November 18, 2022

The Essential Christmas Tree Checklist |

It goes without saying that Christmas is one of the most highly-anticipated holiday seasons in the Philippines, so much so that it is not uncommon to see decors set up as early as the first week of September! However, anyone passionate about the holidays would tell you that setting up those holiday decorations and embellishments is easier said than done. From wrapping the exteriors with shimmering Christmas lights to covering the rooms with ribbons and holly, decorating the home is quite the undertaking for any family or individual. 

But no home decorated for the holidays would be complete without this holiday essential: the Christmas tree. Today’s blog entry is here to assist you with a hassle-free and merrymaking guide to making your Christmas tree!

Finding the right tree
Christmas trees come in many shapes and forms to cater to homes for all, so the question now lies in what kind of tree is right for you. The first criterion to consider is your room’s space. Your tree should neither be too big for it not to fit in your home nor too small for it not to stand out in your room. Therefore, you should consider the spot where you will place your tree and the overall dimensions of the area. Grab a measuring tape and your home’s blueprints, if possible and necessary, and take note of the floor area and room height. 

Once you have written down the space’s dimensions, it’s time to look for the trees in store that can accommodate your home best. And, every Christmas season, AllHome provides homeowners with an abundance of them that come in contrasting designs and colors!

Putting it together
Once you have set up your chosen tree, it’s time to cover it with gleaming ornaments ‘til your heart’s content! They can come in a wide variety and stem from personal preferences or local cultures. But perhaps no tree ornaments are more universally available than the Christmas balls, and AllHome provides them with as much array as its trees!

As they always say, there is beauty in simplicity, so you cannot go wrong with going for the classic single-colored Christmas balls. However, here at AllHome, we like our ornaments made with a little more creativity in mind. We encourage adding more character to your hanging decors with our unique designs, from charming nutcrackers to golden angels to even shiny Capiz shells!

Now that you have selected your preferred balls, the next challenge is to arrange them uniformly! To avoid placing ornaments in uneven clusters, plan first an overarching theme or scheme for your decorations. Decide on whether you envision one uniform or a particular color palette. When hanging your ornaments, start at the top of the tree with the more sizable and eye-catching designs. Then, fill the even spaces with small and regular ornaments.

Filled with Light & Color
The most striking part of any Christmas tree would be the strings of lights that turn it into a true beacon of the holiday season. It is also the hardest decoration to place on the tree and the one to use with the most caution. 

While some newer models of Christmas trees have built-in lighting on their branches, traditional Christmas lights are still commonly used and are always available in stores. When you are planning to buy one set of lights, bear in mind the number of bulbs, as you do not want your Christmas tree’s lighting to look too sparse or blinding. To know how many lightbulbs your tree optimally needs, here is a rule of thumb to remember: over 100 lights for every 1.5 feet.

Another factor to consider is the type of lighting. As you will be utilizing those lights a few hours per day for two to three months, an ideal set of Christmas lights should emit a decent amount of shimmer without consuming too much power. Generally, they come in incandescent or LED types, the latter being the more popular option due to their energy-saving qualities and low cost.

The Brightest Star
The Christmas tree? Check. The ball ornaments? Check. The lights? Check. Your Christmas tree will need one final touch on top of everything. Tree toppers typically come in two forms: the classic golden star or a little white angel. Regardless, they symbolize the guiding light that led the Three Kings to Jesus in the manger. Whichever you prefer, our AllHome stores provide plenty of toppers of different shapes and sizes to choose!

With these must-haves and steps, you can set up your Christmas tree with more jolly and less hassle, as one should celebrate the holidays! Still, there are other parts of the home that will need decorating, so stay tuned to our upcoming Christmas blog content! 

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If you are seeking inspiration in creating a home filled with Christmas spirit, look no further than AllHome’s 2022 Christmas Catalogue, available now in physical copies and for digital download! Shop now at your nearest AllHome branch or online at!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this , perfect ito lalo na malapit na ang christmas pang decorate and marami dn tlga mabibili dito sa all home , may mga pang gift ideas pa 😍

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  3. That reminds me that I've got to get some christmas decorations in my new place. Thanks for this blogs, will totatlly check out allhome!

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