October 12, 2013


I love the beach, and most of my major out of town trips, the destination is the beach, thus a collection of swimsuits that I own. Most have been in storage for quite some time now. Although I try to mix and match them so it wont look like I'm wearing the same pieces during my beach trips.

Since I do not have the slender body that I used to have when I was a bit younger, (yeah I like to believe I used to be slimmer haha!) I am on the look out for swimsuit styles that would still be stylish enough to wear on its own. I dont like wearing board shorts, t-shirts or tank tops when I'm swimming. So even if I gained a few (or maybe alot) pounds, I always wear swimsuits.

So when high-waist swimsuits became popular again I was ecstatic to have one! Not only that it will cover my big tummy, I love the vintage 1950's-1960's vibe that it gives. I feel like a pin-up girl while wearing high-waist swimsuits. :)

NUDO SWIMWEAR is one of the local swimsuit brands in the Philippines that I have been following since they launched their Facebook account in 2011.

Nudo Swimwear’s swimsuit designs caught my attention because they carry vintage-inspired swimsuit designs. Vintage-inspired swimsuits started to regain popularity in 2011  and was still,  hard to find and buy,  back then. I only see them being sold at international/U.S.- based online stores. Although I have never purchased any piece from Nudo, I constantly check their Facebook feeds/posts for their current designs. I usually bookmark the styles that I like; well, for future reference, if ever I decide to go and buy one from them.

Last August, Nudo Swimwear announced that they will be having a Warehouse Sale on August 16-17, 2013. They also posted on their Facebook page that those who will help them promote about it will have a chance to win a pair of swimsuit. Since I have nothing to blog about that day, and I just have to do a little write-up, I figured why not make a blog post about it. Although I am not expecting to win, knowing that Nudo Swimwear has  thousands of fans in Facebook and most likely some of them are fashion bloggers. and they have greater chances of winning.

See the blog post here: Helloviellobits!: Nudo Swimwear SALE!

A few days later, I saw  these on my Facebook Newsfeed:

You can’t imagine how thrilled I was after reading that! So I hurriedly sent them an email for my personal information and mailing address. I can’t contain my excitement, because I rarely get to win or receive free stuff. I started this blog with less expectations of acquiring anything for myself, you know, like free clothes, jewelries, event invites or restaurant invites. 

And then another few days later, while we were having brunch at home [eating Kanto Freestyle breakfast take outs ;-) ], a courier knocked on our door with the package from NUDO Swimwear.

I received the ABACA 4-WAY REVERSIBLE TOP/HIGH WAIST in Yellow/Rainbow color.  The pair is fully-lined, with detachable straps, tied at the back and the top is reversible.

I got the chance to wear it during our recent trip to Subic Bay Yacht Club for our friend's birthday celebration.

I paired this Nudo Swimsuit with this aqua-blue kimono-type cover-up that I sew around 2 weeks before this trip.

See why I love high-waist swimsuits? Because they hide my fat tummy and flatters my body shape. Vintage look never go out of style! Whoever invented this piece of clothing is truly a genius! And Nudo Swimwear is a brand where you can get these oh-so-chic retro swimsuit pieces. 

Btw, here are the styles from Nudo Swimwear that are on my wishlist and that I'm drooling over:



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*photos lifted from Nudo Swimwear's Facebook page and website

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