June 27, 2021

5 Tips to Cat-proof Your Condo Unit

Make your condo unit a safe, comfortable, and happy place for your new pet cat by cat-proofing your home with these five tips. So you’ve decided to adopt a cat. Congratulations! You’ll now have an adorable feline to play with, spoil with kitty treats, and give extra TLC (tender loving care) to at home. But before you welcome your new furry friend, you should ask yourself these questions: Is your condo unit safe for your new cat? Are your furniture and things safe from your cat’s bubbliness and scratches?


If you think that you’ll need to cat-proof your unit for safer and hassle-free pet parenting, consider these five achievable tips to make your condo a happy place for you and your kitty:

Bolt Your Storage To The Wall
Securing your shelves to the wall is one way to prevent any accidents and injuries from happening. Sure, your new pet might still be a wee kitten, but it is just a matter of months before it starts climbing your walls and shelves. Plus, you wouldn’t want to risk breaking your valuables because your cat shoves them off their surfaces.

Fortunately, most condo developments, such as Urban Deca Homes, have built-in cabinetry and shelves before residents move in. But if you have stand-alone storage furnishings, use bolts and shelf supports to keep them mounted on your wall at all times. Another tip is to choose shelves with durable glass doors to keep your items safe.


Designate Your Cat’s Personal Space
Being the diva they are, cats need personal space. It is best to decide where your cat’s habitat will be in your home before you browse the Internet for cat breeds or contacting pet shelters for kittens available for adoption. Early planning means you’ll shop for your cat’s essentials and build its new space before bringing it home. 

Some items you might want to get for your cat are an automatic water and food dispenser, a cat bed, a scratching post, a litter box, and a few toys. Don’t forget their grooming items such as brushes, claw trimmers, and mat-removing combs.


Research Before Getting New Plants
Indoor greens are essential for making any home a relaxing and refreshing place. They also provide aesthetic appeal and touches of nature to modern homes in bustling areas, such as Tondo in Manila. But since you will be bringing a cat, it is best to research which plants are kitty-safe.

Popular indoor plants such as Devil’s Ivy (pothos), aloe vera, peace lilies, and snake plants are highly toxic to cats. If you are an aspiring plant parent, it is best to research which plants are non-toxic or non-allergenic for your kitty friend. But if you already have some of these house greens, better place them in a spot where your cat can’t reach them.

Keep Your Desk Clear
We’re not just talking about tidying your desk for your next work shift. Keep your desk clear of anything breakable or valuable to prevent your cat from pushing it away from the surface. Some examples: your miniature Zen garden, chessboard display, candle jars, and grandmother’s flower vase.


Secure Any Loose Ends
Breakables aren’t the only thing you should worry about once your cat discovers the joy of climbing and pushing things off their positions. Store your drapes and blinds as your kitty will most likely hike them and perhaps destroy them. 

Secure electronic cables by mounting them on your wall or hiding them in an organizer. Cover plug outlets to keep your pet from sticking its tongue inside. Keep your windows closed tightly, especially if your cat loves to hang out on the window sill. The last thing you’d want is a missing cat that went flying out your window!

You don’t need to break the bank in order to cat-proof your condo unit. By investing in items catered for cats’ wellness and following these five tips, you’ll make your home a safe and happy place for you and your precious kitty.

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  1. These are good tips for people who are planning to become a fur parent. Remember that cats run around, jump and crawl all over the house and it is best to plan ahead before getting one. We need to avoid unnecessary damages and things that can harm our fur pet.

  2. There's a lot of people I know who really love such a cute and adorable creature. It's really important to make your place or your condo a cat-proof to make sure that your place is safe and also to ensure your cat safety too. These 5 tips to Cat-proof are really helpful especially for those people who really love cats.


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