June 18, 2021

The BTS Meal: The Much-Awaited McDo x BTS Collab Has Finally Launched in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the last countries to get a hold of the much-awaited BTS x McDonald’s collaboration, aka The BTS Meal and after almost a month of waiting and hype, it’s finally available to Filo ARMYs! 


The members of BTS are true fans of McDonald's, an d the famous Orders Platform (that brought to life many other collaborations like that of teh Travis Scott nad J Balvin meals) is based on the insght that no matter how famous you are, you have a favorite McDonald's order.


The BTS x McDonald's collab meal or the BTS meal includes: 10 pieces of McChicken Nuggets, Medium Fries, Medium Coke and two limited edition dips/sauces: Sweet Chili and Cajun


So, a lot of people are saying “what’s the hype about, they’re just nuggets, fries and soda”. If you’re not a fan or a baby ARMY, here’s the backstory of how they came up with this meal. According to interviews the BTS members have done and from the McDo Asia Marketing (yes, I did my research):

> It’s made for the fans: the BTS ARMY (the target market, not the general public)

> It is the bands’ favorite order (nuggets, fries, soda) whenever they visit McDonald’s, especially during their trainee/pre-debut days because a branch is near their old dorm and they weren't earning  that much when they were just a rookie group. 

> The Cajun and Sweet Chili sauces are available permanently in South Korea (as per Eugene Lee - Regional Director of Marketing McDonald’s Asia and I confirmed this too with a blogger-friend living in SoKor for years you  may check out her blog: wanderwithjin.com)

Burger was not considered because BTS also have a lot of fans who do not consume beef due to their religious beliefs (i.e. fans from the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, India to name a few)

> Through this campaign McDo is enabling fans across the world to have a taste of what BTS actually enjoys when they visit or order from their local McDonald’s. ⁣


I personally (because taste is subjective) like both the Cajun and Sweet Chili sauces. They’re something new for me and it was good to give them a try. But I guess the BBQ sauce will still be my fave pairing with the nuggets, just my personal preference. Moreover, because I’m one of the biggest fans of BTS, I usually support most of their collabs. And hey the admit it or not, the purple packaging is too cute!

Kudos to McDonald’s Philippines for the promotions that they organized (Tiktok IPurpleYouDance challenge), their initiative of giving BTS Meals to healthcare workers via McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen, the pre-launch via the McDo app, and reminders for following safety protocols. The pre-launch was very organized. (well, atleast at the branch that I visited) ⁣


Please always practice respect, sabi nga ni Jimin-ssi “be a decent human being”. If you’re not interested with this collab, let others enjoy things that they like, plus, you can always order the regular nuggets and fries. Kayo din, PHP 260 yung BTS Meal.⁣

Ps. The Oreo McFlurry is not included with the meal, I just ordered it because: (1) I was craving, (2) it’s Taehyung’s fave and only ARMYs knows why it’s a must-order. ⁣
Pps. The photocards and can badge are not freebies from McDo or BTS, they are from my BTS merch collection used as props for the flatlay. ⁣

Pps. PH ARMYs please always practice being respectful and grateful (just how our boys are). Don't forget to thank and be nice to the McDo crew and delivery men (and if you can give them a tip please do!) Observe safety protocol at all times. And lastly don't engage in any toxic and hateful behavior on and offline. 


Available on all McDonald's branches across the Philippines via dine-in, drive thru, mcdelivery.com.ph, and other delivery partners 

For more information visit McDonald's Philippines social media:

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  1. Many people especially those who are not a fan of BTS can't understand the Hype about this BTS meal. They say that it's just a nuggets,fries and soda but for those who are a big fan of this BTS it means happiness. I hope that people should understand how those people feel and let them be happy because it was their happiness.

  2. finally, the BTS Meal that Filipino fans are waiting for is here. and yes this is not for the general public to appreciate but for the BTS fans to enjoy. It is not really about the food, but the experience and the support to their favorite korean group.


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