November 9, 2022

6 Tips To Style Your Arms With Clothes

Styling tips to learn how to choose the key garments to stylize your arms without giving up your style. Enjoy your favorite looks without worrying about your complexities. Do you have a thick arms complex? Don't worry. The arms are the most exposed area of our body, especially in the hot months.

It is not about going covered in the rhinestone halter top but about getting the right clothes right and compensating for the simplicity of the areas that you do not want to stand out, such as the arms with some detail in other parts of your body that stylize and create balance in your figure.

Let no complex prevent you from putting on your favorite dress, t-shirt, or shirt. Check out these tips to style your arms with clothes.

1. Bare shoulders:
Dresses, t-shirts, and shirts with bare shoulders are the star trend of the summer. This style is perfect for going to the beach to have dinner at a cool place and above all, you will hide your arms in a very discreet way.

2. Be careful when choosing your upper garments:
Shirts and blouses should not be missing from your wardrobe. Jackets, t-shirts, and dresses with French sleeves to the elbow will look great on you since they will expose only the forearm, the thinnest part. Of course, for the arms to look pretty they must be well hydrated, give yourself cream, especially on the elbows that get very dry.

3. Avoid thick or stiff fabrics:
The upper part of garments should be made of light fabrics, soft fabrics, somewhat loose, and half-fall in the arms. Floaty dresses with a bit of sleeve are also a fantastic idea.

4. Simple sleeves suit you:
Avoid puffed or very tight sleeves, with layers, gathers, and details so as not to highlight that area. Avoid large shoulder pads and sleeves with defined finishes.

5. V neckline:
A jumpsuit is always an easy, comfortable, and elegant look. The nude color is the color of the season, it compensates for the simplicity of the sleeves with a very flattering V-neckline.

6. Avoid going with your arms fully exposed:
Sleeveless garments are not your thing. But sometimes a hot day or a beautiful strapless dress can make you fall into temptation. If you don't want to give it up, always wear a three-quarter-sleeved bullfighter-type jacket or a silk scarf around your shoulders and fastened to your arms in a shawl style. Another option is to put a jacket over your shoulders, it is a very good idea if you go out in the afternoon until night because you hide your complexities and have a cardigan in case it gets cold.

Types of necklines: Do you know which neckline suits you best?
The most important thing is to feel comfortable, but if you are not sure how your figure can look better, here are some guidelines or advice:

Ideal for women with wide shoulders, short or robust necks, and for those who do not have much chest. These types of necklines generate a longer and slimmer silhouette effect. We should avoid it if we do not want to attract glances toward our neckline or if our face is rather elongated. If we have a lot of chests it can be a bit vulgar, so we must apply the principle of more chestless length in this type of neckline since we will find versions from a V neckline to an infinite neckline.

Ideal for women with a large bust, it will allow you to look sexy and sophisticated but with a more conservative look. It is one of the necklines that favors and compensates for pear-shaped bodies, especially women with rounded faces and wide necks. We should avoid it if we have a rather square face or with very marked angles since it will harden our features.
Creates an optical neck-lengthening effect. That is why it favors almost all women. If we have a short neck, a long face, or narrow shoulders, this may be our neckline. It also creates a bustier effect, and for women with an hourglass body, it serves as a balance point between our backless sequin top and bottom. If we are rather broad-shouldered we should avoid it.

Ideal if we have a large chest or a rather small neck, it slims the silhouette and lengthens the figure. Forgotten for many years it has returned with force, being one of the star-flattering necklines.

Ideal for tall and lanky women. If we do not have a large chest, it can be a good option, as well as if we have broad shoulders, since the point of attention will fall on the central part of the torso.

The shoulders become the protagonists, so it is perfect for women with not much chest, and for women with very marked curves since it diverts attention from the chest to the silhouette as a whole.

A perfect type of neckline for more formal looks or events, it favors us in almost all body types, although in case of having a large chest, we must make sure that we will wear it lifted, so we should have a suitable bra for it.

Perfect if we do not have many curves, that is if our body is rather straight since it will bring us closer to the hourglass.

They give us more volume in the neck area so they will be ideal if we have a long and thin face or neck. On the other hand, we should avoid them if we have the opposite factions or if we have an apple body since we should always pursue the opposite effect, that of lengthening our silhouette.

One of the sexiest, and many women are more comfortable showing the back than the chest, that is if we only have to follow the principle of if we bet on this crop top with frills, give it all the prominence, and not opt for a piece with a double neckline, front and to the sword too much!

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