November 2, 2022

Best Travel Destinations for Adventure Travelers: 2023 Guide

It’s never too early to start planning your future adventures, especially if you’re an adrenalin junky craving your next fun activity. In 2023, prepare for a lot of exciting trips all over the world, and they are all yours to choose from. No matter if you’re into land, water or air activities, the following destinations will satisfy your need for excitement and make for some awesome adventures. Here are our top picks of best travel destinations for adventurers in 2023:

New Zealand
New Zealand was one of the first countries to bounce back from the pandemic and start practicing safe and controlled tourism. This isolated island is fun and exotic in itself, with its unbelievable nature and great ocean riches. However, one of the main reasons New Zealand is on this list for 2023 is bungy jumping. Head to the South Island and visit Queenstown for some true head-spinning adrenaline. This is the birthplace of bungy jumping so it's definitely worth your time, because it's constantly delivering best, highest and most beautiful jumps in the world. There are also some amazing Queenstown accommodation options to choose from with beautiful scenery and luxurious settings. When you're not in the air, you can do some adventure cycling around the island and enjoy the rolling hills and gorgeous sights.

New South Wales, Australia
Australia has always been attractive for adventure travelers–there’s Uluru, exciting rain forests, unique animals and great surf. However, probably the most interesting thing about this country is the underwater world and all its amazing variety of animals. New South Wales is especially attractive for anglers looking for serious fishing adventures. So if you want to land a big one in 2023, you can book an exciting half day fishing charter in Narooma and chase some wild King Fish, Bonito, Snapper and many other reef species. There’s nothing more exciting than trying for a whopper at Montague Island or one of our other close reefs. If you love adrenaline and want to test your strength against giant fish, this is the adventure for you.

Choquequirao, Peru
Everyone knows about the famous Machu Picchu, but what about some of the less touristy spots in Peru with equal attractiveness and excitement? Well, in 2023, it’s time to give some much-deserved attention to Choquequirao. This remote Inca site in the Peruvian Andes is not filled with tourists for a reason–it’s very hard to reach and reserved only for serious adventurers. It’s only reachable on foot, and you’ll really give your lungs and legs a workout until you reach the complex at 10,000 feet. Choquequirao is shrouded in many mysteries, and many of the sites are not yet unearthed. However, you’ll get to enjoy the view of intriguing Llama Terraces, named after big llama carvings and images on the terrace steps. It’s very easy to notice these llama images since they stand out against the dark rock background. No other Inca site has these drawings so you’ll get to see something truly unique!

Austrian Alps
This mountain range proves that when people come together, great things can spring from collective efforts. For almost 15 years, an association of high-altitude hamlets has been gathering their funds and human resources and promoting their community in Central Europe’s Eastern Alps to adventure hikers, bikers, skiers and climbers. These “Mountaineering Villages” are concentrated mainly in the Austrian states of Tyrol and Carinthia, with some spots in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Slovenia. Mountaineering Villages stayed true to their culture and traditions while also doing their best to protect the environment and landscapes from modern developments. By rejecting big ski resorts and cable cars, they manage to provide their guests with much more authentic skiing, ice climbing and hiking experiences.

Are you ready for some adventure in the upcoming year? In 2023, pick any of these destinations and taste pure adrenaline!

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