November 18, 2022

The Essential Christmas Tree Checklist |

It goes without saying that Christmas is one of the most highly-anticipated holiday seasons in the Philippines, so much so that it is not uncommon to see decors set up as early as the first week of September! However, anyone passionate about the holidays would tell you that setting up those holiday decorations and embellishments is easier said than done. From wrapping the exteriors with shimmering Christmas lights to covering the rooms with ribbons and holly, decorating the home is quite the undertaking for any family or individual. 

But no home decorated for the holidays would be complete without this holiday essential: the Christmas tree. Today’s blog entry is here to assist you with a hassle-free and merrymaking guide to making your Christmas tree!

Top Things to Know When Planning Your First Trip as a Couple

Travelling with your partner will open up new horizons for both of you. You will learn all the little things about each other that you otherwise cannot spot when you’re on a date or hanging out. Spending 24 hours with someone will be challenging for some couples, while others will realise that’s exactly what they need. Planning a trip together comes with plenty of preparation and logistics, as you’ll need to ensure you have top-notch accommodation, book the tickets at affordable prices, and plan a full spectrum of activities together, to name a few. Prepare for the most carefree trip with your partner by reading the following top tips.

Communicate about every segment of the travel
Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Many couples don' manage to keep their relationships alive because they refrain from speaking their mind and sharing their worries and problems with their partner. Don't be one of those couples, but speak openly to your partner about everything. Is he planning to take you to the mountains, but you don't like snow and skiing? Is she wishing for an adrenaline-filled trip while you want to go to an exotic destination to enjoy the sun and beach fun? Don't plan a surprise trip if you're unsure of each other's interests. Agree on the time of travel, snacks you'll bring when you'll start packing, and how long you want to stay.

November 10, 2022

Travel Without Worry with These 6 Money Tips

Some of the most important preps that you’ll have to make before you travel pertain to your money matters. Beyond paying off major expenses like your flight and accommodations and setting aside pocket money for the trip, you should think about how much cash to have on your person, which cards to use for payment, and how to deal with financial emergencies when you’re far away from home.

Money may be stressful to think about at first, but the better you are at keeping your finances in order while you travel, the more likely you are to achieve peace of mind. This, in turn, will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. To that end, here are six money-related tips that you can use to ensure a worry-free journey to your country of destination:  

November 9, 2022

6 Tips To Style Your Arms With Clothes

Styling tips to learn how to choose the key garments to stylize your arms without giving up your style. Enjoy your favorite looks without worrying about your complexities. Do you have a thick arms complex? Don't worry. The arms are the most exposed area of our body, especially in the hot months.

It is not about going covered in the rhinestone halter top but about getting the right clothes right and compensating for the simplicity of the areas that you do not want to stand out, such as the arms with some detail in other parts of your body that stylize and create balance in your figure.

November 3, 2022

How to Style Low-Rise Jeans | Outfit Ideas

Low-rise jeans are the standard in the wholesale women’s jeans industry. From flare leg to skinny jeans and beyond, many different types of low-rise jeans are available online today, making it easy to find the right fit for your body type and personal style preferences. These jeans are more flattering to many body types than high-rise jeans and don’t require you to wear multiple pairs of underwear to achieve a smooth look. Wholesale jeans are the best way to save money while getting great style. The trick is finding the right store and knowing how to dress the shape of your body.

This blog post was designed to help you figure out how to wear low-rise jeans and what styles work best. Here are some outfit ideas to help you get started on how to style low-rise jeans when looking to buy women’s jeans online.

November 2, 2022

Best Travel Destinations for Adventure Travelers: 2023 Guide

It’s never too early to start planning your future adventures, especially if you’re an adrenalin junky craving your next fun activity. In 2023, prepare for a lot of exciting trips all over the world, and they are all yours to choose from. No matter if you’re into land, water or air activities, the following destinations will satisfy your need for excitement and make for some awesome adventures. Here are our top picks of best travel destinations for adventurers in 2023:

New Zealand
New Zealand was one of the first countries to bounce back from the pandemic and start practicing safe and controlled tourism. This isolated island is fun and exotic in itself, with its unbelievable nature and great ocean riches. However, one of the main reasons New Zealand is on this list for 2023 is bungy jumping. Head to the South Island and visit Queenstown for some true head-spinning adrenaline. This is the birthplace of bungy jumping so it's definitely worth your time, because it's constantly delivering best, highest and most beautiful jumps in the world. There are also some amazing Queenstown accommodation options to choose from with beautiful scenery and luxurious settings. When you're not in the air, you can do some adventure cycling around the island and enjoy the rolling hills and gorgeous sights.

6 Wearable Trends for Autumn-Winter 2022 That You Can Try!

Brrrrrrr…. It’s the time of the year again, where autumn temperature transition between summer heat and winter cold especially at places in middle and high latitudes. Leaves turn to orange, red and yellows and then falls from the trees afterwards they will be bear and snow starts to drop to cover the land in white.

Autumn and Winter can get us all lazy and just want anything to be cozy and comfy, but that does not mean you have to be lazy with your fashion style. It is easy to fall on that side because you will think being comfortable in your Autumn or Winter clothes means it has to be sluggish. Wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t equate to wearing boring clothes. 

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