April 25, 2019

Great Food and a Great View: Padi's Point Antipolo-Sumulong

There are far too many instances where people made joke about where I live. They say that this area of Pasig-Cainta boundary is already the countryside or the province. I clapback and say, “I live in the suburbs” haha! I’m really torn about living at the outskirts of Metro Manila/border of Rizal if we talk about the worst traffic jams in C5 especially that I have worked in Makati and now in BGC. It takes me forever to get to the heart of Metro Manila but I’ve been living in this area half of my life already that I’ve gotten so used to the hassles of travelling from where my family lives to any point in MM.

But you know what, there are perks that comes with living in this area. On a whim, I can go to Antipolo and enjoy a bit of nature. On a whim, I can go to somewhere in the city for any undertakings that I have to do. East siders will surely agree with me when I say we have the best of both worlds in this area.

Just a few weeks ago, I went to Padi’s Point with my foodie friends. We got to enjoy the city views, a little bit of the mountain breeze (it’s summer so it wasn’t as refreshing up there like on other seasons) eat great Filipino dishes good for a huge barkada and drink some really refreshing cocktails inspired by the best summer/beach destinations of the world.

We just came from a lazer tagging game at Greenhills before going all the way up to Antipolo and we are hungry, for sure, after all that running around the lazer arena. But the hunger faded away upon just seeing the feast that we were about to devour.

Chili Cheese Sticks - local finger chili stuffed with cheese strips then wrapped in spring roll wrapper.

Regular Cheese Sticks - cheese strips wrapped in spring roll wrapper.

Crispy Pata - whole pork leg boiled until tender and then deep-fried until golden and crisp.

Padi’s Original Sisig - finely chopped pork belly and pig face or ears, chopped onion and chicken liver.

Mexican Pizza - one of Padi’s Point best sellers. Thin crust pizza topped with sausage, onion rings, bell peppers, nacho chips, and cheese.

Pancit Canton - Filipino-style stir-fried thick noodle dish veggies and crispy pork belly cutlets.

Sinigang na Baboy - tamarind-flavored broth soup with pork ribs and vegetables.

Bario Feast - a round of fried and grilled dishes: chicken, tilapia, liempo, posit with mouth watering sidings.

Barkada Supreme - a mix of classic pica-pica treats: onion rings, cheese sticks, French fries, chicken nuggets and mushroom poppers.

Nacho Grande - huge plate of nacho chips topped with chopped tomatoes, minced pork, cheese sauce and grated cheddar cheese.

Boracay Chill, Palawan Chill and Miami Chill - Padi’s Point latest signature alcoholic cocktail drinks.

We stayed until sunset and it was one of the best sunsets that I’ve ever seen in my life as the view from Padi’s Point was unobstructed unlike in other restaurants with an overlooking view. I usually like to watch sunsets while on the beach for a much dramatic feel, but the sunset that we saw at Padi’s Point was equally beautiful as it changed the color of the horizon as it slowly goes down behind all the tall buildings of Metro Manila.

I’ve been to Padi’s Point before, I think I was in college then and I don’t think I was impressed with the place and the food unlike now. My perspective of this place completely changed. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon; whilst enjoying the Golden Hour with great food, great company and a cocktail in hand. I couldn’t help but imagine myself sitting in one of those tables all by myself, eating some good food, a coffee or a beer or a cocktail within reach, a good book plus the sunset. I very well see myself doing that one of these days.

Alpadi Compound, Sumulong Highway,
Antipolo City, Rizal
Contact Nos: 344 3028

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