November 2, 2022

6 Wearable Trends for Autumn-Winter 2022 That You Can Try!

Brrrrrrr…. It’s the time of the year again, where autumn temperature transition between summer heat and winter cold especially at places in middle and high latitudes. Leaves turn to orange, red and yellows and then falls from the trees afterwards they will be bear and snow starts to drop to cover the land in white.

Autumn and Winter can get us all lazy and just want anything to be cozy and comfy, but that does not mean you have to be lazy with your fashion style. It is easy to fall on that side because you will think being comfortable in your Autumn or Winter clothes means it has to be sluggish. Wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t equate to wearing boring clothes. 

A lot of us are busy bees and it is not like we are all fashion or Instagram models that we need to be all fashion every damn time, but then again, it is always nice and empowering to power dress up. The weather can be depressing, but our style should not be the same way.

Autumn-Winter 2022 fashion trends is not for everyone, but here are some of the trends that you can incorporate in your daily outfits. 

Wearing leather is always associated with cold season. Leather is mainly used for winter clothing since time immemorial. This is because leather fabric is usually thick, elegant, and durable. Moreover, leather provides maximum warmth as well, it provides maximum warmth than any other fabric. Besides the fact that leather is stylish and elegant and can amp up just about any basic outfit, leather jackets can block the wind better so it can keep you pretty warm. When it to comes to leather apparel, I would say my favorites would be leather jackets especially biker and bomber jackets. They provide utility and style at the same time. They would also be nice for layering over turtlenecks or sweaters.
leather jacket 1:
leather jacket 2:

Chunky Sole Shoes
Chunky soled shoes have been around for years and becoming acceptable more and more and not just a fashion trend of the 90’s (Spice Girl era *wink *wink). Chunky shoes are actually more on the comfort side; I mean, the thicker the sole or the heel, the more comfortable the shoes are, because you cover more ground, and they provide more cushion. Unlike your usual stilettos or thin-heeled shoes. Chunky soles look great on boots and lifestyle sneakers. So, you better get a pair of those!
Chunky shoes 1:
Chunky shoes 2:

Head To Toe Denim
Denim will never be out of fashion, whatever the season is and that is a fact! Not to forget that denim is also multi-purpose, the material is durable and provides enough warmth. But doing double denim used to be such a fashion faux pax that everyone was trying to avoid. But things have change nowadays and if you choose the right pieces for doing a double denim outfit the resulting OOTD will be fine and sleek.
Denim 1:
Denim 2:

White Dress Shirt
You might say, “What white dress shirt for Autumn or Winter?” And the answer for you is “Yes” and “Why not?” A white dress shirt is a perfect wardrobe piece to make you look polished, put-together, and effortlessly cool. It really doesn’t get more classic than a white button-down shirt; it’s probably one of the most versatile of basics that can be high-brow or low-brow. It’s perfect for layering, like under your leather jacket or knit sweater. The trend now though is for you to go for a white dress shirt that is a little bit oversized for some added comfort.
White Shirt 1:
White Shirt 2:

Pink / Fuchsia
It is surprising that this color is one of the top trending color this Autumn-Winter 2022 season and you might think it should be associated with Spring fashion. But yeah, the top fashion brands just said so, like Valentino, Versace and Balmain. I know it’s not for everyone as the color can be over the top, but you can pick pieces that are classic in silhouette and keep in mind the word minimalism when using clothes in this bold color.

If you are one of those who can’t wear a bold color like Pink or Fuchsia, then Green is the next trending color in fashion that you can incorporate in your Autumn-Winter fashion. For those who like dressing classic, you can choose pieces in the green shades of emerald and other any muted green hue. If you are the adventurous type, go for lime or neon green; either way wearing something green just says that you are updated in this year’s Autumn-Winter fashion craze and a standout for sure. 

Style, warmth, and comfort definitely go hand in hand, and that is all this Autumn and Winter season is all about! Get these wearable Autumn-Winter trend pieces from Noracora (btw, they ship worldwide) so you can combine comfort and style this cold season! 

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  1. Nammimiss ko na ang pormahang autumn! Nakaboots pa rin ako dito sa Pinas kahit mainit. HAHA!


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