October 28, 2013

Ahaishopping Pinterest Contest

Last August I hosted a giveaway sponsored by Ahaishopping.com and have received favorable numbers of participants. As a gift for hosting such a giveaway on my blog, they gave me $30 gift card to use as money to buy anything I want from their webstore.

Now Ahaishopping.com is holding another giveaway/contest through Pinterest! You just need to create a Pinterest account and make a board especially dedicated for Ahaishooping and pin items catered by Ahaishopping. (Specific contest/giveaway details written at the end of this blog post.)

October 21, 2013

My First Ever Make Up Workshop with Youtube Make Up Guru Say Artillero

I love make up, and most often than not, I do not leave home without putting some on. I also have a humble collection of make ups both of local and international brands; some I bought myself, some are given by friends, some are freebies and some are samples. When it comes to brushes, I only have a face/blush brush and 2 eye shadow brushes. I haven't got the opportunity to buy a decent set of brushes, I don't know why I keep putting off buying a set.  My birthday is just a  month away, and I'm thinking of buying a brush set, just a  birthday gift for myself, or probably someone will give it to me as a gift. (*hint *hint hahahahaha!) Gosh it's about time I own one.

Youtube Make Up Guru Say Artillero

Last Oct 12, I attended my first ever make up work shop. Even if it was a stormy Saturday afternoon and Santi's pouring all its might onto Metro Manila with its heavy rains and strong winds, I and two other friends attended Say Artillero's Personal Make Up Workshop at Glambox Beauty Studio in Makati. We availed of her special promo make up workshop for only PHP 1,500 (PHP 2,500 is the usual rate).

October 14, 2013

Sew Much Ado...

If you have read my previous posts you might have an idea that I came from a family who's very much affiliated with clothes and very well-versed when it comes to apparel.My grandmother used to be dress-maker and used to own a business that sub-contracted in producing clothes for companies and clothing  stores.

Both my parents used to work for trading companies that mediates between garment factories here in the Philippines and international clothing brand owners. They were either Quality Assurance or Quality Control officers and Merchandisers for those companies. When the garment manufacturing industry in the Philippines had gone stale, they both left their jobs and decided to buy and sell overrun apparels so that they can work from home. My sister Hazel, on the other hand, is a self-made fashion designer and wedding  couturier.

October 12, 2013


I love the beach, and most of my major out of town trips, the destination is the beach, thus a collection of swimsuits that I own. Most have been in storage for quite some time now. Although I try to mix and match them so it wont look like I'm wearing the same pieces during my beach trips.

Since I do not have the slender body that I used to have when I was a bit younger, (yeah I like to believe I used to be slimmer haha!) I am on the look out for swimsuit styles that would still be stylish enough to wear on its own. I dont like wearing board shorts, t-shirts or tank tops when I'm swimming. So even if I gained a few (or maybe alot) pounds, I always wear swimsuits.

October 7, 2013

PersunMall.com Review

Last “month” I received an email from the marketing staff of Persunmall.com. Persunmall.com is one of the well-known online retailers offering fashionable and quality apparel and accessories for reasonable prices. They also offer coupon codes and sales. They ship worldwide and offer exchange and return if necessary.


Persunmall.com asked me to partner with them by hosting a giveaway on my blog and they will provide the prizes. I got really excited upon knowing this; because this is the first time I’m holding a contest in my blog. So I replied to the email, created a blog post about it and extensively promoted it through my social media.

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