April 8, 2019

4 Reasons You Must Have Travel Insurance

Traveling is always so delightful. Even people who don’t like to travel would definitely want to do so with good company. Irrespective of whether we like to travel or not, each one of us has to pack. How many times do you pack and repack? There’s always that extra scarf that you can do without and still you try to pack as much as you can. But there’s one thing that you must definitely have on your travels and that is travel insurance.

Here are a few reasons why you absolutely must have travel insurance.
1. Reimbursement for your vacation investment
If you’ve planned a big trip then it’s obvious that you’ll have made the arrangements beforehand. Are you going on a cruise? You must have already made the cruise and travel bookings. Now imagine if you can’t go because of an emergency. You’ll have to cancel and if you cancel you won’t get your money back. Most bookings can’t be canceled within 14 days of departure. You’ll be left with a hole in your pocket and a world of disappointment. You must buy travel insurance before setting out. Travel insurance which has trip cancellation benefits insures you against these cancellations. You get reimbursed for prepaid and nonrefundable costs.

2. Emergencies abroad
Ensure yourself against medical emergencies overseas. Your health insurance card may not work everywhere and you may have to pay ready cash upfront. Depending on the country you’re in, these medical costs can go up hundreds of dollars and turn your vacation into a nightmare. Sam Hayden from Towergate Health & Protection says that there are many reasons to get travel insurance, such as having medical coverage if you get sick or injured and need to be treated in another country, or receiving coverage for lost or stolen possessions. You can opt for travel insurance which also covers flight delays and the cost of the accommodation hence. Baggage delay insurance can cover expenses incurred in purchasing immediate supplies.

3. Overseas help
Anything can happen when you’re in a foreign country. You may lose your passport and documents or get robbed. The first place you’ll run to help is the US Embassy. However, embassy help is limited and they advise travelers to get travel insurance before planning a trip overseas. They can only connect you to resources like the local police, your friends and family, replace your passport but they can’t assist you financially. You’re better insulated against mishaps abroad with travel insurance. Better to be safe than sorry.

4. Insurance is cheap
The good news is that travel insurance isn’t too expensive. When you buy insurance you’d be surprised how affordable it is. You’d convince yourself that mishaps happen to others and not you, but you really don’t want to be stranded in an unfamiliar country. You can ask for customized insurance coverage that covers your cost. When you’ve paid thousands of dollars for your trip, a few more wouldn’t matter in view of all the benefits you get.

Do you really need more reasons to invest in insurance?

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