April 5, 2019

Summer Vacation Packing Essentials

Summer is finally here, and while your long-desired vacation approaches, you should take some time to go through the checklist of things to pack. Every year it’s the same routine, and every year you make the same mistake: packing and bringing along too many things. You pack warm clothes, elegant dresses, and several pairs of shoes “just in case”. Let’s be honest: you won’t even wear half of what you brought along, and it will end up like always: your back hurting because the bags are too heavy. Here’s what you should pack instead.

The right footwear
If your summer vacation is all about adventure and fun, you really don’t need seven pairs of elegant sandals and a couple of stiletto heels. You’ll probably be wearing flip flops, sneakers, and flat sandals most of the time, but you should still pack a pair of nice shoes for those few special evenings you will probably spend out. The most important thing is for your shoes to be comfortable and versatile, so you can wear them with dresses, tights, jeans, and shorts. Obviously, you will spend long hours barefoot on the beach or wearing flip flops, and if you’re thinking of going on a hike or you like going to the gym while you’re in a resort, you should bring your sneakers as well.

Swimsuits and beach kaftans
If spending hours on the beach is how you imagine your perfect vacation, most of your clothes should be light and brightly colored. Light shawls and beach kaftans are a great idea because they can protect your skin from the sun without making you feel too warm. Some women don’t like going to the beach because they can’t find the right swimsuit, but fortunately, today you can easily find a trendy plus size bikini that offers great support and makes you feel and look sexy too. Keep in mind that you should wash your bikini when you get back from the beach every day, so it’s a good idea to bring at least two pairs so you don’t have to wait for one of them to dry before you put it on.

Versatile clothes
We know it’s hard, but try to plan your outfits ahead so you can pack more easily. Bringing your favorite pieces is a good idea because these are the clothes you usually wear and love, and you won’t find it hard to pair them up. On the other hand, you should think about versatility when packing clothes for summer because you don’t want pieces that can only be worn one way – it’s a waste of suitcase space. Light, flowy dresses are a good idea, as are denim shorts and maxi skirts. Simple tees are also great, and if you want to pack something a bit more stylish, you can always rely on a simple button-up white shirt and a mini skirt or a pair of dark jeans.

Summer accessories
You can drastically change your appearance just by bringing more summer accessories. This trick always works: if you want to look different every day, all you need to do is bring a different tote bag, wear a new pair of trendy sunglasses, and change your yellow flats from a pair of light blue ones.

You don’t want to drag along heavy suitcases, nor do you want your partner to do it because they will only be thinking of how to book a ticket to the North Pole instead, to justify the anguish they’re going through. If you stick to our list and think twice before you pack anything “just in case”, you could end up carrying only the things you might need and save some money as well as some sanity.

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