April 24, 2019

Infuse Your Home Décor With Warmth With Veeyoo

When I was little, I had a fondness for doll houses. I would always play with the one my mother gifted my sister and I. I would also rearrange the little tiny furniture based on my liking and whenever we go to the mall, I would beg my mother to let me drop by a toy store so that I can look for things for my dolls that I can put in their doll house.

I also love playing house and my sister and I would rearrange our room to create a make shift house. The floor would serve as our living room and kitchen and our beds would serve as the second level of the house where we would combine the pillows to create mini beds. We would pretend to cook and eat using our kitchen utensils and cookware toys using either the plastic food toys or real food that we took from our home pantry.

As I get older the fondness for dollhouses slowly fade away. But that turned into wanting to have my own house. Like build it from scratch up. They say constructing or remodeling a house is the best thing you'll ever do. But they also say it's also the most complicated, expensive, and time-consuming task that you'll ever undertake.

When most people put focus on bedrooms or living rooms, I personally want a really nice dining area for my future home. I want it to be the focal point of probably because I have a penchant for cooking and eating. I want a dining room with very good natural lighting and I will purchase a large table and pair cover it with VeeYoo® table cloths

Table runners lay down the middle of your table and provide an instant upgrade to existing decor.  The dining table theme will change seasonally and I will use different VeeYoo® table runners  to achieve those themes. Every home should have a stack of table cloths and table runners in a linen closet, hutch, drawer or decorative basket.

Another place in the house that I want to put attention to is the bathroom. I want a huge bathroom where I can move easily and it should be one of the most relaxing places in the whole house. I want a bath tub in there and a closet full of fresh towels and soft VeeYoo® Bathrobe for myself and my future life partner. 
It’s not a bad thing to create a dream house in your mind as that makes you just want to work for it even harder. Infuse your home décor with warmth, creating a style that is sophisticated and reflects your personal flair with VeeYoo®. Looking for affordable and premium quality textile products for your home? You might want to check out and VeeYoo Reviews for great tablecloths, table runners, bath robes, curtains, bed sheets, bath mats etc. 
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  1. Good one. The robe seems of high quality. The tablecloth is a kind of minimalism. That's a good brand.


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