November 18, 2022

Top Things to Know When Planning Your First Trip as a Couple

Travelling with your partner will open up new horizons for both of you. You will learn all the little things about each other that you otherwise cannot spot when you’re on a date or hanging out. Spending 24 hours with someone will be challenging for some couples, while others will realise that’s exactly what they need. Planning a trip together comes with plenty of preparation and logistics, as you’ll need to ensure you have top-notch accommodation, book the tickets at affordable prices, and plan a full spectrum of activities together, to name a few. Prepare for the most carefree trip with your partner by reading the following top tips.

Communicate about every segment of the travel
Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Many couples don' manage to keep their relationships alive because they refrain from speaking their mind and sharing their worries and problems with their partner. Don't be one of those couples, but speak openly to your partner about everything. Is he planning to take you to the mountains, but you don't like snow and skiing? Is she wishing for an adrenaline-filled trip while you want to go to an exotic destination to enjoy the sun and beach fun? Don't plan a surprise trip if you're unsure of each other's interests. Agree on the time of travel, snacks you'll bring when you'll start packing, and how long you want to stay.

Set a realistic budget
If one of you is making significantly more money than the other one, setting a budget might be challenging. To prevent disagreements, plan for the budget that the partner with lower earnings can afford. It's always best to surprise your sweetheart when on vacation than to argue about how you don't mind paying for the majority of the trip. The last thing you need is a boyfriend feeling guilty for not making enough money or a girlfriend who feels like she’s taking advantage of your good heart. Plan a surprise romantic dinner or pay for the flight upgrade, which they won't have time to complain about or to reason to stress over.

Keep each other’s interests in mind
Are you one of those couples who met online via a dating app? Remember when you first started chatting and learning about each other's interests? Many apps, including the Sugar Daddy dating app, have a profile description where one would inform potential partners about their interests. If you cannot remember what your partner prefers, consult the app and start throwing ideas out there. You don't want them to think you forgot everything they ever told you while you were texting via the Sugar Daddy app, so be attentive to each other's interests and only go to a destination that both of you like. Compromises are acceptable, but only when you don't have to compromise your entire enjoyment for the other person.

Focus on one another
Travelling together is one of the best ways to bond and get to know each other better. However, you won't be able to do that unless you focus on each other. Limit your social media activity, to prevent your partner from feeling excluded from an entire travelling experience. Would you like to spend all day next to a person more interested in sharing posts on Instagram or TikTok? Neither would your partner. So, focus on one another instead of impressing your followers. You can do that when you go back home. Not everything needs to go online in real-time.

Find time to be by yourself
While vacation is all about you two together, you still must find time to separate from your partner for some time. Spending every waking hour together will eventually become overwhelming, making you feel suffocated. To prevent that, find activities you can enjoy on your own. Be it a morning coffee while your partner is still asleep, an early run by the beach on your own, or a relaxing spa time in the sauna, it's vital to step away from each other for at least an hour every day, to appreciate time together more.

Always be punctual
Are you usually punctual? Does your partner tend to be late a lot? When travelling together, you'll need to learn to arrive on time at airports, train stations or bus stations. One of the biggest stressors on trips is transportation, so you need to ensure both of you stress as little as possible. Plan the times you need to arrive at every point without chancing being late. That is especially true if you have a connection flight because if you miss one flight, you risk turning the entire vacation into a nightmare before it even begins.

Prepare for the most intimate moments
Going together on your first vacation can be either the best or the worst experience. There's no in-between. One of the reasons for that is that you'll start to get to know your partner's habits and behaviours that you wouldn't be able to see otherwise. The way they handle their clothes, how they keep their bathroom organised, whether they throw stuff everywhere, love to snack in bed, and make a mess that they expect you to pick up – are some examples of habits that many people have but not many tolerate. You will become more familiar with their morning personality and their evening moods. All the little things that make one relationship more or less bearable come to the surface when you travel together. So, prepare for the biggest test in your relationship so far, and expect the unexpected.

If you’re about to choose the destination for you and your new partner to travel to, you’ll need the previously listed tips to help you prepare. The first trip together is always challenging, so expect the unexpected. Aside from that, make time to enjoy each other, stay away from social media, keep each other’s interests in mind, be punctual and find time to enjoy some alone time.

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