April 29, 2019

Some Handy Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Mink Fur Coat

A mink fur coat is like a long term investment for your wardrobe. While you may have to spend a considerable amount on buying one, this is one piece of garment that spells style and luxury. So you should be happy about owning one. At the same time, you should give it some extra care to preserve its beauty over the years and keep is as good as new. Let us share some handy tips that would help you to take good care of your mink fur coat.

Store it under optimal conditions
Proper storage is perhaps the most important aspect of the fur care routine. When you do not need the coat during the summer months, hand it over to a professional storage company that will preserve and store it in optimal conditions. The ideal temperature for storage of fur is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit while the humidity is about 50%. Maintaining these conditions at home is practically impossible.

Get it cleaned at least every other year
Proper cleaning is another essential aspect of the care routine of your fur coat. Make sure that you get a professional cleaning at least every alternate year, though getting it done every year is even a better idea. Conditioning it every year is also essential to prevent the fur from drying out. This is absolutely necessary because dryness can result in irreversible damage. Spending on periodic cleaning emerges as a cost-effective option in the long run.

Have the damages repaired sooner rather than later
Even the best quality fur coats are susceptible to damage caused by rips, weak skins, and brittleness. The best approach would be to have them repaired sooner rather than later because waiting will just worsen the damage and even make it irreversible. Quicker fixes, on the other hand, will prolong the life of the garment and preserve its appearance as well. You can also explore the option of fur restyling at www.elpidioloffredo.com to understand the concept of transforming an old piece into a new one with professional restyling services.

Make sure that it is not crushed when not in use
If you are one of those women who leave garments unattended when not in use, this can be the biggest mistake with your fur coat. When you do store it in a closet, make sure that it has plenty of breathing space. Avoid pressing it between other garments because this can lead to the flattening of the fur, which can be the cause of damage in the long run.

Avoid hanging in wired hangers
When it comes to hanging your mink fur coats, avoid using wired hangers as these can be damaging for the material. Rather use a broad-shouldered hanger to preserve the shape of the coat without causing any damage to it. Hang it gently after every use and store with great care once the season is over.

Make sure that you follow these simple fur-care tips and preserve the life and beauty of your coat year after year.

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