April 22, 2019

5 Reasons You Should Add NYC to Your Bucket List

One of the most popular tourist destinations is definitely NYC. If you’re one of those who simply don’t like cliché destinations, then you are probably avoiding visiting NYC for the time being. Be that as it may, New York City is definitely a place that’s worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter that millions of tourists a year visit this metropolis, or that it’s the setting of every major blockbuster or TV show. But these are not good enough reasons for you to visit the Big Apple, right? What if we gave you a couple more reasons to do so?

It’s rich in landmarks
Obviously, the first thing that you will do once you come to New York is see the landmarks. This is definitely one of the most important reasons to visit this metropolis as all of the landmarks are very well worth seeing. The first thing you should check out is the Statue of Liberty. Yes, this is also a cliché, but it just doesn’t do to go there and not see it. Also, if you want to be a bit more artistic and find a great place for your Instagram photographs, you should check out the Grand Central Station. Once you check these two off your bucket list, you might proceed to visit any other landmark you wish.

It has amazing nightlife
No matter where in New York City you happen to be, finding a good club or a pub to spend your night out is rather easy. And every club and pub is different; every single one is unique and amazing. New York City caters for everyone’s needs – you can hit a local club and party until the sun comes up, or you might book a table at a high-end restaurant where you will wine and dine until you become completely tipsy, and then perhaps head to another club or pub to continue your crazy night out. There are no boundaries, and anything can happen in NYC.

It’s the Mecca of mixology
However, if you want something completely unique and an experience of its own, you should definitely have the word “mixology” in your mind.  Mixology is the art of combining alcohol with food and other ingredients, and experimenting with cocktails a lot has taken New York City by storm. This is why seeing and experiencing the best examples of mixology in NYC is a must. Simply try to find a good bar which has a great mixologist and see what they have to offer, or find a party where good catering companies such as Alchemiq present their best mixologists. It’s definitely an experience that’s worth every single penny, as it’s unlikely to be forgotten.

It’s tolerant and super gay-friendly
New York City has a population of 8.6 million people, so suffice it to say that it’s extremely tolerant of all religions and sexual preferences. It’s also a city that’s extremely gay-friendly, so if you’re gay or you simply love visiting different gay clubs and bars, this is the place for you. On the other hand, if you want to know something more about the LGBT movement and history, you should go to Greenwich Village, which is one of the most significant LGBT places in the world.

It’s completely Instagram worthy
Do you remember when we gave you the tip of seeing the Grand Central Station and taking a couple of photos that you will post on Instagram? Well, NYC has so many great places that should find their way onto your feed. The whole city is very aesthetically pleasing, starting from the high-end neighborhoods to the ones that are a bit poor, but every corner is unique and authentic. It’s raining likes, hallelujah!

NYC should be on everyone’s bucket list, definitely. It’s such a great place with so many things to see and experience, that it would be a shame not to do so only because it’s so popular. After all, it’s so popular for a reason, and make sure to find out what that reason is.

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