October 21, 2013

My First Ever Make Up Workshop with Youtube Make Up Guru Say Artillero

I love make up, and most often than not, I do not leave home without putting some on. I also have a humble collection of make ups both of local and international brands; some I bought myself, some are given by friends, some are freebies and some are samples. When it comes to brushes, I only have a face/blush brush and 2 eye shadow brushes. I haven't got the opportunity to buy a decent set of brushes, I don't know why I keep putting off buying a set.  My birthday is just a  month away, and I'm thinking of buying a brush set, just a  birthday gift for myself, or probably someone will give it to me as a gift. (*hint *hint hahahahaha!) Gosh it's about time I own one.

Youtube Make Up Guru Say Artillero

Last Oct 12, I attended my first ever make up work shop. Even if it was a stormy Saturday afternoon and Santi's pouring all its might onto Metro Manila with its heavy rains and strong winds, I and two other friends attended Say Artillero's Personal Make Up Workshop at Glambox Beauty Studio in Makati. We availed of her special promo make up workshop for only PHP 1,500 (PHP 2,500 is the usual rate).

Glambox Make Up Studio:

I arrived 10 minutes late than the scheduled start time. Good thing Say is still conducting a  1-on-1 personal/basic make up session with a client. We were given free food and drinks that we can eat while waiting for the workshop to start.

Say Artillero's one-on-one make up workshop

All the tools needed for the workshop is provided by Say Artillero. We only needed to bring an eyelash curler and ourselves. Each attendee has their own set of brushes and mirrors to use. The brushes, in my opinion,  are the suggested basic ones that every girl should own.

The brushes are properly cleaned and sanitized so you don't have to worry at all, to use them. I also loved all the products that we used,especially the blush and eye shadow palettes, they were very pigmented.

As per Say Artillero, the brushes that we used are from: Candyblush Shop and Pretty Angel Shoppe; while the blush, contouring and eye shadow palettes are from: Enhance Cosmetics.

The first part of the workshop is a lecture about skin care types, skin tones, types of brushes and their uses, some tips and tricks and Q&A. 

The second part of the workshop is a demo on how to put on make up step-by-step. Starting from putting some primer, knowing how to match your skin color to the perfect shade of foundation, how to apply, how to blend, how to contour and how to go from day to night make up.

resident demo model, Yang Isla, isn't she so pretty?

The third and last part is the return demonstration. This is where you will apply make up from the 1st to the last step, all by yourself. All throughout the workshop, anyone can ask questions, if they have one.

I thought I already know alot about make up and how to apply it. I've been doing my own make up since my first year in college. I've been watching alot of Youtube tutorial videos and reading blogs for tips and tricks. But I suddenly realize, after this workshop, that I am not as good as I think and I still have a lot, and I mean ALOT, to learn. It is also very different when you acquire the knowledge and skills from a professional.

my before and after shots

My two friends and I can't believe how our make up looked after the return demo. Our make ups were far from the usual ones that we do ourselves, it was like having your make-up done at a good salon/parlor or by a professional make up artist. Moreover, I also came to a conclusion that with proper brushes, good quality make up and other tools, the output is way better.

I really had a great time during the workshop. Say Artillero was very helpful and insightful. She was very bubbly and accommodating with all our questions. I am really encouraged to build my own good quality make up & brush collection and attend more advance make up workshops.

Awarding of certificates of attendance

What stuck to me was when Say told us that the key is: "practice! practice! practice!" and "there are no rules when it comes to make up". I want to do my eyebrows perfectly, an important aspect of doing your make up because properly done eyebrows defines and frames one's face. So I'm taking Say's advice by doing alot of practice.

photo ops with Say Artillero's Personal Make Up Worshop Batch 7 classmates: 

Say Artillero conducts Personal Make Up Workshops and 1-on-1 Make Up Workshops regularly. For updates about her workshop schedules, tutorials et. al., follow her social media sites below:

Thanks for stopping by, until next time! :)

*some photos were lifted from Say Artillero's blog*

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  1. I know I could learn more but I just don't want to anymore,lol. It's cool that you know and is open to it.

    1. hey Honey Tan, thanks for the comment. I think you're already pretty good with doing your own make up, as for me I'm way way behind, just need to learn the basics and I'm going to do the experimenting myself :)

    2. Thank you for your kind words. Have fun experimenting. ^_^


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