April 26, 2019

5 Ways to Get Summer-Body Ready

Beach season still seems far away, so you comfort yourself with layers of spring clothing hiding those winter-season extra pounds. However, time flies and before we know it, we'll be buying new bathing suits and judging ourselves in the mirror for not having the dream summer body ready. To avoid this, stop deceiving yourself with "plenty of time to start working out" and get to business asap. With just a little work, exercise and discipline, you'll be killing the beach look this summer. Below we’ve shared the essential five tips to help you on your summer-body journey.

Find motivation
Getting up at 6 AM for an early morning jog in the park or intense gym session takes more than a mere desire to look good. Discover precisely what motivates you and what will get you moving on the days when you won't feel like leaving the cozy couch and Netflix all day long. Whether it's the summer vacation you already paid for, that sexy little dress you want to fit in, or a Victoria's Secret angel look – have that image in your head (or on your fridge) to serve as an effective motivation factor.

Give your fridge a makeover
It's time to cut down or completely quit some bad habits and start clean. Give your fridge a makeover and get rid of the very common misconception that a healthy and balanced diet needs to feel like punishment. Purge your fridge of comfort foods and high-calorie alcohol and start stuffing it with greens, proteins and natural sugars. Turn healthy into fun by cooking at home, discovering new recipes and experimenting with international dishes. Most importantly, eat on schedule and up to five times a day – skipping meals will only mess up your metabolism and get you no results. Eating clean and eating on schedule is a precondition to an effective workout routine and remaining fit and healthy.

Work out at home
Besides the gym and running sessions, it's important to develop a habit of working out at home. Investing in one of those quality treadmills or just a couple of dumbbells for a home gym corner will protect you from the most dangerous form of procrastination – staying lazy within the coziness of your home, because gyms are time- and money-consuming. A daily blast of cardio or a morning squat set will help you regain your energy and get back in shape in no time.

Drink more water
It seems like no one is saying this often enough – drink water. Hot weather can be harsh to your skin and your body, particularly when summer's approaching. Despite various skin products and supplements, nothing beats drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day when it comes to keeping your body and skin hydrated, and prepared for toning up and long tanning sessions.

Keep a workout log
Keeping a workout journal will not only help you keep track of your progress, but will also serve as a great motivator and a disciplinary tool. Recording your sets, reps, weights and rests will enable you to take exercise more seriously and become responsible for building your best self, as well as improving your time management skills.

Getting your summer body isn't easy, but it’s not a mission impossible either. Battle the prolonged winter blues and get excited about the sunny weather by changing your lifestyle habits and adopting a healthy and active routine. Above we’ve shared some of the best ways to get back on track and help you get that rocking summer body you can't wait to show off.

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