May 28, 2012

Online Shopping: Review

Well everyone's skeptic about shopping online. It's always a hit or miss. I was too at first, but you'll never know if one online store is legit or not if you don't try it. So far, I've been lucky enough I've never had any bogus transactions. Although there are times when I had some misunderstanding with sellers. No, not to the point of arguing with them. Sometimes they don't understand my special instructions, well this happens with international online sellers. But all in all the shopping experience online is pretty much good. Plus the idea of just sitting at home and doing some "window shopping" and purchasing as well, is kinda convenient.

This review is long overdue.. Nonetheless, I have nothing to do and my time permits me to write a blog post about it, and so I will. I've been a fan of Korean/Chinese/Japanese clothing style, and I was glad to know that there are online shops that sell them for quite reasonable prices. After a few tries I've come to a conclusion that the pricier the item is the better the quality. I came across this website,, and they sell clothes in wholesale prices. Sellers are mostly based in China where everything nowadays is being manufactured.

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