hettiarachchi’s Modern Asian food offerings, and you’re all set for a lovely afternoon with the barkada. 

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