April 9, 2019

8 Common Roof Problems That You May Encounter

Don’t you treat your car and other valuable gadgets with care? Your house also needs the same amount of care and more care and attention when it comes to your roof. This is the most ignored and poorly maintained part of your house. It is exposed to the elements and environmental hazards constantly which contributes to its damage and other roofing issues.

You need to ensure and detect the problem before it can get worse. Keeping an eye out and repairing the issues at the earliest is way better than replacing the whole roof. To help you out, we have listed down seven most common roofing problems and their possible solutions.

1. Improper installation: Poor installation of a roof leads to long term complications and reduces its life expectancy. It is important for you to work with a professional roofer company to have top quality material and structure. Proper installation ensures you that your roof will drain all the water and snow and will not damage the walls. 

2. Roof leakage: This is the most common problem that individuals face. There are some reasons, like small cracks or broken shingles, that can lead to water getting inside the roof causing leaks. Usually, roofs leakages occur near the chimney, around gutters, in low spots or valleys, and under damaged shingles. If you ever notice any sign of leakage, damp walls or discolored ceilings, it’s best to hire experienced  Orlando roofers for a roof inspection.

3. Cracks & shrinkage: When the material under the shingles or roof membrane shrinks, it causes shrinkage which leads to cracks. These kinds of damages depends upon the type of roof installed in your home. Few built-up roofs have layers covered with a flat surface. These tend to have more chances of cracking, splitting and blistering. 

4. Clogged gutters: Clogged gutters are another common problem that might cause rotten eaves. A gutter clogged with sticks, leaves and other debris can lead to leakage in the roof and in the worst case, damage your interior or exterior of the house. It is better to prevent it by checking your gutters and maintaining them. You can install a screen at the gutter openings to prevent leaves from falling into your system.

5. Snow damage: Snow, ice, and hail can cause damage to almost every roof over time. When snow or ice melts, it gets under the shingles causing leakage. And if it freezes, the ice under the roof can lift shingles and leaves a gap through which more ice or water can seep in. The best way to prevent this kind of damage is by contacting a professional and getting it inspected and maintained during spring and fall. By this, you won’t get stuck in a situation where it demands emergency repair.

6. Ponding Water: Water that begins to form a little pond or stands on your roof can cause roofing problem in the long run. The main cause of it is improper drainage of gutters and HVAC units. If you have a flat roof, you can create tapered areas on the surface of the roof. It will allow the water to flow and keep your roof free from damage.

7. Missing shingles: 
Shingles provide great protection to your roof but are prone to discoloration. If you have missing or broken shingles, it can damage the underlying wood leaving it with holes and other major problems. Along with that, small animals and birds can cause damage to them making them loose.

8. Poor maintenance: 
You can fix many problems if you inspect it at an early stage. The only way for a minor problem to turn major is negligence and poor maintenance. A routine inspection and maintenance can maximize the lifespan of your roof. It also provides you with optimal protection as this is one of the ways to protect the entire home rather than just the roof and will keep your family safe. Regular maintenance will save your money in the long run as you will be able to detect and resolve the problem at an early stage. If ignored for a prolonged period, repairs might cost you more or even cause replacing of the roof. Additionally, maintaining your roof increases the curb appeal and boost your home appearance. 

Remember, the average lifespan of a roof is around 25 years. If you see something seriously wrong with your roof, there might be chances that it needs emergency repairs or in a worst case scenario, total replacement. So, keep a regular check on your roof and make repairs as necessary. 

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